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  1. A very warm welcome to all newcomers, lions, and other students!
  2. Happy birthday Prof. Alton! Thank you for everything you do for Gryffindor and HOL. I hope you'll have an amazing day.
  3. People who found a place for their tents: Adeline Morior Dibyarup James Potter Galena May Prof. Kendra Givens River Fenwick
  4. Ah, summer! The loveliest of all seasons for a quiet relaxing vacation in the mountains. It's got nice weather and farther up you go, the temperature drops to a pleasant spring-levels. Wanderings of a Tree in Alps, a five-volume travelling memoir, agrees with the above and gives plenty of tips on the best views in the Alps, as well as where you can find the tastiest food and the safest (or most daring) or paths. It's appropriate for all manner of sentient travellers, though written from the point of view of a sentient tree. Just don't mind the long paragraphs about the differences between a lime and chartreuse green. I personally can't see it. Task One Task Two Task Three
  5. Such a wonderful vacation deserves to be remembered fondly, with a small souvenir that a wandering tree can safely stash in one of its hollows until it returns back home. Design a souvenir badge or a magnet that the tree can pin on itself featuring plants and other flora found in the Alps. You can do so as a graphic or by describing it in at least 80 words. Post your souvenirs below by 23:59 HOL-time on 31st July to earn 10 rubies. Please keep any images to 600X600 pixels maximum, thank you!
  6. The trees (sentient and otherwise) don't really need any special hiding or comfortable space to rest, they just stop at a particularly sunny spot, one by a river for some hydration or near a precipie with a wonderful view. Humans and other beings do need something we can shelter in, at least during the night. Solve the tents and trees puzzle below and find your own place beneath the stars. Find all of the tents in the forest. Every tent is attached to exactly one tree, and every tree is attached to exactly one tent. The number of tents is the same as the number of trees. The clues tell you how many tents are in that row or column. A tent can only be found horizontally or vertically next to a tree. Tents are never next to each other, neither vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. A tree might be next to two tents but is only connected to one. Send your solution to me via PM (subject: Light Reading Tents) by 23:59 HOL-time on 31st July to earn 10 rubies.
  7. These people have correctly interpreted the canvas for the werewolf picture: Adeline Morior Dibyarup James Potter Lex Green River Fenwick
  8. In May, we're going to look at another anonymous book. This one's author is unknown by necessity, as Hairy Snout, Human Heart, is a heart-breaking account of a wizard's struggle with being a werewolf and his place in the wizarding world. Task 1: Task 2: Task 3:
  9. Due to the persecution of their affliction, lycanthropes had to hide themselves and everything that had to do with their condition. Some beautiful works of art were destroyed or carefully masked behind magic spells. Look at the canvas below and solve the clues for a beautiful depiction of a werewolf at one stage of the transformation. You can click this link to go to a bigger picture. Instructions: Nonogram consists of a blank grid with clues on the left of every row and the top of every column. The object is to reveal a hidden picture by painting blocks in each row and column so their length and sequence correspond to the clues, and there is at least one empty square between adjacent blocks. Send your solution to me via PM (subject: Light Reading Nonogram) by 23:59 HOL-time on 31st May to earn 10 rubies.
  10. In the recent decade, there’s been a lot of progress on the right treatment of werewolves and their rights. Unfortunately, the world wizarding education system seems to be behind on that regard. Imagine you are a member of the Board of Governors for a chosen wizarding school. Write a proposal outlining new policies for the treatment of werewolf students. Your proposal needs to be at least 100 words long and include at least 5 new policies. Post your proposals below by 23:59 HOL-time on 31st May to earn 10 rubies.
  11. Most wizards and witches that suffer from lycanthropy are just regular people like you and I. They don’t want to hurt anyone and before the invention of Wolfsbane potion, took great measures to protect their family, friends, and general populace from themselves during the full moon. Put yourselves in their shoes. There is a full moon coming, and the Wolfsbane potion hasn’t been invented yet. How would you go about protecting the people from your werewolf form? You can complete this task in two ways. You can write about it in 80 words or more. Alternatively, you can create a graphic of it through any program or art medium within HOL rules. If you take the graphics option, please keep your image to 600x600 pixels and upload it to an image hosting website, then share the link. Post your protections below by 23:59 HOL-time on 31st May to earn 10 rubies.
  12. Don't you wish that sometimes, you could control the weather? There's one spell that we know of, but not much else really. We can see that the research into this part of magic is actually quite limited. Suggest to the Ministry of Magic some sort of magical method (either a spell, potion or a magical item) that witches and wizards can use to get some semblance of control over the weather. Tell us about the weather-controlling magical measure in 100 words or more. Alternatively, you can create a graphic of it and explain it in at least 35 words. If you take the graphics option, please keep your image to 600x600 pixels and upload it to an image hosting website, then share the link. Post your submission below by 23:59 HOL-time on the 30th of April to earn 10 rubies!
  13. Mapmakers that have turned in the correct solution are: Adeline Morior Dibyarup James Potter Ellie Vernez Hiya Debnath Lex Green River Fenwick
  14. People, even witches, and wizards, like to know what the weather will be like in the near future. While a weather forecast makes a prediction about what the actual weather conditions may be in the near future, it’s the weather map that shows the existing conditions for a large area. That way, you won’t be caught unaware during your adventures outside. Solve the sudoku below to map out where different weather conditions will happen. Send your solution to me and one other organizer through private message by 23:59 HOL-time on 30th April to earn 10 rubies!
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