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  1. Approved Crystal Aerinsfin – First year Dawn Diya – Ravenclaw visitor Scarlet Robloutain – Slytherin visitor
  2. Approved Roman Mills – first year Rosalinda Malfoy and Alexandra Starling – ravenclaw visitors Uma Daurka – Slytherin visitor
  3. Approved Jess Blackinhuff – First Year Zurawlina Keller – Slytherin visitor
  4. Approved Reign Grey – First year Phoebe Wanderer – Hufflepuff visitor Jess Lannister – Slytherin visitor
  5. Wishing Ellie Vernez a truly spectacular birthday! I hope you’ve had a brilliant celebration.
  6. Approved Ella Pierce and Silas Lestrange – first years Lyra Valois and Sorcha Wallace – Ravenclaw visitor Lana Malone and River Fenwick – Slytherin visitors Notes @Rory Deadi I had to edit a space into your name so it exactly matched your HOL name. You were approved as a Slytherin visitor.
  7. Approved Mabel Maee – First Year Alexandra Rosier and Maverick Bradshaw – Slytherin visitor Rejected Alexandria Salazar – I couldn’t find you in the HOL database.
  8. Approved Bailey Leach – First year Maxine Riddle – Ravenclaw visitor Nini Garcia – Hufflepuff visitor
  9. Approved Mandy Miller – First year Alexa Cipher and Cassiopia Smith – Hufflepuff visitors
  10. Approved Aurora Bramstone and Rory Anne – First years Daisy Meadow and Rosemary Sharpe – Slytherin visitor Notes @Madison Powell I edited your username to exactly match your HOL name and you were approved as a first year.
  11. Approved Ella Lily Potter, Marina Paige, Eloise Percy, Skyla Morris, Johnny Hardley and Layla Vinesett – First years Iris Fey – Hufflepuff visitor Eira Priscilla Thatcher and Athenea Venturis – Ravenclaw visitors Everly Whisper and Alison Karbach – Slytherin visitors Rejected Someone signed up with their email as their username – obviously I can’t mention it for the sake of your privacy but if you don’t see your name here, please try signing up again with your HOL name as your display name. Notes @Magatha Birdowelfe – I updated your username so that it exactly matched your HOL name and you were approved as a first year.
  12. Approved Zara Winthrop, Tea Cebasek, Izzy Rose and Zoe Estrada – first years Fauna Taquini – Ravenclaw visitor
  13. Approved Emily Hughes, Mew Evermoon, Henry Potter, Summer Dayz and Julia Loftus – First years
  14. Approved Kai Killian, Hani Santos, Emilia Orphic – First year Rejected Rosalia Potter and Mia Stone – Unfortunately I couldn’t find you in the HOL database Amelia, Victoria, Ashley, Hermine, Charlotte, Evelyn, Terranesha B, Daphne, Erin and Nisya – I need a full, valid HOL name (first and last, matching to a HOL account) to approve you, I’m afraid.
  15. Approved Theseus Grace, Calliope Hexbrook and Lorena Miceli-Yilmaz – First Years Rejected Kailey Nichole and Lily Cameron – I couldn’t find you in the HOL database Aelyn, malayka, Roberta, Amelia, cindy876787, Kathleen and Yvette – I need a valid HOL name (first and last) to be able to approve you, I’m afraid.
  16. To make sure that members of this forum are genuine students of hol.org.uk, new accounts have to be approved by an administrator before being given full access to the Common Room (think of it like having to be given the password to open the portrait hole). This can take a few days. Every time registration approvals are done, I will post here with a list of the accounts that have been approved. I will also mention the names of accounts I have had to reject along with the reason why I had to do so. Common reasons for rejection are: You’re not registered on HOL You didn’t use your HOL name as your username If your account is rejected, please fix the highlighted issue and try again.
  17. This month we’re exploring the rich and eventful history of the wizarding world’s favourite sport via Quidditch Through the Ages by Kennilworthy Whisp. This compendium of all things Quidditch was first published in 1952 and tracks Quidditch from it’s very beginnings through to the teams we know and love today. Task 1 – Broom design https://gryff.net/index.php?/topic/4189-quidditch-through-the-ages-task-1/ Task 2 – Chants https://gryff.net/index.php?/topic/4190-quidditch-through-the-ages-task-2/ Task 3 – Jigsaw https://gryff.net/index.php?/topic/4188-quidditch-through-the-ages-–-task-three/
  18. It’s not just the talented players and the nail biting matches that make Quidditch what it is, it’s the spectators too. These are the people who turn out every match to cheer on their team, whatever the weather and whatever the result. Over the years, each team’s supporters have perfected certain chants that they can yell at the top of their lungs to encourage their players onto victory. The publishers of Quidditch Through the Ages are hoping to produce an appendix with some of these chants, to be added to the next reissue of the book. They’re asking supporters to owl in their favourite chants for a chance to be included. So, let’s have a go! Come up with a supportive chant for a quidditch team of your choice. It should be at least 5 lines long for full credit. No bashing other teams! You’ll earn 10 rubies by posting your chants below by 23:59 HOL-time on the 30th of September!
  19. As you flip through, you’ll find that one of the most striking parts of Quidditch Through the ages is the full colour, moving illustrations. One thing that makes these pictures stand out the way they do is the bright kits that each team wears, designed to show off their team pride and to give spectators a fighting chance of telling the opposing sides apart as they whiz through the air. But some teams take it a little further and even decorate their brooms to reflect their team colours, mascots and the in-jokes that have developed over the years. Show us how a member of your favourite quidditch team might customise their broom to demonstrate their team pride. You can either create a graphic (upload it to an image sharing website and share the link) or describe it in at least 80 words. You’ll earn 10 rubies by posting your broom designs below by 23:59 HOL-time on the 30th of September!
  20. It's nearly time to catch the Hogwarts Express! Who's excited?

    1. Dibyarup James Potter
    2. Raevia Ward

      Raevia Ward

      I can't believe the summer is over and the owls are already here (⚆ᗝ⚆)

  21. You just bought an ice-cream but noticed that the vender who sold it to you is pretty down. Apparently her stall is too far out from the centre of the carnival and she just can’t seem to get enough customers. You want to help, so you decide to devise a way to tempt people to come out to her stall for a frozen treat. You decide to set up a series of signs throughout the carnival that will act as a bit of a scavenger hunt, leading people directly to her stall. But what should you put on the signs? Well, it’s up to you! You could write clues, you could draw cartoons of her products, you could write jokes, you could write slogans about how delicious her quadruple chocolate chunk flavour is or you could even write a poem, with one line on each sign. Providing it’s HOL appropriate and will intrigue people enough to follow the signs, it’s all good. We need 4 signs for full credit. You can either write about them (25 words per sign, 100 overall) or create graphics of your 4 signs. Because this task is a little delayed, you have until 23:59 HOL-time on the 1st of September to post your responses below. You’ll earn 15 rubies.
  22. Step inside, if you dare! Welcome to the haunted house attraction. Unfortunately, it’s looking a bit run down and it could definitely use a few new illusions and spooks to get people’s spines tingling again. Being able to use magic opens up a whole new world of chilling special effects we can use but it also means the people coming through will be much harder to impress - they know a boring old hover charm when they see it. Your job is to come up with 2 haunting characters, scenes or special effects for the haunted house. You can describe them (50 words each, 100 in all) or create a graphic to show them in action (though please include a sentence of written explanation to let us know what’s going on and the magic involved). Remember to keep things suitable for all ages– we want things to be on the fun side of scary. Because this task is a little delayed, you have until 23:59 HOL-time on the 1st of September to post your responses below. You’ll earn 15 rubies.
  23. Approved Aria Kastro - Hufflepuff visitor
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