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  1. Question 9: What spell did Harry focus on for the first D.A session?
  2. "I'm afraid you might have to leave it for another few hours," Sky says to Ailee, "I'm not sure any owl could manage it at the moment." She frowns up at the windows which are still being pelted with hailstones and then smiles at the first year sympathetically. "Is it a very important letter?"
  3. Question 8: Name 2 varieties of Skiving Snackbox sweet.
  4. Approved Ailee Aria - Hufflepuff Visitor Rejected isabellamk54 - Please use your HOL name and try again.
  5. Question 7: Ron was delighted when Hermione confiscated a joke item from a student because he'd always wanted one. What item was it? A. Fanged Frisbee B. Ever-Bashing Boomerang C. Nose-biting Tea Cup.
  6. Question 6: What happened to someone who ate one of the custard cream biscuits enchanted by Fred and George in their 6th year?
  7. Question 5: When Harry snuck into Hogsmeade for the first time, which shop did he arrive in first?
  8. Approved Luxe Saintgeorge - First Year
  9. "You won't be interested in helping me get it all off again when the sun comes back out, then?" Sky asks with a smirk, accidentally on purpose smacking Sindor with the sodden end of her scarf as she takes it off. She bundles her gloves and scarf into her cloak pocket and peers around at the crowd. "This is surprisingly mellow, I have to say. I was expecting at least one duel and one spitball battle to have broken out by now."
  10. Question 4: What did Lee Jordan levitate through the window of Professor Umbridge's office?
  11. Happiest of birthdays to our very own prefect in charge. Ivey, Have a sensational day! I'll just go get the chocolate fountain going.
  12. Question 3: Which hex did Professor Slughorn witness Ginny casting on the Hogwarts Express?
  13. Aww, Luna, what a lovely gift! And all the more lovely for being such a surprise. I don't have any of the official wands either - I so wanted to get one when I was at King's Cross but I was trying to save up for something else at the time. I did make one in Prof Tarma's class though: it's silver birch, long and very slender with a slight bend in it. As for the characters, I second Sin that Luna's and Hermione's would be lovely to have but I think the one I really would want is Professor McGonagall's. When I did the photo booth at King's Cross, I used Sirius's which is very fun (so tactile!).
  14. Question 2: When Harry was in his 5th year and entered Snape's memory of the marauders hanging out by the lake, what item was James playing with that he said he'd nicked?
  15. until
    Join us in The Fat Lady's Portrait for a trivia challenge celebrating Gryffindor's legendary troublemakers. Get your answers in by 11:59 PM HOL-time on 30th January!
  16. Welcome to Troublemakers' Trivia! Gryffindor house prides itself on having the bravest, boldest and most chivalrous students. And while those daring qualities have seen Gryffindors do very noble things, it’s also meant we’ve had our fair share of lions who see the rules as more of… a suggestion, shall we say? In honour of the mischievous marauders and lovable rogues who’ve called Gryffindor Tower home, we’re embarking on 10 days of troublesome trivia. I’ll post a question about a Gryffindor character every day for the next 10 days. You have until 11:59 PM on Sunday, 30th January to turn in all your answers. You’ll earn 2 rubies for every one you get right. You can submit your answers to me (Prof. Sky Alton) as a PM here on the forum. You can either send them in one by one as we go or in one batch at the end. If you’re sending them individually, please just reply to your first message so that my inbox doesn’t crack under the strain! ;) Question 1: Which one of these is NOT a confirmed prank performed by Fred and/or George Weasley? A. Sending Dragon Dung to Percy Weasley at the Ministry. B. Putting Bulbadox powder in Kenneth Towlers pyjamas. C. Hiding inside suits of armour and singing rude songs.
  17. Approved Harry Snape - Slytherin Visitor
  18. Approved Avery Hart - First Year Bella King - First Year
  19. Sky dashes into the entrance hall, swiping an ice-encrusted mitten across her face and blinking rapidly. Noticing Sindor, she gives him a rueful wave. "If you ever find yourself in a position where you have to put warm weather gear on a venomous tentacula," she tells him, looking dazed, "run as fast as you can in the opposite direction." She takes a deep breath, glances round at the packed space and tries to compose herself.
  20. Great to see you in The Den, Xalvadora!
  21. Approved Xalvadora Lillian - Slytherin visitor Rejected Lia Telli - Unfortunately I couldn't find you in the HOL database.
  22. Approved Izzy Lane - First Year Notes Nicholas Atlee - I changed your name to @Nick Atlee to match your HOL name and you were approved as a visitor.
  23. Approved Hamilton Weasley - First Year
  24. Hail rattles against the windows of The Great Hall and the wind seems to be trying to see just how loudly it can howl. You glance up to see that someone has started a game of pocket quidditch over by the top table; another group are having a very loud argument about which is the best Weird Sisters Album. The Situation The weather is far too wild for people to go outside for break today. The doors to the Great Hall have been thrown open for everyone instead. Students are making their own very noisy entertainment, while professors and prefects are doing their best to make sure chaos doesn’t descend before the next lesson. The Location: You can roleplay in The Great Hall, Entrance Hall and surrounding corridors. Give the guidelines a read before you dive in. Have fun!
  25. Happy new year, Emerald! May it be full of fabulous things for you as well.
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