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  1. Rejected Ginny - Please try signing up again using your full HOL name as your username. :)
  2. Approved Omen Nightingale - Slytherin visitor
  3. Happy, happy birthday to Raevia Ward! Butterbeer and birthday cake this way!
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  5. Great to see so many newcomers! Welcome to the Den, Katerina, Rose, Ina, Zagreus, Gracelyn and Hazel. I hope you have a great time chilling with the lions!
  6. Approved Gracelyn Baker - Ravenclaw Visitor
  7. New month, new points opportunities! Have you ever wondered what’s written in the stars? Well, head over to the HOL forum and join in on ‘The Incredible World of Zodiac Signs’ to find out. There are fun tasks to complete and 80 points to be earned! Deadline: 31st May And over in the departments, The Art Department are inviting you to weave some flower crowns in honour of May Day and celebrate an ancient Greek goddess. There’s a few more days to join in on those magical Library Department projects I told you about last time and I’m sure there will be new ones to get stuck into after that. Library Deadline: 6th May Art Deadline: 31st May And don’t forget The Howler! Embark on a whirlwind adventure by submitting to the final issue of the school year. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Deadline: 20th June
  8. The field just outside Hogsmeade is full of brightly decorated stalls and happy people. The sunshine finally seems to have some warmth in it and you enjoy the feel of it on your face as you stroll down towards the spring fete. The Situation: It’s time for Hogsmeade’s annual celebration of everything spring, the spring fete and luckily for everyone at Hogwarts, the headmistress has granted everyone permission to go for a few hours, including first and second years. Stalls are groaning under the wait of cakes, flowers and other goodies. There are games (some magical and some muggle) and contests of all descriptions to join in on. The maypole with its colourful ribbons stands tall over everything, just waiting for people to come and dance round it. The Location: Try to keep the action within the field where the fete is taking place. Feel free to invent any stalls, games or contests you like! Give the guidelines a read before diving in. Have fun!
  9. Approved Eos Del Luna - Ravenclaw Visitor
  10. Approved Zagreus Elderes - Slytherin visitor hazel Fowler - Hufflepuff Visitor
  11. until
    Gryffindors have the chance to suggest names for our new house awards. Head over to Here Dwell the Brave for the details and make sure you get your suggestions in by 23:59 HOL-time on the 14th of May!
  12. Gryffindors! We need your help. Head over to Here Dwell the Brave to find out more.

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  15. 9002. Come on, folks, I'd love to see this finished in 2023!
  16. Approved Katerina Katz - Hufflepuff visitor.
  17. Approved Kasho Kakichi - Slytherin visitor Rejected The spammer problem is ongoing so if you haven't been approved then please try again.
  18. Hey there, Lions! We’re almost to May already! There’s still plenty of time to finish your classes, earn points and snag yourself some awards but make sure you don’t leave it all until the last minute - stress is no fun. Gryffindor is still lagging behind a little in the cup race and we need every single point we can get to try to narrow the gap. I know we can do it but only if each and every one of you helps us along in whatever way you can. Even if you only have time to earn a few points here and there, it all adds up and will help us to end the year on a high note. Let’s go, Gryffindor, let’s go! Now, speaking of points… There are department projects to complete! The Art Department are asking you to create a birthday card for the Weasley twins and to share your plans for spring break. Over in the Library it appears to be raining money (why? You decide!) and there are some mysterious bunnies popping up. All the current projects are worth 20 points, so there’s 80 available in total! Art Deadline: 30th April Library Deadline: 6th May The Howler’s latest theme is ‘Whirlwind Adventure’, so grab your map and lets go! Whether you like writing, creating art or devising your own puzzles, you’ll find something to suit. If you’re stuck for inspiration, why not check out The Idea Bank? Remember that each issue gives you the chance to earn up to 60 points! Deadline: 20th June
  19. Fancy giving Quidditch a try? Don't forget there's an informal pickup match in a few hours. Join us at 9 PM HOL!

    More information here: https://hol.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=33960

    And advice for getting into chat here: https://hol.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=33968

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