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  1. This game is tweaked and from a book by the Victorian author Charles Dickens. He wrote about ghosts so this should be right up Peeves street. A magical creature is chosen and is described with a word starting with the letter A, then B and so on, all the way through the alpabet. Whoever describes the creature with a word starting with Z, gets to choose a new magical animal and starts back at the beginning of the alphabet. Hope that makes sense. Example: Scabbers the rat. First person : Scabbers the rat is a animagus rat. Next Person: Scabbers the rat is a boring rat. Next person: Scabbers the rat is a cunning rat. Etc. So I will start off: The Horntail dragon is an aggressive dragon.
  2. Thank you to Professor Dario Brighton for sending me a bean. That's a great way to start my week. :)

  3. I contribute a Celtic necklace, sparkly and glittery ribbon, and a shiny, sparkly, rainbowy note pad.
  4. Unfortunately, even though he was not injured, he was in a state of shock and could not get up.
  5. I slap Sky for being so kind in not wanting to slap me the other day. So this is not so much a slap but more of a very soft tap really.
  6. It's alright, Nifflers, don't panic, we are not angry with you. We know you have taken our Rubies, but we understand why. However, we want them back and so I am prepared to do a swap. ( I delve my hand into my robe pockets, and pull out a small, round tin). I recently visited a magical sweet shop and bought these super shiny silver edible balls. So, not only will you have something shiny, you can eat them too. No, they are not valuable, but, you can use them to trade with, and you will not be short of offers because there isn't much food around for magical creatures in the winter. So, will you swap?
  7. Fortunately, there was a fire exit in his office, and he escaped before anyone got the room.
  8. Hello all Gryffindors, Let us raise our tankards of warm Butterbeer, as we send many congratulations to all of those who have received an End of Term Award. It is so exciting to hear of the fabulous achievements and contributions that our hardworking lions and staff have made towards our house. I'm sure there are many of us who want to say thank you for being so inspiring, and for making us swell and roar with Gryffindor pride. Best wishes everyone, and good luck this term.
  9. I slap Ivey for being encouraging.
  10. I spotted the boggart outside the castle. It changed into a figure of a famous evil wizard who had a snake- like nose and no hair. After the spell, it had a mass of shocking pink furry hair -pygmy puff style.
  11. Valerian (hope I spelt that right)
  12. I slap Ivey for having a whopping 20 for community reputation!
  13. I now have 4 for community reputation :) woooohoo

    1. Iverian Gnash

      Iverian Gnash

      Yay for you! Keep it up!

    2. Emerald Wolvenhowl

      Emerald Wolvenhowl

      Thank you, Ivey :)

  14. Lions and Hollers, your help is needed. A Boggart has escaped the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom, and is on the loose! If you come across him, help us banish him by telling us what fearful item he shapshifted into (you can make up a fear if you like) and describe what he looked like after you cast the 'Ridikulus' spell upon him. I spotted the Boggart outside the Gryffindor Common room. He turned into an Acromantula, so I imagined him wearing a baby pink, frilly tutu, with pink frosted tights and glittery ballet shoes.
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