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  2. Now that you’ve set up camp, there’s not much else to do. You’re stuck wondering how long you’re going to be here for and that’s not a very cheerful thought at all. To keep yourself occupied, you start running through everything you’ve ever heard about the forest and about survival, in the hope that some of it will prove useful. Do some research and answer the following survival trivia questions. You’ll receive 2 rubies per correct answer, with 1 as a bonus for getting all 7 right: 1. Why does moss commonly grow on the north side of trees in certain parts of the world? 2. What do the yew tree and death cap mushroom have in common? 3. What do bowtruckles eat? 4. Name a method you can use to contain a campfire to stop it spreading to a wider area. 5. Out of the following creatures, which is NOT believed to live in the forbidden forest: centaur, thestral, sphynx, unicorn. 6. Of hypothermia and hyperthermia, which is caused by getting too cold? 7. This species of non-magical snake is the only venomous one native to Britain, which is it? To earn 15 rubies, send your answers to Prof. Sky Alton and Iverian Gnash (using the PM you should already have set up with us) before 11:59 PM HOL time on May 31st!
  3. While you definitely are more of an optimistic person, there have been some aspects to this particular trip that have not been entirely pleasing to you and your wellbeing like being chased by the centaur a few minutes ago or almost sampling those poisonous berries before you recognized them from Herbology class. Write about the worst part of being here in at least 100 words for 15 rubies by May 31st!
  4. As you practice some survival techniques you’ve heard about (you’re not sure how helpful they’ve actually been so far), your stomach starts to rumble. It’s about time to put your foraging skills - or lackthereof - to good use. You begin to look around the nearby bushes to see if there’s anything you could possibly eat and spot some berries. As you approach them, you realize they look oddly familiar - almost like those poisonous ones you learned about in Herbology last week… better leave them alone. Share your best food foraging tips below and maybe include some plants you know for sure not to eat in at least 100 words by May 31st for 15 rubies!
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  6. It wasn't my fault. Honest. I saw something moving in the corner of my eye. Right by the trees. It was ever so quick. I could have sworn something peekabooed from behind the ancient Oak tree. I stood as still as a statue to see if it would peekaboo again and I was so busy staring at that tree that I didn't notice everyone else had moved on until I realised that all of a sudden everything was extremely quiet. Far too quiet. I was about to scan the area in hope of seeing one of our group but that idea went straight out of my head when I heard the sound of a twig snapping. It had from that tree again. Instinctively my hand tightened around my wand, arm raised and poised at the ready. I waited…and waited….then… something leapt. There was no time to look behind me. I scuffled backwards. Fast. Too fast. My feet were off the ground and I just caught sight of a Bowtruckle. Don't laugh. I swear on the Gamekeepers life it was HUGE and ANGRY. Then I lost sight of it as I tumbled, bumped and thudded all the way down a muddy bank. Thankfully I had missed a patch of quicksand but if only my wand had missed it too. There was no way I was going to be able to retrieve it but that was the least of my worries- Bowtruckle was growling, peering over the edge of the bank, watching my every move. Now what was I going to do?....
  7. Ehh applying for grad schools is hard. I never know what to tell them, this subject keeps me up at night, please accept me to this program so that I can finally sleep peacefully? Haha. Has anyone had a similar experience? :D

    1. Prof. Sky Alton

      Prof. Sky Alton

      Ooof, that does sound like a challenge! I'm sure you'll find/be accepted by the perfect one in the end and they'll be incredibly lucky to have you.

    2. Raevia Ward

      Raevia Ward

      thank you, you're too kind! T-T

  8. Approved Holland Alora - First Year Notes Hailey Kook - I edited your display name to Frostlite Kook to match your HOL name and you were also approved as a first year.
  9. I have been looking for any water source for good two hours. I decided to finally use some wit and quietly follow a huge deer I spotted a while ago. He led me straight to a giant lake. I got really happy. Even though it was a day again, it could turn dark really quickly. I pulled out my wand and turned a giant rock I found to a pot and gathered some water. Then, I had to find a way to purify it so I decided to boil it. I made a small campfire and placed the pot on top of the fire and waited for the water to boil.
  10. As I am walking through the forest, I can suddenly hear a quiet buzzing noise. Curious what it is, I decided to follow the sound. I am surprised to find a huge river flowing through the forest. I decided that it would be wise to collect some water to have some in case I ever get thirsty. I was so happy and proud of myself when I discovered that buying iodine tablets to purify the water is not so stupid as I thought and ideal for a camping trip, which of course did not happen, but they came in handy anyway.
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  12. As you wander through the forest, it’s probably about time to set up camp. The biggest part of any survivalist camp is the tent of course! Better start looking for materials and figuring out how you’re going to build your shelter. Design a shelter through any means whether you physically make one and take a photo or digitally design one and post it below by May 31st for 15 rubies!
  13. I am getting pretty thirsty and I cannot find the water. I can hear gentle run of water, but it seems to come from all direction. I remember from Gail's Survival class that one can gather moisture with so called dew traps. They are pretty straightforward way to get some moisture and water into your body, at least until you find a river or a lake. I have to be conscious of my plants and trees as while dew is safe to drink (especially out in the country), some surfaces it gathers on may not be. Am I not glad to be an assistant for Herbology right now? I take off my shirt, as it is pretty clean and give it a few shakes to lose as much dust and foresty things on it as possible. I go on a hunt for plants in shaded areas that are still moist. I wipe the shirt over plants that are soaked in dew. Since I have no container, I turn towards the sky and wring the shirt completely right into my mouth. It is not perfect but it will do for now. Now where is that danged stream?
  14. Now, if there’s one thing you need above all others it’s water. And without your wand, there's no hope of solving the problem by shouting aguamenti. You look hopefully towards the canopy but what sky you can see through it looks irritatingly blue and cloudless. Just when you could do with a nice heavy rain shower…. You pace slowly around the clearing. You know there are streams and ponds in the forest: you’ll just have to hope there’s one somewhere near here. But how do you find it? And what do you do if you can’t? For this task, we’d like you to research a method for finding or collecting water while in the wilderness. You can either write a story (100 words or more) containing an explanation of your chosen method or, providing it’s a method for collecting water, create a labelled diagram of it. To earn 15 rubies, post your responses below by 11:59 PM HOL time on May 31st!
  15. You cast around you, taking in the trees, the drifts of dried leaves and twigs on the forest floor and the occasional stone. It doesn’t look very promising, to say the least. All the same, you're starting to realise that if you're stuck here, you're going to need to improvise. You'll need to find some kind of food, water and shelter out here. There must be useful stuff around here somewhere. You’ll just have to have a proper look for it. After all, there’s nothing else to do... Complete this jigsaw while you examine the forest floor, on the hunt for things that you can use. https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=31e2f9d48ba0 Thanks to the original creator of the puzzle! To earn 15 rubies, post your completed puzzle below by 11:59 PM HOL time on May 31st!
  16. I realised all my friends decided to leave me. I don't think they have planned this but that's what happened. I decided to stand up and turn back from where we came from. I assumed I have higher chances of finding the correct path if I simply decide to return the same way I came here. As I was walking back, I saw something white running in front of me. I decided to stop and knelt to see what it was. It turned out to be a small white ferret. When I reached out to pet it, this little trickster grabbed my wand and disappeared into the tall grass.
  17. Rejected Kimmyb - Please try again with your HOL name. Notes Athena Williams - I changed your display name to Athena Miller to match your HOL name and you were approved as a first year.
  18. Welcome to The Den, Elyse! Great to see you.
  19. I remember looking over toward something to my right that moved. Could have sworn it was a horse or something as big, when I tripped over a huge tree root, causing me to tumble over head first. As usual being a bit disorientated I looked around to find no one near me. Moving around the tree to look on all sides if I spot any human movement. Why is this tree so big? I reach the other side and find, Nothing. Got distracted as always and now I’m lost. ‘Halo’, I call out and wait. Nothing again. I suppose it’s not unusual for me to get distracted or lost. Why did I try and help out again? Doesn’t matter. It is fairly cold out here. I look up to see if I can spot any marker or indication of which direction to head. The trees over most of the sky. I suddenly jump at the sound of someone calling my name. Did I imagine it? The call comes again but louder. ‘Over here!’ I call out a bit too eager to have been found. I run around the tree toward the sound only to find nothing. There's no one there…
  20. Hello! I just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Elyse Levine, and I am a First-Year here in Gryffindor. I'm mostly found in the Care of Magical Creatures classroom, reading by the lake, or wandering the halls. Some of my favourite activities include archery, painting, and reading.
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