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  1. I ended up spending quite a lot of time (and more that I had intended) at Diagon Alley over the summer. Mainly because I spent so much time at Flourish and Blotts. No matter how many times I tried not to go in there i just couldn't stay away which resulted in me forgetting to shop for the items i needed for school. In the end I lost count of the number of times I had to visit Diagon Alley to get everything ready for the new term. On the plus side, I now have a nice collection of books about Werewolves and other magical creatures.
  2. Such a great choice of classes again this year, so not surprisingly It took a while to whittle it down and it was touch and go between some subjects. I am looking forward to all of them but the one that I am super excited and almost howling about is the Werewolves 101. I'm going through a werewolf phase so the more I can learn about them the better. Happy days. :)
  3. Spend a day with filch. Would you rather have two hours detention in the dungeons or in the forbidden forest?
  4. I swap being best friends with any Harry Potter character of your choice for a ' Get out of Detention' token.
  5. I slap Silvana for coming here to Peeves Place :)
  6. Congratulations everyone, your awards are so well deserved. :)
  7. I tried this switching spell when I was at a party; I was given a drink that I don't normally have so a friend who was chatting with me said that I could swap it with her water if I wanted to. As her drink was on a table on the other side of the busy room I decided to switch the drinks even though they were a distance away from each other. Feeling so thirsty, I performed the spell as quickly as I could so that the glass whooshed over to me. My Spellcasting looked really impressive until her drink reached me because, unknown to me, her water was fizzy and so the fast movement of the spell had shaken it all up. As soon as I grabbed the glass the water exploded all over my face and slices of lemon and lime hit me on the nose. Despite this, I still occasionally use this spell but I always avoid using it whenever there is any liquid involved.
  8. I would definitely use the Silencio spell on doors. Doors being opened and closed properly are not really a problem. But It can feel a bit much when main doors and cupboards are frequently slammed shut by a user day and night as if they are rehearsing for a door slamming competition. It is even worse when it feels like the house is going to fall down at any minute because the main doors have slammed so hard that the vibrations run underfoot, and the walls vibrate too. Hopefully I will come across some sort if anti- slamming spell that can be used alongside Silencio, and then the sound and sensation of slamming doors will be no more :)
  9. As you can imagine, living on the outskirts of a Muggle City can come in handy. However, a down-side is the amount of traffic passing through the area. It is always busy so that the sound of the birds singing in the garden get drowned out a lot. If I could slow the traffic right down then I could hear the birds singing more often and more wildlife might come into the garden and the local area too.
  10. I don't really like the idea of using the Confundus Charm on a human being because it sounds manipulative. But like @Prof. Will Lestrange , I might use it to defend myself if I felt threatened by someone. I wouldn't want to use it on animals either, but If I was participating in the Wizarding Tournament then think I would be tempted to use it to distract the fire- breathing dragons so that I wouldn't get roasted.
  11. Well you could knock me over with a kipper! It's the end of another term already! Seriously? It feels like the time has absolutely whooshed by, faster than a Firebolt!

         Maybe the term has gone fast because, thanks to all of you, it has been another magical school year. I'm not leaving here completely for the holidays so I will be apparating in and out of Hol, but whatever your plans are have a fantastic time and be safe, be well, and be happy. 

            Soft and fluffy Pygmy Puff hugs.

    Emerald <3

    1. Prof. Sky Alton

      Prof. Sky Alton

      Have a fabulous summer, Em.

    2. Emerald Wolvenhowl

      Emerald Wolvenhowl

      Thank you, Sky, have a fabulous summer too.

  12. It would be amazing and scary to be alone as I unlock the doors to the Tower of London after dark. I imagine the atmosphere there is intense during the night when the tower is empty so I would be tempted to perform a paranormal investigation, recording ghostly noises and experiences. Who knows, maybe I would come across king James 1 who was obsessed with casting out witches! Eeeek! On second thoughts, maybe I should take a Hogwarts ghost with me for protection just in case.
  13. Books definitely need to be waterproofed; I have lost count of the number of times I've knocked over a glass of water and scrambled to rescue them from the puddles. It would be good to protect books from outside weather too, for it can be a bit embarrassing when people give me funny looks as they notice, emerging from my rain- soaked handbag, a book sealed in a sandwich bag! I let them know it's a brand new one but they still look unimpressed;)
  14. Despite its name The Snow Leopard does not blend in so well with snowy areas and can still be seen fairly easily. This is not the case though when It is amongst snow- topped rocks and mountains. The colour of its fur and spots makes it easy for it to conceal itself as it gets ready to pounce and surprise its prey.
  15. Right now I would summon a cup of coffee -i'm really in the mood for a Cappuccino while I'm relaxing here at the Spelling Bee. I would also summon my rings too because I'm always losing them; I either misplace them or they fall off my fingers.
  16. Many congratulations to all of those who received awards :) and thank you so much for giving me the Simba award :)

    1. Carrie Warts

      Carrie Warts

      Love ya, friend!
      You deserved it and many more awards :D

      *hands Em a Best Gryff Friend award*

    2. Emerald Wolvenhowl

      Emerald Wolvenhowl

      Aww, thank you, Carrie, that is very kind of you. *Hands Carrie a Hard Worker Award and a muffin topped with chocolate and soft butterscotch with the word Best Friends written in colour changing icing*

  17. Very belated birthday wishes, Ivey, I hope you had a great day.
  18. Belated birthday wishes to you, Carrie, and congratulations on your awards too :)
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