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  1. I think a good idea to prove someone is worth is to set forth on a task that would prove that they can open the box. It could be anything, from helping a kitten down a tree to saving the world of evil. But there'd be a catch, they're not allowed to boast about it. You'd never know what they did until they were able to open the box. Another idea could be to have a ballad or an ode singing competition where the people would have to sing an adventure song, but not about themselves, but any other. The more they laud of another person's exploits, humbler they could get and the box could be opened.
  2. I take the pathway leading into the dark forest. The path turns treacherous with little light breeching through the tree canopies. I follow the strange, yet terrifying sounds, where I happen upon a wolf cub with its paw stuck in what it seems to be a harmless but undeniably restricting, wolf trap. The bushes nearby start shaking and you can just imagine the horror that might dwell within. Do you help the wolf cub first or do you investigate the bush first?
  3. Put "herding the knights" in your interests. Knight!
  4. A witch is a friend, not kindle. Next person, please include the word "bejeweled".
  5. Trout fishing is not an acceptable nor honourable quest. Next person, please use the word 'chamomile'.
  6. Do not take dragon joy-rides by the lake in the moonlight. Next person, please include the word 'wig'.
  7. I walked with some friends to the Great Hall, excited about what was going to happen on this day. I'd heard that all the decorations are to be put up by hand, which was exactly how we used to do it at home and much more familiar than trying to decorate with magic I've yet to master. As I was about to ask my friends what they wanted to do next, I've noticed they already scampered off to different stations. Shrugging my shoulders, I've made my way to the pumpkin carving station, one of my favourite activities on Halloween, and sat next to a girl from another house. "Hello," I've greeted her. "You don't mind me joining you?" I asked nervously, thinking on how to save the situation if the answer would be 'I mind'. "I promise not to bother you too much."
  8. Write "swimming with the Gaint Squid" as your location. Knight!
  9. Guilty, it's delicious! One of my favourite pizza toppings are tuna, corn, and cheese. Yum! Drank more than 5 coffees a day?
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