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    Cooking, Chess, Gaming [RPGs], Mafia/Underworld Drama, Medieval Fantasy, Magical Fantasy, Vampires, Werevolves, Folklore, The Paranormal.

    Favouite Movies/Web-Series/TV Shows: Harry Potter, Peaky Blinders, James Bond, Godfather, The Goodfellas, Game of Thrones, Vikings, The Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Twilight, The Originals, Dark
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  1. I posted 2 times in "What Am I?" and 3 times in "Duck, Duck, Goose".
  2. Answer: Arthur Weasley Riddle: I am smart. I study way too much. I become the Minister for Magic later in life. Who am I?
  3. Change your signature caption to "I am the Goose" for at least 12 hours. :D
  4. Ans: Albus Dumbledore. Riddle: I like magical creatures. I have a passion for cooking. You might find me frightening until you get to know me. Who am I?
  5. Wishing @Prof. Sky Alton a very, very Happy Birthday! Thank you for everything that you do around HOL to make it a better place. I'll prepare the Chocolate Fountain and Butterbeer barrels. ^__^
  6. Welcome back, listeners, to the annual Broom Race here in the skies of Sweden! It's a thrilling 450-kilometre course, and the flyers are truly pushing their limits today. The weather is quite tricky, with strong gusts of wind and intermittent rain. As if that wasn't enough, the top three contestants are now approaching the infamous dragon reservation. Look at that! Billy Jackson is in the lead, manoeuvring brilliantly to avoid that Swedish Short-Snout! Just behind him, Michelle Parkinson and Lucian Anderson are neck and neck. The dragons are adding a whole new level of danger and excitement. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting race!
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