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  1. Thanks for stopping by The Den, Hannah. Great to see you here!
  2. Hi Lysandra. Thanks for stopping by!
  3. You duck out of a classroom and nearly duck right back into it. The corridor is in uproar. People are running every which way, their schoolbags and cloaks held over their head like shields. Something electric blue zips past you. The Situation: It appears that a prankster has unleashed a gaggle of Cornish Pixies onto the third floor to liven up the end of the school day a bit. Will you help or take cover? Either way, you’ll have to keep your wits about you as they’re very tricksy. Watch out for that low flying book! The Location: You can roleplay in the corridors and classrooms on this floor Be sure to read the guidelines before diving in. Have fun!
  4. Approved Lysandra Snow - Slytherin visitor
  5. I'm sure we all have opinions on the romantic parings from the Harry Potter Series and whether they work or not. What I'd really love to hear is if there was anyone you hoped would end up together who didn't? Perhaps there was a romance that ended that you wish had stayed the course? I'd have loved it if Neville and Luna had been a book thing as well as a movie thing. Objectively, I can understand why it didn't happen and I think the futures they got were great and a lot more realistic. But still, it would have been cute to see it.
  6. Approved Scarlett Lee - Hufflepuff Visitor Oliver Noah - Hufflepuff Visitor
  7. Approved Hannah Lovegood - Slytherin Visitor
  8. I slap Ada because she still has the quote I dared her to put there in her sig.
  9. As I said, it's not open right now so it isn't really anywhere. Hopefully it'll be up and running again soon. :)
  10. Notes @Reyyan Azkendra I corrected the capitalisation in your name and you were approved as a first year.
  11. I sort of have a HOL-self. She doesn't really turn up very often when I'm chatting to you guys (this is all me the person) but I do picture her when thinking about the imaginative aspects of HOL, like when I have to write for a class, an activity or a roleplay. Sky is actually a character from a novel I wrote when I was in my teens - I was lazy when signing up for HOL and used her. It's odd because now I both do and don't associate my HOL-self with that original character (I suppose my fictional HOL self might be an alternative universe version of her, if you want to get technical) Anyway, enough of that weird metafictional stuff. Sky is small, lightly built and blonde. She's confident and exuberant - she loves to show off her wit. She's kind, imaginative, fiercely protective and still hot headed, even as a professor. She comes from a pureblood family of academics and musicians but her own heritage is halfblood, as her mother is muggleborn (no joke, I had to do a family tree for a class.... it is extensive). She likes charms the best because she loves how useful, artistic and subtle they can be.
  12. That will also be Hogsmeade when it reopens but you won’t meed anything extra like that to pass classes, just the info in the lessons and your smarts :)
  13. The former as I like to keep my options open in tense situations. Would you rather get spilled on in potions or be hit by a rogue spell in charms?
  14. Mine is silver birch, 10 inches with a joberknoll feather core (they're very curious critters... not sure what that says about me). I'm not sure about a flexibility as such as I created it myself but it's quite swishy owing to being fairly thin. It also has a cute kink in it because the piece of wood I found was curved rather than straight. It reminds me of a pen or a paintbrush in terms of the way it feels in my hand so it suits my creative side down to the ground. Lea, I love the sound of ebonised oak. So fancy.
  15. Hogsmeade is currently being renovated at the minute but that's where you'll be able to buy things in the future. You don't need any equipment to pass your classes apart from the information in the lessons but if you'd like to know what sort of wand would choose you, there's a quiz on wizardingworld.com that lots of people use or you could even take the Wand-Making class where you can learn all about woods and cores. :) Have you looked at HOL 101 yet? that's designed to give new students the information they need to get started: https://sites.google.com/site/holhogwarts101/
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