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  1. Join us at the Frost Fair for snowy fun on the frozen lake!

  2. Hi Rhaneyra - the forum must have stripped out the formatting when the posts were transfered. I've readded the links, so you should be good to go. Thanks for letting us know!
  3. You crunch through a thick, fluffy blanket of snow on your way to the lake. Colourful stalls and booths have been set out on the ice and students and teachers are already milling around them, discovering what’s on offer. You rub your gloved hands together to try to stave off the chill and hope they’re serving something that’ll warm you up! The Situation: Welcome to the Hogwarts Frost Fair! The lake has frozen over and the professors have decided to take inspiration from the ancient frost fairs in London and set up a cosy little market on the ice. There are warm drinks, games and wintery activities to try your hand at. Join your friends and celebrate the snowy weather. The Situation: You can roleplay anywhere on the frozen lake and in the surrounding area of the grounds. Feel free to invent your own stalls or games but try to keep it on theme! Give the guidelines a read before diving in. Have fun! (Remember that you can earn 20 rubies if you make at least 4 posts!)
  4. Welcome to the Hogwarts Frost Fair! As happens most years, the Hogwarts grounds are blanketed in snow and the lake has frozen solid. So, the professors have decided that as an end of term treat, the school should hold its very own Frost Fair on the surface of the lake. Frost Fairs used to be held in London in centuries gone by, when the river Thames around the historic London Bridge froze solid. People set up stalls, games and other entertainments on the ice and the public flocked to the unusual event. So, that’s exactly what we’ve done too! We’ve made the most of the chilly weather and set up a series of cosy stalls and activities for you to enjoy on and around the lake. Grab yourself some ice skates and a mug of something warming, then get exploring. Watch out for flying snowballs! Each of the 12 stalls/areas has a fun, frosty task for you to complete. There’s a mixture of creative and puzzles on offer. Instructions for how to submit will be given in each task post. If you struggle with any of the tasks due to accessibility reasons, just let us know and we’ll find an alternative that suits you better. Each puzzle is worth 10 rubies and each creative task is worth 15, so there’s 150 up for grabs in total. As a special Frost Fair bonus, we’ll also be offering the same number of beans for each task! Everything is due on the 8th of January at 11:59 PM HOL-time to give you plenty of time to explore and complete things at your own pace. Let the frosty fun commence!
  5. If you have any questions about the activity, please post them here and we'll get back to you ASAP.
  6. Tantalising smells waft from the hot drinks stall. Behind the counter, you can see a gleaming copper kettle, gently steaming jugs and shelves upon shelves of brightly coloured mugs. Whether you’re into coffee, tea, cocoa or something else altogether, there’s something tasty to warm you up here. We’d love to hear about your ideal hot drink! Feel free to tell us why you like it, how you prepare it, where you discovered it, what memories it holds and really anything else you can think of. You could even suggest a magical twist you’d like to add. If you’re not a fan of hot drinks, tell us about your favourite cold drink instead. Your reply should be at least 80 words for full credit. Post it below to earn 15 rubies and 15 beans. The deadline is 11:59 PM HOL-time on the 8th of January 2023!
  7. until
    The lake has frozen over so we're holding a traditional frost fair! Come and explore the stalls and games on offer and celebrate the snowy season in style. There are 12 fun tasks available and you have until the 8th of January 2023 to enjoy!
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  12. Have a spectacular day, Lo! You deserve all the good things. <3
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  14. Happy, happy birthday to Prof. Maxim Trevelyan. I hope it’s a fabulous day full of cake.
  15. Remember you have until 11:59 PM HOL-time on the 31st of October to help us in our quest to return the knights to Camelot!
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