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  2. The cold frosts your breath as you walk along the castle’s corridors, on your way for some reading in the library. The winter has started for real and you’re happy that the librarian keeps the fireplaces full of wood and always burning. A book on faeries grabs your attention and you sit in an armchair by one of the fires, opening its cover. It speaks of the creatures, and what they look like, and describes their home, the Faerie Court. Imagine what the faerie’s Court could look like. Is it something magical and wondrous? Maybe something too good to be real? You can depict it in a graphic or describe it in at least 80 words. Post your imaginings below by 23:59 HOL-time on 31st December to earn 10 rubies and get yourself the password to the forum. If you’ll post an image, please keep it 600x600 or less, thank you! There are 2 tasks in this main forum: you need to complete at least 1 of them to receive the password to the court itself (though you're welcome to complete them both, if you like). Once you’ve completed one of them, send a group message including at least 3 Gryffindor staff members (Prof. Maxim Trevelyan, Lorainia Riverrider, Reyyan Azkendra, Janne Halla or Prof. Sky Alton) and one of us will get back to you with the password as soon as we can. Please be patient!
  3. This collection of books together hold a myriad of spells, from charms, to jinxes and everything in between. Take an incantation for a spell and write an acrostic poem about what the spell does when one casts it. An acrostic poem is a type of poetry where the first, last or other letters in a line spell out a particular word or phrase. Example of an acrostic poem for word SPELLS. Secrets within pages, a magical art, Potent incantations, a wizard's heart. Enchanting whispers in a language arcane, Lumos and Patronus, a mystical refrain. Legendary verses in each spell's embrace, Sorcery unfolds in the wizarding space. The poems should be at least 6 lines long for full credit. Post your poems below by 23:59 HOL-time on 31st December to earn 10 rubies.
  4. So many new people! Welcome to everybody! Please take a seat, get some butterbeer or pumpkin juice that's always flowing and join us for some games or discussions!
  5. Thank you so much, everybody! You're all the best!
  6. *shoots confetti everywhere* Happy birthday, Lorainia!
  7. People who found the differences are: Adeline Morior (all) Scarlet Robloutain (all) Evie Figg (all) Dibyarup James Potter (all) Viviana Kingston (all)
  8. Muggles are quite fascinating people, I wonder how they’ve managed all their lives without even a hint of magic. To celebrate our non-magical brethren, in November, we’re reading through the book that covers events where Muggles noticed elements of the Wizarding world. I’m of course talking about Muggles Who Notice by Blenheim Stalk. Task One - Excuses, Excuses Task Two - I Spy Task Three - Ingenious Inventions
  9. Such clever people, Muggles are, aren’t they? Especially for beings with no magic. To help with their daily life, they’ve come up with incredible inventions, from machinery, medicine, transportation and so much more. Write about one of the Muggle inventions in at least 80 words. Maybe it’s something useful that significantly improved their way of life? Perhaps something that could almost be considered magic? Maybe it’s just fun to see? All HOL rules must apply. Post the inventions below by 23:59 HOL-time on 30th November to earn 10 rubies.
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