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  2. Change your location to 'scrubbing cauldrons in the dungeons'
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  4. Pungous Onion 1. I am a swan sized bird 2. My tears have healing powers 3. I am rebirthed from my ashes
  5. Augurey 1 - I am an ingredient in one version of a certain beginner-level potion. 2 - I am a magical plant that can make people cry. 3 - I have green leaves and an orange bulb.
  6. I posted 3 time is Duck, Duck, Goose. And 2 times in What am I?
  7. A Niffler! 1. I resemble a small vulture. 2. My feathers repel ink. 3. People fear me despite my gentle nature.
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  9. Evelin end every thing you comment with 'Dumbledore said so' for one day, starting from when you read this post
  10. Veela 1. I am rodent like 2. I like shiny things 3. I can hunt for treasure
  11. *FINALLY*!!!!! Would You Rather - 3 Word Chain - 2 and I'm at my 5!
  12. Posted 2 times in What Am I and 3 times in Duck Duck Gosose!
  13. And here we go, the leading racers are now starting their flight over the dragon reservation. Will they aim straight ahead and try to push through or try something tactical to help them along the way? We'll soon find out! The first three are pretty much neck and neck at this point, flying almost directly alongside one another, so it could really go any way, and this section could make a huge difference - it's much harder to reclaim the lead if the back of your broom is sizzling! Well, here they go, and... Oh! It looks like the dragons have spotted the flyers - this could end badly for some of them! Don't worry, though, listeners, we have professionals on hand ready to get involved if any flyer finds themself in danger, although their help does come at the cost of forfeiting the race.
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