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  2. "RONALD WEASLEY! GET BACK HERE NOW!" You're Hermione Granger and you have to sit in Divination with Prof. Trelawney for 2 days continuously.
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  4. Question 25: The term for where actors have to be on stage to keep the show moving.
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  6. Ohh You fool muggles and poor wizards! I am the dark lord!! huhhhhh!!! You are Molly weasly and Ron sneaked out with the flying car
  7. sup y'all


    feel free to message me to talk :/


  8. "Who graded my exam! Were they blind? Where is my wand? Give me my wand!" You're Lord Voldemort and people laugh at you as you could not conquer a win on a rat.
  9. Notes Skye Livelyn - Your name was changed to @Skye Lovelyn to match your HOL name and you were approved as a first year
  10. Glad to have you here, Septima! I'm also a writer :D
  11. Hello Septima! Welcome to the den! :D
  12. Oh hi there. I'm Septima Lestrange and I'm super excited to meet you all! I'm 27 years old and from Ohio, US. It's dreadfully dull here and hopefully I'll be moving soon. I love creating, above all else! I'm an artist, a writer, a musician, I make videos....I just...create! Also literally anything that puts me outside and around trees. I'm from Ravenclaw but I'm really excited to meet friends from other houses!
  13. Approved Septima Lestrange - Ravenclaw Visitor Notes Isabel_Willows16 - Your name was changed to @Isabel Eleanor Willow to match your HOL name and you were approved as a Slytherin visitor.
  14. I swap meeting Harry potter (Neverr!) for meeting Daniel Radcliff! ( they are not the same person, right?)
  15. Oh! So you are here? mr.prefect! you are Hermione and you came second in an exam
  16. " I guess you will find the coffee cups at our breakfast table," Manya smiled and told Carrie and walk back to the table. " My wand is Alder wood, Phoniex feather core with a suprisingly swishy flexibility, and my patronous is a white mare, well meeting Rose is a strange story, I don't know how she got to know me but few days of receiving my Hogwarts letter i received an owl with a letter " Hello Manya, Can you share a little introduction, Am your fellow hogwarts mate" it was written there, and then I met her on King cross station,.. I found platform 9 3/4 quite easily it is a little suprising thing but yeahh, i found it easily when i saw another wizarding students, I tried chocolate frogs at hogwarts express,and the scenary was awesome outside the window.. my parents came to say good bye to me, it was little emotional but witchcraft ismpre interesting, so I smiled at sit at my Hogwarts express, I always knew am a Gryffindor and I sorted here." 'by the way how did you findme?" Manya asked Rose, "well Ella tell me something interesting abut you?"
  17. I s-swap H-Hogwarts being in real life f-for (No!!!) meeting Harry Potter.
  18. Question 24: This actor was the original actor for Elder Cunningham in The Book of Mormon on Broadway.
  19. Bow with a dramatic sweep, flash that disgusting smile and exclaim heartily, "Thank you, my friends, thank you!" You are Arthur Weasley and you just caught Percy sneaking into the house.
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  21. “My wand is beech wood with a Phoenix feather core, 13 3/4 inches, and brittle flexibility,” Elladora replies, happy about getting to know her friend. “I love my patronus! It’s a unicorn!” Elladora says enthusiastically. “My first time on the Hogwarts express, I was a little confused to be honest. I didn’t know where to find platform 9 3/4, but then I saw some other people talking about it and followed them. I was amazed seeing the train for the first time. It was so beautiful. Before I got on the train, I hugged my parents goodbye. That was a little sad, but I was too excited, that I just couldn’t be sad. I found an empty chair to sit in and some other people sat around me. When it came time for snacks, I made sure to bring some money so I could try some jumping frogs. I had been dying to try them. They were really good, too! I was so excited when we first got to Hogwarts but I was also kinda nervous for the sorting ceremony. Even though I already knew I belonged in Hufflepuff. Tell me about you wand, patronus, and Hogwarts express experience. Also, I would love to hear about how you met Rose. You two seem to be good friends. She seems really nice.”
  22. Another person approached Tarma, greeting her by name. Tarma turned to look at yet another new student. "I'm fine, thank you." she said politely, while wondering why all these students were up near the professor table and not seated at their own House tables. "Miss Warts, we'll speak of this later. In the meantime, I hope you will stay clear of the Charms classroom." She focused a bit, appearing to be looking into space, and then smiled. If Carrie went anywhere close to the classroom before it was time for classes, she would be stuck with a semi-permanent sticking charm until Tarma got there. She looked at the new student and vaguely recognized her from the Sorting Hat. "I hope you enjoy Hogwarts, Miss Pottermore." She nodded to both of them and was about to return to the table, to eat her breakfast properly, then had a thought. It'd take just a few moments to go to her classroom, fix whatever it was that needed fixing, and then come back and eat without something needing to be done looming over her. "Enjoy your breakfast, ladies" she said to Rose and Carrie, and left the room to take care of business elsewhere. [leaving Great Hall and rpg for now]
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