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  1. Well played, folks - I'm so proud of you all! And congratulations to Maxim for being named MVP.
  2. Approved Aloe Lightfoot - Hufflepuff visitor
  3. Beans should also be sent! The tool seems to have glitched and left someone off but there's no way for me to see who, so if you didn't get your beans just now, please let me know.
  4. It's my pleasure to announce that @Lorainia Riverrider and @Reyyan Azkendra have been promoted to prefect! Remember that we're always interested to hear from people who'd like to join the staff as junior prefects. Give the thread about it in this forum a read and let me know if you have any questions.
  5. It’s time to bid farewell to the Frost Fair! We’d like to thank you all for making merry with us out here on the ice. We’ve had tons of fun admiring your chilly creations and dodging snowballs. All rubies should have been awarded now but if you think we’ve missed something, please let us know so we can look into it. An impressive number of people did every task available and earned the full 155, so kudos to you all! Now, we’d better head back inside before the ice starts to melt…
  6. Hi Jaime, Dylan and Tom, welcome to the Den! Grab yourself a comfy chair and a mug of your favourite hot drink and join us by the fire.
  7. Approved Tom Harik - First Year Dylan Daxx - Hufflepuff visitor
  8. Approved Meredith Fenrir - Hufflepuff visitor
  9. Approved Luna-Love Swan and Jaime Gagne - First Years Notes @Evie Lovgood I changed the capitalisation in your name to match your HOL name and you were also approved as a first year
  10. Growls, barks, squawks, whinnies and noises you can’t put a name to fill the air. You peer into the first pen and a young crup wags its forked tail at you, grinning at you around the bright rubber ball in its mouth. The Situation It’s vital that all the magical critters that feature in Care of Magical Creatures lessons are kept warm, comfortable and happy in the colder months. That’s why you’ve volunteered to help. Enjoy some one on one time with your favourite creatures while you make sure they’re well fed, clean and entertained. The Location You can roleplay anywhere in the grounds where magical creatures are likely to be kept, whether that’s around the groundskeeper’s cabin or in the pens and paddocks nearby. You can include whatever creatures you like but remember that they should be ones that are suitable for Hogwarts (no dragons or chimeras!) and you should be handling ones that roughly tally with your school year/experience level. Give the guidelines a quick read before diving in. Have fun!
  11. Remember you have another week to explore the Frost Fair and try your hand at the tasks! Everything is due at 23:59 on the 8th of January.
  12. Rejected solarflare - please try again using your HOL name.
  13. Approved Lexi Evergreen - Ravenclaw visitor Scarlet Digory - Slytherin visitor.
  14. Approved Zane Klein and Hannah Rose Malfoy - Slytherin visitors
  15. Approved Elizabeth Albus - First Year Jade Winkleberry - Ravenclaw Visitor
  16. Rejected Notanna - please try again with your HOL name. Someone also signed up with their gmail email as their username - for privacy reasons I can't mention it but if you were expecting an account to be approved, please try again with your HOL name.
  17. Hello, hello! I can't believe how far through the term we are already, can you? It's getting to the point in the year when you'll want to think about making sure you have enough time to get your homework submitted before the January deadline. If you're on top of your classes (or just need a change of pace for a little while), I have a couple extra point earning opportunities to share today! You'll need to move quick on this first one! Secret Elf (our very own HOL gift exchange) has returned to the castle for another year of giving and fun but there's not much time left to join. When you sign up, you provide your wish-list of the gifts you'd love to receive and those you'd love to give (and those you wouldn't) - these need to be digital (and free) gifts, such as book recommendations, recipes, puzzles, creative writing and graphics. You'll then get given the name of someone to create a gift for and have the rest of December to come up with something brilliant for them. You'll earn 30 points for your efforts! Go here to find out more: https://hol.org.uk/forum/viewforum.php?f=655 Deadlines: Signup deadline: 11th December Gift deadline: 31st December The departments also have projects to entertain you this December. Indulge your sweet tooth in the Art Department with projects themed around icecream and candy canes. Over in the Library, they're inviting you to get festive and create your own holiday - be aware though that there's a glitch effecting the project descriptions, so you may want to hold off on posting your submission until we're able to get that ironed out. You can still get writing though! Art Deadline: 31st December Library Deadline: 1st January As Maxim mentioned last time, the school newspaper, the HOwLer, is also ready and waiting for your submissions! The theme for this time is dreams and you can interpret that however you like, whether that's the dreams you have when you're asleep or your dreams and aspirations for the new year. You could also create something totally unrelated to the theme - it's up to you. There are 60 points available! Head over to the main forum for more information. Deadline: 20th January
  18. Join us at the Frost Fair for snowy fun on the frozen lake!

  19. Hi Rhaneyra - the forum must have stripped out the formatting when the posts were transfered. I've readded the links, so you should be good to go. Thanks for letting us know!
  20. You crunch through a thick, fluffy blanket of snow on your way to the lake. Colourful stalls and booths have been set out on the ice and students and teachers are already milling around them, discovering what’s on offer. You rub your gloved hands together to try to stave off the chill and hope they’re serving something that’ll warm you up! The Situation: Welcome to the Hogwarts Frost Fair! The lake has frozen over and the professors have decided to take inspiration from the ancient frost fairs in London and set up a cosy little market on the ice. There are warm drinks, games and wintery activities to try your hand at. Join your friends and celebrate the snowy weather. The Situation: You can roleplay anywhere on the frozen lake and in the surrounding area of the grounds. Feel free to invent your own stalls or games but try to keep it on theme! Give the guidelines a read before diving in. Have fun! (Remember that you can earn 20 rubies if you make at least 4 posts!)
  21. Welcome to the Hogwarts Frost Fair! As happens most years, the Hogwarts grounds are blanketed in snow and the lake has frozen solid. So, the professors have decided that as an end of term treat, the school should hold its very own Frost Fair on the surface of the lake. Frost Fairs used to be held in London in centuries gone by, when the river Thames around the historic London Bridge froze solid. People set up stalls, games and other entertainments on the ice and the public flocked to the unusual event. So, that’s exactly what we’ve done too! We’ve made the most of the chilly weather and set up a series of cosy stalls and activities for you to enjoy on and around the lake. Grab yourself some ice skates and a mug of something warming, then get exploring. Watch out for flying snowballs! Each of the 12 stalls/areas has a fun, frosty task for you to complete. There’s a mixture of creative and puzzles on offer. Instructions for how to submit will be given in each task post. If you struggle with any of the tasks due to accessibility reasons, just let us know and we’ll find an alternative that suits you better. Each puzzle is worth 10 rubies (with 1 offering a bonus of 5 rubies) and each creative task is worth 15, so there’s 155 up for grabs in total. As a special Frost Fair bonus, we’ll also be offering the same number of beans for each task! Everything is due on the 8th of January at 11:59 PM HOL-time to give you plenty of time to explore and complete things at your own pace. Let the frosty fun commence!
  22. If you have any questions about the activity, please post them here and we'll get back to you ASAP.
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