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  1. 8705 Let's make this the school year we finally make it to 10000!
  2. Happy, happy birthday to Kelly Hickory. I hope it's a fabulous day full of sweet treats.
  3. I hope you're all having a fabulous summer! Just because there aren't any classes at the minute doesn't mean you can't get a head start on earning house points though. The Art Department has two new projects to get stuck into. They're inviting you to go on a shopping spree at your favourite wizarding store and to celebrate one of the many national/international days that take place in August (National Llama day is my favourite, just saying). There's also just time to take part in the Library's current projects: head to the beach and get swept off into an adventure or settle down around the campfire to tell some spooky stories. Library Deadline: 7 August (with fresh projects to come after that) Art Deadline: 31 August
  4. Flourish and Blots is buzzing. People are milling between the shelves, trying to get in prime position. You have to move quickly to avoid being trodden on. The Situation: Myron Wagtail, the lead singer of the Weird Sisters, is launching his tell-all autobiography today with an event at Diagon Alley’s famous book shop. Flourish and Blots is crammed with excited fans eager to get their books signed, vaguely interested onlookers and people who hadn’t realised about the event and are desperately trying to buy their books and get out before complete chaos descends. You might well bump into someone you know in the crowd. The Location: Please roleplay within Flourish and Blots. Give the guidelines a read before diving in. Have fun!
  5. Approved Nicole Hargrave - First Year
  6. Approved Salazar Kedavra - First Year
  7. Notes ggaeta123 - I changed your name to Grace Gaeta to match your HOL name and you were approved as a Ravenclaw visitor.
  8. Notes A. Bardalles - I changed your name to @Arco Bardalles to match your HOL name and you were approved as a Slytherin visitor.
  9. Rejected Shewolf21 - Please try again using your full HOL name.
  10. Approved Andromedia Delacour - First Year
  11. Approved Ginny Chaves - First Year
  12. Approved Elizabeth Hermione - First Year
  13. Thank you, thank you, everyone. I truly appreciate you all and your lovely messages so much. <3
  14. Approved Mia Rea - First Year
  15. Happy, happy birthday to Sheila Bagnold. I hope you have a sensational day!
  16. Hi Harry. Most of the tasks can be posted as a reply to that particular thread but in the case of the fallen leters, maze and trivia, just pop your answers in a Gryff PM as you would usually do. There’ll be a note in each topic when you need to submit via message. :) Hope you have fun!
  17. Head to the Current Activities section to check out Summer Wand-erings! We're spending a magical summer at Ollivanders, learning just what goes into creating the very finest wands. You've got until 21 August to get involved, so plenty of time!

  18. You’ve been invited to complete one of the most sort after summer internships in the Wizarding World. You’ll be spending the next few weeks working at legendary wand-makers, Ollivander’s! You won’t just be working behind the counter at the famous shop on Diagon Alley though. You’ll be getting hands-on with every aspect of the process, from tending the trees to sourcing the cores. Time to roll your sleeves up! The activity will be taking place between Monday 11th July and Sunday 21st August, so there’s plenty of time to explore. There are 16 tasks, split between 4 locations. There’s a mixture of creative, puzzle, discussion and forum games to get stuck into. If you struggle with any of these for accessibility reasons, please let me (Prof. Sky Alton) know and we’ll find an alternative that suits you better. The 4 locations are the arboretum, the core store, the workroom and the shop - check the description of each subforum for a little more about that particular location. All tasks are available now and you can do them in any order that you like. You don’t need to have done any tasks in the arboretum to move onto the core store, for example. Most of the tasks can be submitted by replying to the particular thread but there are some puzzle options which you'll need to submit via a Gryffindor forum PM to me (Prof. Sky Alton). Each task will be worth 10 rubies (though for the forum games, you’ll need to post 5 times in each to earn the full amount). I’ll give you a bonus of 40 if you complete everything. So, that’s a total of 200 in all. Rubies for this activity will be awarded once term begins in September. Many thanks to Prof. Sindor Aloyarc and Maxim Trevelyan for help with puzzle making and sourcing. Remember that everything is due by 11:59 PM HOL-time on Sunday 21st August. Have fun!
  19. If you have any questions about the activity, post them here and we'll get back to you ASAP.
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