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    We did it!!! Third place for the first time in so many years. I couldn't be prouder of you all. Not only that but so close that we stand a real chance of doing even better next year. Go, go Gryffindor!
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    Let's go, Gryffindor, let's go! Let's make these last few days count.
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    I cannot believe that year one has come to an end already! Nor can I believe that I won't be around here during the summer either :( I suppose we all have to go back the land of Muggles now and again. But, before I do, I wanted to send a big thank you to absolutely everyone who has helped to make this such a fun and safe place to be. Thanks to all of you for making hol my home. Wishing everyone a fabulous summer. Stay safe, be well, be happy <3 x
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    Great job GQT! Wish I could have been there. Hope everyone is having a good term so far.
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    I've got a jar of dirt! I've got a jar of dirt! And guess what's inside it?!
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    Amazing work, Gryffies. Whether you're planning to stick around for July and August (there's plenty of fun scheduled!) or if we'll see you back on 1st September, I hope everyone has an incredible summer.
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    Well you could knock me over with a kipper! It's the end of another term already! Seriously? It feels like the time has absolutely whooshed by, faster than a Firebolt! Maybe the term has gone fast because, thanks to all of you, it has been another magical school year. I'm not leaving here completely for the holidays so I will be apparating in and out of Hol, but whatever your plans are have a fantastic time and be safe, be well, and be happy. Soft and fluffy Pygmy Puff hugs. Emerald <3
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    Many congratulations to all of those who received awards :) and thank you so much for giving me the Simba award :)
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    Who's excited for the new term? Got any exciting plans? Know what classes you'd like to take?
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    Our castle is back!!! Thank you Dario and everyone who worked so hard to get everything back to order!!! <3
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    Joke Of The Day Prof. McGonagall: Mr. Pettigrew, where is Mr. Black? Peter: Sirius is doing stuff. Prof. McGonagall: And where is Mr. Potter? Peter: James is stopping Sirius from doing stuff. Prof. McGonagall: What about Mr. Lupin? Peter: Remus is stopping James from stopping Sirius from doing stuff. Prof. McGonagall: Then why are you here, Mr. Pettigrew? Peter: I am supposed to stop you from stopping Remus from stopping James from stopping Sirius from doing stuff.
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    Was funny so decided to share with you all... *A conversation between Sirius Black and Prof. McGonagall, in her office* Prof. McGonagall: I asked you if you were involved in that prank. Were you lying to me? Sirius: That depends on how you define lying. Prof. McGonagall: I define it as not telling the truth. How do you define it? Sirius: As to be in a horizontal or resting position on a supporting surface. Prof. McGonagall: Sirius: Prof. McGonagall: Get out of my office. Sirius: With pleasure.
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    Listen very closely. Do you hear that? That's the sound of Gryfftoberfest on its way. Get ready!
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    Happy start of term everyone!!! <3 There's so much going on, sign up for classes, take part in Magical Theatricals, and have a look around our new Gryff-only forum! Remember that house cup standings change quickly, so let's collect those points! Go Gryffindor!!! <3
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    going shopping in diagon alley tomorrow can't wait to see you again
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    Tom Riddle- Knock Knock Harry Potter- Who's there Tom Riddle- You Know Harry Potter- You know who? Tom Riddle- *Smirks and laughs* Harry Potter- EXPELLIARMUS
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    YAY to everyone who graduated!!!! So proud of you all :D Now we can all go off to stare at our profiles for a few hours to get used to it :P
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    I can't believe I have been given the Curious Kitten award and for Gryffindor too, ( you could knock me over with a liquorice wand!). Thank you so much, it has really made my day.
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    Remember the Paw Print deadline tomorrow! Also, would you just look at that house points hourglass? Spectacular. Go go Gryffindor!
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    I love your location, in your kitchen! I love to bake mostly, but I love to cook too!
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    Does anyone wanna hear a joke? Why does You-Know-Who prefer Twitter to Facebook? Because he has followers and not friends. HAHAHAHAHA I found this way funnier than I should've i literally laughed for like a solid 20 minutes
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    I can't wait for the end of term feast and the new year!!! More classes, more FUN!
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    As my first year at HOL comes to close I want to thank everyone being kind. I was nervous about start here because am deaf. Sometime new people be not nice to deaf person. Everyone here is nice. As some might notice for while my post in activity were longer and could do puzzle without help. That because sister help. Sister and self have decided need to be independent. Sister is having very busy term next year finish university. Start independent here and work into personal life independent. So may need more help in HOL from others. I will stay long time if don't mind help sometime. Thanks Sky and Ivey and Tarma for great help and be patient.
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    The Chocolate Factory doors have just opened! Join us for a tour of the famed factory while watching out for oompa loompas and eating an inordinate amount of candy :D
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    Who's excited for the new school year? :D
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    Shout out to GQT for their great Quidditch match today! Props to Jenny Lupin for catching the elusive snitch!
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    Class sign-ups are open, go go go! Learn, have fun, earn points: let's show everyone what lions are truly made of this year!
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    Absolutely loving the CR's makeover! Thank you Dario, just don't forget to put the sledge hammer and wrecking ball safely away, will you? ;)
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    Wanting something to do after you finish the latest Beedle the Bard challenge? Come to the Sett! We're playing with Fantastic Beasts there. :)
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    OMG, I finished university! Monday is my first day on the job! :D
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    congratulations to Sky! new Gryffindor prefect. :)
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    EEEEEE!!! Look look! \o/ EEEEEE!!! Welcome back Gryffindor Common Room! \o/
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    Back to witches and wizards and magical beasts, to goblins and ghosts and to magicl feasts; it's all that I love and it's all that I need!
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    Finally, i can go online again. Thanks for @Kim Alting, because of her im still trying to graduate from HOL
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    I don't know why I didn't notice before, but, Oh My Goodness, WICKI IS AWESOME! I think we all agree on that
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    The awesomest Gryffie has got to be wonderful Wicki :D
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    I have never seen so many people online in the 'Who's online' list... <3
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    Someone just used the term 'Dark Mark' on the news. Everybody take cover!
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    Come join our game Lions Ludo, Gryffies!!! Beans and an award up for grabs.
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    Give me a: Great Roaring Yeasty Friendly Fun Gryff! Yay Gryffindor!
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    Save a broom, ride a quidditch player ;)
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    Spent yesterday in Diagon Alley, Orlando, casting spells (absolutely awesome), I am so happy.
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    Hi Lions, I'm looking for a class assistant for the class Rita Skeeter. I want to submit it next term but I'm in need of some aid. Editing aid and grading aid moslty. If you want to apply leave a comment below :)
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    Has everyone signed up for classes? :)
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