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  1. I'm aiming for the bag of yellow candies a second time.
  2. I'm aiming for the bag of yellow candies.
  3. Scattered amongst the items to be repaired, sits a heavy metal shield adorned with the face of a fearsome dragon. However the face is soot black, detracting from its impact, and the shield appears to be melted around the edges. It seems that the last knight to use this shield in their attempt to best a dragon depleted the anti-fire properties bestowed on the shield by a mysterious witch in the hinterlands. Though the witch came well recommended, what neither of them were expecting was for the knight to come across a baby dragon, with an extremely protective and (to the knight) overbearing mother who tapped into reserves of flame not known to knights previously. As such, there was only so much heat the shield could withstand. The knight was able to escape with their life and used this opportunity to speak against the persecution of dragons.
  4. During the dancers' next appearance, the onlookers take note that they're wearing comfortable, flowing light beige dresses, reminiscent of the colour of light wood, rimmed with a silver band. However, most dancers are wearing a different colour pair of shoes: deep vermillion, bright orange, lush green, royal purple, sky blue and so on. As they dance this way and that, the floor beneath their feet transforms into a very impressive mural of the surrounding landscape that would make even the likes of Michelangelo or Da Vinci envious.
  5. Easy. They just hire Maxim to do their baking for them :P Oh no! The crown prince has suddenly started speaking in what appears to be a very ancient language, and no one around him can gauge what he's trying to say. How can the situation be solved?
  6. I'm aiming for the yellow plumed helmet.
  7. Could I please get a scarf and a pair of green gloves?
  8. I'd like to buy a blueberry tartlet, please.
  9. Gregory the Sidekick Colin Creevey?
  10. I'm aiming for mystery item 4 a second time.
  11. Bathilda the Knowledgeable Seamus Finnigan?
  12. I'm aiming for mystery item 4.
  13. I'm aiming for the yellow doublet
  14. I've got a spare pair of gold dice I'd be willing to trade for either item (also willing to throw in some coins).
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