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  2. Wed, April 8, 2020 Dear Journal, Have I ever mentioned that I hate bugs?! I know-at least a zillion times, right?! Well make this a zillion +1-I HATE BUGS! Creepy, crawly little terrors should be exterminated with the strongest anti-creepy crawly hex on the planet! No, I am not over-reacting! If you had seen what I did... Picture it. Here I was, minding my own business and doing the "good camper" thing and communing with nature, and even I must admit that I was finding it very relaxing and peaceful. I even picked some berries and was fixing to have a little impromptu snack when I was INVADED! I had no sooner plopped myself down on the grass then there it was. A GIANT Emily-eating bug! I've never seen anything quite like it. It had a fat body that was scarlet red in color, with green wings tipped with a hint of yellow. A black stripe ran the whole length of it and I swear to Merlin it actually cackled at me. Needless to say, I was out of there in a hurry! I did turn back to see if it had followed me, but thankfully it had chosen to stay behind and feast on my now-forgotten berries. Only thing was, it didn't nibble around them as a proper insect normally would. It swallowed the berry whole! No joke...whole. It was like a walking-mouth-on-legs and a rather disconcerting sight. I think this city witch has had enough of nature communing for the day, thank you very much! Thursday, April 9, 2020 Dear Journal, Seriously?!! In my tent?!! I had made the conscious effort to stay in today and read; maybe do a bit of yoga or something equally relaxing. (My muggle friend, Louise, introduced me to yoga last year and I swear it has changed my life!) Good plan..right?! Wrong!!! I had just fixed myself a nice bowl of yummy granola and was sitting there, spoon poised to take the first delicious bite when...ANOTHER FREAKIN' INSECT!! What is this...insect pick on Emily week?!! Thank Merlin, it wasn't that monstrous creature from yesterday-but still! This one is a rather dull dishwater-looking gray and...furry?! FURRY??????????!! Since when do insects have fur?! Great..just great! i not only have bug in my tent..it's an alien bug come to take me away to another planet! Okay, maybe I've watched too much muggle television. No more Doctor Who before bed! Anyway, once I convinced my imagination to quit running amok and my heartbeat to return to semi-normal rhythm, I realized that I had seen that bug somewhere before this. Then it dawned on me...it was a glumbumble! We had just covered them in Care of Magical Creatures..what a relief!! Mind you, I still wasn't exactly thrilled about sharing my tent with it, but at least it was relatively harmless. I know enough not to eat any treacle it produced, as it has a nasty side effect of causing melancholy, but other than that I was safe. Being in a benevolent mood, I even poured a little bit of honey onto a saucer and gave it a little snack before it flew away again. See how brave I'm getting?! Go me! Friday, April 10, 2020 Dear Journal, Okay, seriously I give up! I have resigned myself to the fact that I, Emily Spencer, am a genuine insect magnet. Yes, you guessed it. Yet another insect managed to seek out my company today. But it wasn't any ordinary bug, I'll tell you that. Let me explain.. I had decided that it was past time I quit moping around in my tent like a craven coward, so it was back outside for me. The sun was shining brightly, weather was perfect, and the birds were singing merrily, what could go wrong?! Shut up..I am not Snow White in her magical forest!! Good movie, by the way, but that's not the point here. So off I went, determined to take full advantage of the wonderful weather. I was hungry, and as fortune would have it, there was a tree just laden with delicious looking apples. (shut it..still not Snow White). I was reaching up for one when I heard the tiniest little voice whisper, "Don't, or you'll be sorry!" Excuse me?! Great, now I'm hearing things! I looked all around and could not for the life of me fathom where the voice was coming from at all. I was the only one there! And then..I heard it again. "Don't eat the apples, or you'll be sorry!" That's when I saw this bright little speck of pink on the branch right next to my apple. It was a tiny thing..bright pink and glowing; I kid you not. Its wings looked like pure silver lace, and even I must admit that it was beautiful. I forgot all about the apple as I stared at it..and then it..TALKED!! The voice was coming from this little pink bug!! Merlin, now I've seen it all! Oddly enough, I wasn't frightened by it, and after my initial shock, we actually had a nice long chat. Its name was Reina (which she was quick to tell me meant Queen) and indeed it seemed I w as in the company of royalty. My little pink friend was the Queen of her 'people', who had sadly fallen prey to the apples (which I found out had been magically poisoned by a rather cantankerous old hermit named Walter). While we were talking, Queen Reina wove a belt of gossamer looking silver which she gave to me as a token of our meeting. (It was a belt for her, but a ring for me, actually), which I will keep forever. She assured me that it was stronger than it looked, and would not break or tear. I wanted to give her something in return, but she graciously refused. Can you believe, I actually bowed when I left to return back to camp? It only seemed fitting. Queen Reina, wherever you are..the best of luck to you. I can tell you, Journal, it was a day I will never forget.
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  5. My tent in dark purple, and looks like a pretty regular tent, with a welcome sign hung outside the door flap. Inside, you walk into a living room area of sorts, with a few chairs, small television, and small bookshelf. There are two comfy chairs in front of the television. Off to the right, there is a simple kitchenette. There is a separate, completely enclosed bathroom. Like Fumei said, I prefer my bathroom to be comfortable and private. Then behind the living room section, there is wall that goes 3/4 to the ceiling with two twin sized beds behind it. That way, I can have a friend stay over with me. The wall isn't a complete wall and doesn't have a door. The separation is just for the purpose of anyone who wants to change without being seen or if someone wants to watch television while someone sleeps, then the light won't keep the other person up. Magical moment - if you would rather sleep right next to each other, you can push the beds together and they'll merge into a single queen sized bed!
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  8. Tuesday Dead Jou... DeaR journal Another one of those creepy insects again. Discovered in my coffee pot. WHAT is GOING ON!? That's my coffee. It's enough to have to deal with making a fire and getting it hot and getting the perc coffee pot filled with water and now I have to watch out for this bug? It looks like a (I kid you not) silver spoon and I thought it was valid (weird but valid) until I found out that when I scoop the coffee grounds to put in the holder, all the coffee disappears. I thought someone was doing a disappearing charm on me until I SAW it disappearing like into the spoon. Then, when I spotted it, the spoon sprouted four legs and ran off! The body of the spoon, the handle part, was noticeably thicker with the grounds it had eaten. Tuesday Dear journal This is getting to be very unfunny. I figured out that I have to watch the spoons because some of them are not spoons but are some sort of insect. Okay, no problem. But now they must have called their friends in .... So I get the coffee all perked and taken off the fire and pour some (yuuummmm) into a coffee mug just sitting them with the others and IT sprouted wings and flew off! It looks just like a regular camping coffee mug, right? That black metal mug spackled with white? What is this, a chameleon zone? Where insects are imitating utensils and camping stuff? I couldn't tell the difference at all until I reached to pick it up and it quite literally sprouted wings on both sides of the handle and took off. Tuesday Dear journal This is it. I'm going to put everything that I have of camping gear into a lock-proof box and only take it out when I'm about to use it. So. What's for breakfast? I'm hungry, and decide that I just want to have some granola with creamy half-and-half in it. I find a camping bowl in the stack of nested bowls (sort of like silver-colored metal) by the cooking station. I put some granola in it and turned to get the dairy. .... I have the carton in my hand and turn back and the bowl is gone. I spied it as it was running under some bushes. It had two legs, much like the 4 legs of the spoon, but a little stockier and longer. I noticed it was very careful not to spill the granola. image shows a white bowl, against a blue streaked background. it is filled with some kind of cereal, and it has legs and is running I've no idea of what these insects are called but I know that nothing of coffee or breakfast food is safe around them. Constant vigilance is needed! Be sure to make sure that all utensils are precisely what they appear to be, and all dishes ditto. Who knows, maybe some of them might take on the appearance of plates. BEWARE!
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