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  1. Centaurs in love pick cranberries R.O.B.O.T
  2. Leaves of Nightshade Grow Toxic. M.S.A.R.D.
  3. Please leave all imps downstairs. R.A.H.A.M.
  4. The Horntail dragon is a quintessential dragon.
  5. This game is tweaked and from a book by the Victorian author Charles Dickens. He wrote about ghosts so this should be right up Peeves street. A magical creature is chosen and is described with a word starting with the letter A, then B and so on, all the way through the alpabet. Whoever describes the creature with a word starting with Z, gets to choose a new magical animal and starts back at the beginning of the alphabet. Hope that makes sense. Example: Scabbers the rat. First person : Scabbers the rat is a animagus rat. Next Person: Scabbers the rat is a boring rat. Next person: Scabbers the rat is a cunning rat. Etc. So I will start off: The Horntail dragon is an aggressive dragon.
  6. Thank you to Professor Dario Brighton for sending me a bean. That's a great way to start my week. :)

  7. Unfortunately, even though he was not injured, he was in a state of shock and could not get up.
  8. I slap Sky for being so kind in not wanting to slap me the other day. So this is not so much a slap but more of a very soft tap really.
  9. Fortunately, there was a fire exit in his office, and he escaped before anyone got the room.
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