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  1. "Thank you," Sky says with painful dignity, scouring what she can see of it off with her wand. "How are those bite marks? Healing nicely?" She follows his gaze over to Manya and Rose, noting how drawn and unhappy Manya looks. "Manya, why don't you come over here? This telescope has got the best view for the meteor shower," she calls, smiling warmly. "Rose, you should come too. You can take it in turns to look and help each other with your star charts. There's a prize for the most complete one, don't forget."
  2. Approved Dani Cardillo - First Year Rejected Farah Potter - Unfortunately I couldn't find you in the HOL database
  3. Sky hurries up the last few steps to the Astronomy Tower. She's only just managed to finish up in the greenhouse after a long session of gathering plants by starlight. Not for the first time, she finds herself cursing whatever it is that makes potion ingredients particularly powerful when gathered at certain times (they're usually stupidly late or stupidly early). "Evening, everyone. Nice night for it." She sets out a stack of extra star charts that she was asked to bring up and glances around, only now becoming aware of the soil scattered on the sleeve of her robe.
  4. Happy birthday here, too! You deserve all the cake in the world. <3
  5. Approved Nimue Anderson - First Year Ainsley Honn - Visitor
  6. Approved Momoka Oguma - Slytherin Visitor
  7. Approved Wilhelmina Griggs - Slytherin Visitor
  8. Approved Hermione Lasker - Ravenclaw Visitor Notes lainey navarro - your name was changed to @Laniey Navarro to match your HOL name and you were approved as a first year.
  9. Notes Alicia - Your name was changed to @Alicia Burn to match your HOL name and you were approved as a first year.
  10. Approved Karena Ward - Ravenclaw Visitor Michael Johnson - First Year
  11. You emerge onto the top of the Astronomy Tower and the cold takes your breath away. The night is incredibly still and clear, ideal for star gazing. You huddle deeper in your cloak and make your way towards the long line of telescopes. Situation: The Astronomy Department is taking advantage of the long winter nights to organise some community star gazing sessions for the entire school. This might sound like an incredibly peaceful (if chilly) way to spend a few hours but there are also prizes up for grabs for those who create the most detailed star charts so it could get astronomically competitive. There might even be a meteor shower tonight… Location: You can roleplay anywhere on top of or within the Astronomy Tower. Remember to read the guidelines before jumping in. Have fun!
  12. Happy new year, everyone!

    1. Iverian Gnash

      Iverian Gnash

      Happy New Year!!!!!! *throws confetti and dances*

    2. Rose Pottermore

      Rose Pottermore

      Happy New Year! Best wishes for the upcoming year!

      *dances with Ivey*

  13. Approved Azriel Malfoy - Slytherin Visitor Notes @Serena Clearwater I edited your name so that both parts begin with an uppercase letter to match your HOL name and you were also approved as a visitor.
  14. Approved Alice Anderson - First Year
  15. 2020 is nearly at an end and so is the Autumn term. Most classes will have a final deadline of 15th January but make sure you double check yours so you know for certain when you need to get any last minute assignments sent in by. We're lagging a little behind in that cup race right now so let's start off 2021 right and snag a few extra points if we possibly can. :D If you signed up for Secret Elf, the deadline is drawing near! Remember to get your gift sent off to the organisers at the dedicated activity email before 11:59 PM HOL-time on the 31st of December. Land of the Sweets is also in full swing. Make sure you head over to the main forum to enjoy some of the sweet, festive goodness on offer before January 17th! Go go Gryffindor!
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