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  1. We’re so close to opening night! The atmosphere is electric. One of the last things to take care of are the tickets, the programs and the signs for the Great Hall, so that the audience have all the information they need. You can complete this task one of two ways: 1. You can complete this colouring page to give us a logo design to use everywhere on opening night: https://flic.kr/p/2jzmmxP 2. You can write a page from the program/playbill. You could include brief biographies of the students taking part, an interview with Professor Decibel or really anything else you think the audience would find interesting. If you take this option, please make sure your page is at least 80 words long. Post your designs and pages below by 11:59 PM HOL-time on the 30th of September. You’ll earn 15 rubies.
  2. Approved Otterly Leblanc - First year Doris Krum - Hufflepuff Visitor
  3. Staff Note: please remember the guidelines about controlling other people's characters. Nobody should be filling in what someone else said in their own post as this is godmodding and against RP etiquette. I know it can be hard to wait for someone to reply to carry on a conversation but please don't fill in what you think they'd say - wait for them to respond in a reply of their own. This may make your posts shorter but that's okay.
  4. Question 21: Which is the longest running play of all time at over 28000 consecutive performances?
  5. There’s a thrill of anticipation in the air of Gryffindor tower. Mysterious deliveries keep arriving, the staff are having whispered conversations with the house elves and the Den is alive with excited speculation. October is approaching and that can mean only one thing… It’s time for Gryfftoberfest! For those of you who’ve never experienced the wonder of Gryfftoberfest before, it is a massive, month long party that runs from October 1st to the 31st. We play games, drink lion’s shares of butterbeer and make so much noise that Gryffindor tower has been known to shake quite alarmingly. It’s a time to celebrate all the best and silliest aspects of Gryffindor and what it stands for. While this month is all about the scarlet and gold, as ever our doors are wide open to anyone from HOL who wants to stop by The Den to join in. Come right in! Gryfftoberfest traditionally begins with the quest for that years Motto: a slogan to set the tone for the rest of the month’s festivities and give us something to yell at random intervals (try not to spill your drinks when that happens!). This year is no exception. We’re looking for something short and bold that people can include in their signature designs once the activity gets started. Mottos should be about Gryffindor itself, our lion mascot, our house colours, the qualities the house represents and really anything else that you think screams ‘Gryffindor’. It can be as funny or as OTT as you like - taking ourselves seriously is one thing we struggle with in The Den. Rules: - The deadline is 11.59 PM Hol-time on Sunday 27th September. -Keep your Mottos to 15 words or less and entirely HOL appropriate -You must be happy for people to reuse your motto on signatures and the like. -You’ll earn 5 rubies per Motto for the first 5 you submit (25 in all). You can submit more for consideration but you won’t earn rubies for them. -Third place will win an extra 10 rubies, second place an extra 15 and first place an extra 20 -The Gryffindor staff will decide winners Send all Mottos to me (Prof. Sky Alton) via a Common Room PM titled ‘Mottos 2020’ and include your Hol Name and house. Please try to gather them all together into one or two messages – I don’t want my inbox cracking under the strain if you send a new one every time you think up another incredible motto! Good luck!
  6. until
    The month long celebration of everything Gryffindor is here! All HOL is welcome to come and help us celebrate the scarlet and gold (and help us drink industrial quantities of butterbeer, of course). Go go Gryffindor!
  7. Listen very closely. Do you hear that? That's the sound of Gryfftoberfest on its way. Get ready!

  8. Approved Eleanor Diggory - first year
  9. Question 20: What does the term dramatis personae refer to?
  10. Approved Elladora Jorkins - Hufflepuff Visitor Imma Malfoy - first year
  11. Question 19: In what year were the Tony Awards first presented?
  12. Approved Catelyn Lev - First year Notes Cho Henders - Your name was changed to @Chlo Henders to match your HOL name and you were approved as a first year.
  13. Question 18: This dramatist wrote plays called A Doll's House and Peer Gynt
  14. Approved Prof. Ryan Granger - Ravenclaw visitor Rejected Potter Harry - Please use a valid HOL name
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