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  2. Rejected PB331111 - Please use a valid HOL name.
  3. Manya ran after Hannah, she asked Maxim " Do you know anything about this assignment?" She saw Sky there and asked, " Hey, Sky you okay? Looks like the dust has got you?"
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  5. 4. No petting the Thestrals, because they freak people out.
  6. Hannah ran over to Maxim and said, "Hey Maxim. I found this assignment and I thought you could bring it to the Ravenclaw common room." Then she pointed behind her. "Look at those students. They're picking things off the piles," she said.
  7. Sky gives him a look that says it may well be 13 people in detention if he continues being a smart alec. "I'm just fine, thank you," she says, wrinkling her nose and using her wand to syphon off the worst of the dust. "I'll see those 12 in my office once we're done here. I need more fertiliser in the greenhouses. They can go gather me some in the Care of Magical Creatures paddock." She peers over his shoulder at the running list he's keeping of people's discoveries. "Anything interesting? Any fabulous jewels or cursed hats yet?"
  8. Maxim spied Sky coming from one of the corners in the Room. She didn’t look her best and he was seriously considering his stance on standing uselessly by the door and keeping an eye on pesky, trouble-making students. He didn’t want to get that much dust on him. Snorting at Sky’s comment about the Frisbees, he nodded and jotted down some numbers. ‘There’s always a problem with the lot,’ Maxim swung his quill hand in the direction of the more rowdy groups. ‘Nothing I couldn’t handle, though,’ he acquiesced and gave her a scroll that had around a dozen names on it. ‘Detention for those, but as Head Student, I can only deduct the points,’ Maxim briefly explained, even though he was sure Sky knew that. ‘Professors hand out the detentions.’ ‘Everything okay with you?’ Maxim asked, obviously checking his friend up and down. ‘Are you a stone heavier cause of that or…?’ he trailed off, smirking.
  9. Sky emerges out of a distant corner, her robes covered in dust and a long piece of parchment trailing behind her. She's been cataloguing items (and sneezing) all day and she's just about ready to call it quits. "Any problems?" she asks Maxim, coming to lean on the wall beside him and wiping her brow. "I've found 750 fanged Frisbees, half a stuffed troll and 6 ever-bashing boomerangs. Which, incidentally, is a misnomer. They are definitely no longer bashing. One was twitching a bit...."
  10. 2: No wearing Lion hats at the Great Hall
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