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  1. This is a basic but very good potion for tackling colds. It consists mostly of chamomile to help the patient relax and to drift more easily off to sleep; a suttle amount of ginger to soothe a sore throat and ease nausea; a little lemon and runny honey to help stop a tickly throat and cough. It can be taken as a herbal tea and as and whenever it is needed. While it can be drunk cold it is more tasty and soothing if drunk when hot.
  2. The Elderflower has many names but it's Latin name is, 'Sambucus', meaning, ' Gift of the Gods', because it has a beautiful scent and it comes from the sacred Elder Tree. Some nature worshippers such as the Druids believed that the Earth Mother Spirit resided within that tree and that it was her beautiful gift to them. This gift is known to be used as perfume but it's also used in cooking to add flavour to a meal or to make a non- alcoholic drink known as Elderflower cordial. If anyone is suffering from colds / flu, coughs, throat inflammation or laryngitis then using this flower as a herbal tincture or a herbal tea maybe for them. As It is a diuretic, it can remove illnesses from our system by promoting sweating and can act as a laxative too. As with all herbal remedies, it is not a good idea to take it in excessive amounts.

    Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. 

  4. I gave each of the owls a handmade, starry night coloured quilt that had silver moon crescents sewn on it as well as trees, feathers and some white felt snow. Along with this, I gave them a dream catcher; each one had feathers on it that matched the colour feathers of the owl it was being given too so hopefully there is more of a personal feel to it. It also had multicoloured beads on it and very small bells dangling from thin cord so they move and chime whenever there is a breeze. Everyone of them also had a feeder filled with a mixture of berries, Brazil nuts, walnuts, slithers of coconut, slices of almond and dried apple rings. ( Ooooh, it's making me hungry). Oh, and a drinks dispenser too so they have water too. Each feeder and water dispenser automatically fills up whenever they become empty.
  5. The first piece represents small stars and magic sparks of light that can come from a wand. The second piece is of snow because Hogwarts gets a lot of it.
  6. Congratulations , Barnaby, for being the only owl to carry supplies to Hagrid when he was traveling across the mountains. Likes: radishes and snow. Dislikes: Anything containing seeds and Heatwaves.
  7. I slap Rose for having such a beautiful avatar made by talented Carrie. Nice one, Carrie, it's awesome.
  8. I swap a new wand for a special pass that gives access to the restricted area in the library.
  9. Transfiguration room. I'm thinking of a long that could help us celebrate the new term.
  10. I give a joint slap to Ada and Sky for the great Drama Trivia game
  11. I swap the time-turner for the latest broom model.
  12. besties for a Skiving Snackbox from the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes for extra tuition classes to improve my marks.
  13. This is what Godric Gryffindor would wear, for these clothes are similar to the fashion style that was developing during the 11the century.
  14. I slap Rose because she didn't come and join us.
  15. I swap a dorm room with my besties :( for a Get Out Of Potions Detention Card for myself and my besties.
  16. Warm apple crumble and custard. I'm thinking of a potion.

    Thank you @Will Lestrange

    for the 50 beans. I feel guilty for recieving them though, as I only turned up to Quidditch once and that was just as spectator.

  18. Sweden i'm thinking of stationery that we might use this new term.
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