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  2. I slap William for joining in :)
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  4. Approved Ilios Foinix and Harmony Potts - First Year
  5. *trips into the Common Room* Helloo everyone, my name is Amethyst Silvermane, as you can gather, I am a First Year Gryffindor, but genuinely in real life I'm 23. Just wanted to pop up and say hello. I'm not really a social person but I am up for whoever wants to have a quick chat with me, however once you do get to know me, I am quite the chatterbox. But genuinely prefer the companionship of animals over humans
  6. Wow! Hi Dallas, Kohaku, Kalgri, and Will! welcome to the den and happy exploring~ ^^
  7. Approved Arabella Johnson - Fiirst year Keeema Knox - I changed your name to @Keemma Knox to match your HOL name and you were also approved.
  8. I decided to take a shower because not bathing for days could not be a good thing, so I...
  9. Hello, Griffindors and all fellow HOL students and Proffesors! I am William 'Will' Ezra Huxley from Slytherin House and I am a first year student. I am excited to be here with all the classes to learned and the activities. I want to win the House Cup for my House and want to be part of the Slytherin Quidditch Team and win the Cup too. I know that we will be a competitor (especially for all you guys from different houses), but life without competition is so boring, right?! :) Thank you.
  10. I put it back on the rack, to realise that I haven't bath for days. Then ...
  11. I’m afraid not - you’ll need to message Prof. Trevelyan. If you need help with that please ask. :)
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