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  2. Will: Your first try lands a small fish! But unfortunately your 2nd is unsuccessful.
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  4. Hannah: A small fish and a medium fish! Will: 2 small fish! Louis: Your first try is unsuccessful but your second lands a small fish! Harry: a small fish and a medium fish!
  5. Good to see you in The Den, Cole. Thanks for visiting!
  6. My ship finally reached the mysterious island I have always dreamed of seeing. I have always heard tones of different stories about this huge and round island and so after spending years and years of searching for it, I decided to find it. And here I am, right here, on the beach of the mysterious island, where the last existing Dodo birds live. As I have entered the magnificent forest, I have straight away spotted several eggs. Some were already hatched but most were still unhatched. I have walked around the forest but sadly couldn't find a single dodo bird. When I was about to give up, I heard something moving in the bushes nearby. Then, a bird came out of it and I was sure that this was a dodo bird. I decided to observe it for a while. The bird walked past me and then disappeared behind a different bush. This was truly a successful voyage/.
  7. Finally, after months of travelling, I can finally see something far in the distance. I decided to approach the unknown land, which was hidden from the world. As we were getting closer and closer to the island, I spotted its shape. The island was clearly oval, with a huge mountain in the middle. Almost everything was covered in plants - huge trees were standing proudly on the shores and were forming a circle around the mountain. There were no visible signs of human kind here - no houses, no roads, no footsteps. As I have stepped onto the sand, I have spotted tons of turtle eggs covering the beach. I was hoping to see them hatch but realised I was not worth seeing this scene any time soon. I decided to explore the island a bit. I saw tones of beautiful birds - all extremely colourful. I also saw some lemurs and other species of mammals native to the Madagascar. I wonder where I am.
  8. Graphic shows an island, looking to be of mostly rock, risen out of the blue waters. What is visible of the island has a sandy beach extending from the base of the rock of the island to the blue ocean water. A possible way to hike to the interior of the island is to the left, rising steeply up from the sand.
  9. Hello, everyone! My name is Cole a first year, Slytherin
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  11. My dear fellow pirates, sit comfortably. Have you ever wondered what is there, in the deep dark Ocean? Yes? Well...I think I can answer this question. In 2003, scientists tagged a nine-foot Great White in Australia as part of a research study. However, upon checking the tracking device, something eyebrow-raising occurred. The device detected that suddenly, the shark plummeted 1900 feet in a matter of seconds and its body temperature skyrocketed nearly 20 degrees. The only viable explanation, according to researchers? Some sort of massive sea creature must have swallowed it, dragging it deeper into our ocean and turning it into a meal. Yet, what could’ve eaten an animal this huge is still highly debated. Some theories include a ‘monster shark,’ but today, most scientists believe the culprit to have been a sperm whale. They still don’t know for sure, though, so the creature that really lurks below may harbor its secret identity forever.
  12. When I was doing my research, I have found many different and equally fascinating stories so I really struggled to find one story that interested me in particular. Since, there is nothing, absolutely nothing better, than ghosts stories, the story I chose is of course about the paranormal world. This is how it goes: The most famous ghost ship is arguably the Flying Dutchman. She disappeared rounding the Cape of Good Hope in a storm in the mid-1600’s. According to legend, the captain was cursed and now his ship and crew must sail the seven seas forever. Though the ship disappeared in the mid-1600’s, There have been reported sightings in both the 19th and 20th century. The most famous report came from future King George V of England in 1881. “At 4:00 AM the Flying Dutchman crossed our bows, a strange red light as of a phantom ship aglow. Thirteen persons altogether saw her…”
  13. A feeling of relief has swept over you as you find yourself finally at the island you've been searching for so long for. As you look at the island, you realize it's as magical as everyone made it out to be. You decide this moment simply must be preserved in history, so you pull out your journal and begin recording the island's appearance. Draw or describe in no less than 150 words what the island looks like. Feel free to include as many details as you want, like the glow of the island if there is one, any creatures you spot, etc... Post below before 11:59 PM HOL-time on 31st October for 20 rubies!
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