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  2. Gwenog the Glorious What about Hector Dagworth-Granger?
  3. Amy, you hit the shield. Lora, unfortunately you miss
  4. My queen, to you I offer a magical pendant of diamonds and sapphires, designed to shield you and the ones you love from all curses.
  5. Arabella the neighborly How about Gwenog Jones?
  6. I gift you a pendant shaped of a red rose with wings, made of the fine wines of a hawthorne tree and beautified with sparkling diamonds and sapphires . Wearing the pendant will give you the power to metamorphose to a fairy with wings of your will. You just have to press your fingers to the rose and say ' I wish to become a fairy'.
  7. Aiming for the red shield next !
  8. I offer to you, my lady, a figurine of a badger and an eagle playing on a grassy field. Since it is magical, both animals move around in the confines of an object.
  9. The Royals decreed that we should have a "who wears it better" competition with purple being the center of attention. All partake in it and have fun until it disperses on its own. A mischievous being opened the pig pen and now they are running all around the castle, tracking mud everywhere. What on earth shall be done to catch them?
  10. Yesterday
  11. Let's just do a specified and complete 'stunning' charm, spread over the whole area, to target all of them so they fall, quite stupefied to the ground, and we can bundle them out and transport them far far away. Someone got into the punch and added a 'secret ingredient' and now everyone who partakes of that yummy beverage has skin of a lovely shade of purple. What to do? :o
  12. Adaleine, you hit and get mystery item 1 which is an inkwell! Tarma, unfortunately you miss. Amy Darvill, you miss but manages to hit the blueberry tartlet! Amy, unfortunately you miss. Maxim, unfortunately you miss. Lora, you hit and get mystery item 2 which is 10 gold pieces! Evi, unfortunately you miss. February, you hit and get the wooden flute!
  13. *carefully hands the shield over*
  14. This had caused a bit commotion, with people trying to guess what kind of language the prince was speaking. We can simply bring out the royal translator who’s famous for knowing so many languages to sort this out. Then later maybe we can hear a serious or a rather hilarious story of how he managed to speak like this. Oh my, maybe fifty Cornish pixies has managed to get themselves out of their cage! They are causing such a huge mess in the fair ! stealing gold coins from some angry wizards, throwing out the sales items away from the shops, throwing arrows dangerously everywhere they’ve got from the archery grounds and even had got hold of some of the queen’s presents ! They are making so much trouble around the fair that the wizards and witches are running around to get shelter. How are we supposed to solve this problem?
  15. Considering all the gifts everyone had presented me with which are alluring and utilitarian, I fond mostly the bestow presented to me by Amy, it would be great seeing that I adore the sea very much. *Smiles at Amy as she takes the wand fondly to her hand* I adore it !
  16. Bloody Baron the Cantankerous Arabella Figg?
  17. I'm aiming for the bag of yellow candies a second time.
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