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  1. Going for a walk can really help if you’re struggling to focus or need a break. Taking time to appreciate the natural world, enjoying a change of scene and just getting moving are all immensely valuable if you need to recharge or step away from something for a bit. Even just taking a wander around your home might give you the change of pace you need. For this task, we’d like you to take a real or figurative walk. If you choose to go for an actual walk, then we’d like you to document it in 3 photographs; alternatively, you could describe three scenes or things you encountered on your walk (your descriptions combined together should be at least 80 words in total). If you’d like to go the figurative route, then tell us about a particularly memorable walk you’ve taken; alternatively, you could let your mind wander and take us on a fictional walk through your imagination. Whichever you choose, your response should be at least 80 words. You’ll earn 10 rubies if you post below by April 30th, 11:59 PM HOL-time. (Many apologies for the late post. I obviously came down with a bad case of spring fever and failed to notice that the page hadn't updated so it hadn't actually submitted :O. If anyone needs an extra 48 hours for this task at the end of the month, please chat to me about it.)
  2. Guilty. Not particularly enjoyable or something I'd recommend but it's happened on occasion. Have you ever watched a TV show you didn't really want to watch because you were too tired to find something better?
  3. I slap Hannah for being a great help with our Cornish pixy problem.
  4. Approved Izzy Gray - First Year
  5. The latest issue of our house newspaper is now available for your reading pleasure! Claim an armchair by the fire and cosy up with tales of gardening, nostalgia and hidden fashion gems. https://gryff.net/pawprint/issue/april-2021
  6. Approved Evelyn Diaz - First Year
  7. Approved Kendyll Diggory-Weasley - First Year
  8. It’s possible to take a break and prioritise wellbeing without even having to leave your chair. Mindfulness techniques are designed to help us re-centre ourselves, calm down and focus on the present. There are many, many different techniques you can use. These include breathing exercises, harnessing your senses, meditating, visualising something or even just sitting quietly. You probably also have tasks or things you do that relax you and help you feel calmer that are unique to you. For this task, we’d like you to try out a mindfulness technique and tell us about how you got on in 80 words or more. How did you do it? Did it work? (It’s absolutely fine if it didn’t - any responses are valid even if your attempt was a total bust). Here are some suggestions for simple techniques to try out: https://psychcentral.com/blog/1-minute-mindfulness-exercises#6 https://www.pocketmindfulness.com/6-mindfulness-exercises-you-can-try-today/ Alternatively, you could tell us about something you do to relax and unwind in 80 words or more. Even better if you actually go do that thing before reporting back. You’ll earn 10 rubies if you post below by April 30th, 11:59 PM HOL-time.
  9. Spring is springing in some parts of the world and it got us thinking about ways we can put a spring back in our step. This April, Gryffindor is inviting you to take a break from the computer to go reset with some relaxing fun. Every 5 days, we’ll release a new task themed around activities you could be doing at home or outside. You’ll be able to complete the task in one of several ways: either by doing something practical (like taking a walk) and telling us about the results or by using your imagination. If for accessibility reasons you need another option for a particular task, just let us know. Each of the 6 tasks will be worth 10 rubies, with a 20 ruby bonus at the end if you complete them all. The deadline for everything is 11:59 PM HOL-time on April 30th.
  10. The spring sunshine is warm on the back of your neck as you lean over to examine a tray of plants. A cool breeze blows through the open greenhouse door, rustling the many leaves around you. The Situation: It’s spring and that means there’s plenty of work to be done in the greenhouses. The herbology professor has asked for volunteers to help plant seeds and repot the rapidly growing seedlings in greenhouse 1. Watch out for the fanged geraniums! Location: You may roleplay anywhere within greenhouse 1 (that’s the one with safer plants, so no mandrakes or venomous tentaculars here). You may also roleplay in the grounds and vegetable patches around it. Remember to read the guidelines before diving in. Have fun!
  11. "Thank you, Hannah," Sky smiles down at her, "You're coping admirably with this crisis too." She turns to Maxim. "Probably for the best, I'm going to have enough paperwork as it is," she grins at his preening. She glances around. "Right, you lot, this has gone on long enough. I want everyone to follow me," she instructs, "Everyone who can use a freezing or stunning charm safely should try to hit any pixy they see. Those who aren't as good with those spells yet, you pick up the pixies and put them in the cage." She takes a deep breath and sets off down the corridor with her wand out, as though she's about to fight a duel.
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