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  2. Approved Erin Farrell - First Year Notes Grace Lightwood - it looks like you cancelled your own registration so you'll need to sign up again if you'd still like to join.
  3. Hello everyone ! My name's Doubhee Pevensy, I'm non-native english speaker (french, my mother wanted to send me to Beauxbatons). I've been sorted into Gryffindor a few days ago and started my first class at the same time. I'm playing a lot of muggle games on my free time alongside watching a lot of korean shows, making anime music videos and reading books. Nice to meet you all ! I'm a bit shy but don't hesitate to send a message if you share some common interests !
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  5. Approved Kira Samolforth - Slytherin Visitor Doubhee Pevensy - First Year
  6. i came here to scream: DISHES! and if not that, most definitely sweeping and mopping.
  7. I know a cat seems so cliche but it's something I have always wanted to be since seeing Professor Mcgonagall transform into her tabby cat! However, I would choose to be either a smokey black Maine Coon or a beautiful short haired Calico!
  8. Approved Evie Figg - Hufflepuff Visitor
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  10. March is well underway and there are lots of points to be earned around the castle, so let's get right to it! First up, have you ever wanted to be a Triwizard champion? Well, now's your chance. The Triwizard Tournament is taking place right now on the HOL Forum. Prove yourself in 3 tricky tasks and earn glory, awards, beans and95 house points! Deadline: 31st March The Howler is still open for submissions for the 'Little Kindnesses' issue. Whether you like writing, creating graphics or puzzling up a storm, there's bound to be a way to contribute that suits you. And with 60 points available, it's really a golden opportunity. Head to the HOL Forum for more information. Deadline: 31st March Go test out our fabulous new navigation menu by visiting the Departments! You'll find them under 'Castle and Grounds' now. The Library Department are inviting you on a trip to Wonderland and asking you how people would mark a day named in your honour. The Art Department are asking you to decorate a lantern for National Panda Day and put your own imaginative spin on what the HOL gardens look like in springtime. Art Deadline: 1st April Library Deadline: 9th April
  11. Oh! Hi, Aquaria! Welcome to the den and don't forget to bring your blanket and relax around the fireplace
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