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  1. Approved Erin Farrell - First Year Notes Grace Lightwood - it looks like you cancelled your own registration so you'll need to sign up again if you'd still like to join.
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  4. March is well underway and there are lots of points to be earned around the castle, so let's get right to it! First up, have you ever wanted to be a Triwizard champion? Well, now's your chance. The Triwizard Tournament is taking place right now on the HOL Forum. Prove yourself in 3 tricky tasks and earn glory, awards, beans and95 house points! Deadline: 31st March The Howler is still open for submissions for the 'Little Kindnesses' issue. Whether you like writing, creating graphics or puzzling up a storm, there's bound to be a way to contribute that suits you. And with 60 points available, it's really a golden opportunity. Head to the HOL Forum for more information. Deadline: 31st March Go test out our fabulous new navigation menu by visiting the Departments! You'll find them under 'Castle and Grounds' now. The Library Department are inviting you on a trip to Wonderland and asking you how people would mark a day named in your honour. The Art Department are asking you to decorate a lantern for National Panda Day and put your own imaginative spin on what the HOL gardens look like in springtime. Art Deadline: 1st April Library Deadline: 9th April
  5. Notes queenofmean - I changed your username to @Sarah Hart
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  7. I've had to manually reset rubies for this term so unfortunately the widget on the main CR page won't be displaying correctly for a while. It should resolve itself soon. :)
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  10. Approved Aster Allen - Slytherin visitor Notes @Blake Gaunt I edited your username so that the spacing and capitalisation matched your HOL name. You were also approved as a Slytherin visitor.
  11. New term, new chances to earn points! The Departments are always a great place to be. This month, the Library are asking you to create an entry from Cupid’s diary and to solve the mystery of what happened to the groundhog’s shadow. The Art Department are inviting you to design your own kite and send a card to someone special in your life. All prompts are worth up to 20 points each, so that’s a possible 80 in all! Art Deadline: 28 February Library Deadline: 9 March The school newspaper, The HOwLer, is open for submissions! The theme is ‘Little Kindnesses’ and you’d certainly be doing one if you contributed. Remember you can submit articles, opinion pieces, puzzles, ads, artwork, creative writing and more. There are 60 points up for grabs, so get yourself over to the HOL forum to get your ideas approved. Deadline: 31 March Let's go, Gryffindor, let's go!
  12. The easiest way to help out your house and show your lion’s pride is to earn points! There are lots of ways you can do this so you’re bound to find some that play to your strengths. In this post, I’ll give you a brief run-down of the regular point earning opportunities available to you. Whenever a new one opens up throughout the term, we’ll post it as a reply so keep checking back! The first and most obvious is to take part in classes. All classes will give you the chance to earn 300 points in a term through homework and extra credit. If you take several classes (even if you don’t have the time for the maximum of 5 every term), those homework points soon mount up to quite a tidy haul. Class sign-up opened on the 1st of February 2023 and will remain open until the 20th of May, so remember to put your name down for the classes that interest you and get sending in that homework! (It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the individual assignment deadlines so that you don’t run out of time or put too much pressure on yourself) The next are the creative projects offered each month by the Library and art departments. If you enjoy getting artsy or brushing up on your writing, visit the 'Departments' tab on the main website. Don't be shy: your submissions are anonymous during the rating period. You can get started by going to your profile and telling everyone 'How you Got Into Harry Potter' in the designated section - that will earn you a cool 10 points! Finally there's the HOL Newspaper, the HOwLer. This is a great chance to earn plenty of points by writing about what interests you. If articles and reviews aren’t your thing, it will also offer creative prompts and the chance to submit your own puzzles, graphics and more. Keep an eye on the Newspaper section of the main HOL Forum for updates about the latest issue. https://hol.org.uk/forum/viewforum.php?f=612 Throughout the term, there will be unique and exciting activities to take part in which will give you the chance to earn points along the way. Remember to check the replies to this thread for announcements and reminders about anything that might be occurring!
  13. Notes Wgolde - I changed your name to @Wil Golde to match your HOL name and you were approved as a first year.
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