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  1. I think a Hippogriff, because they are at least theoretically tameable, dragons are not. Would you rather never visit Diagon Alley or never visit Hogsmeade?
  2. Hagrid. (I only just realised that he is a Saggitarius). 1. I taught Divination at Hogwarts. 2. I am very proud. 3. My kind lives in the Forbidden Forest.
  3. I posted 3 times in " What Am I" and 2 times in "Duck, Duck, Goose".
  4. Answer: Percy Weasley I was the longest Hatstall. I could have well been a Ravenclaw. I danced with Ron Weasley when at Hogwarts.
  5. Answer: Hagrid I am Dumbledore's friend but Harry's frenemy. The Dark Lord would call me traitor. I was in love with a green-eyed witch.
  6. Change your signature to something simple like Head of Slytherin house for a day : D. P.S. I changed my location to "Ghoulery" for getting goosed.
  7. Avada Kedavra (Is it a coincidence that I just had someone talk to me about this class, lol ?) I am one of the owners of the Elder Wand. I fell off the rooftop of a castle when I died. I dueled my own friend. P.S. Hello Professor Will Lestrange, I was thinking about Sirius Black when I wrote my previous three cIues (Sirius Black survived Azkaban which made others crazy, Sirius Black followed a boy Harry Potter around in his dog animagus form making Harry think it was a grim, Sirius Black wrote a secret letter to Harry once and Hermione had to decipher the sender because Sirius did not sign it for fear of giving away his hiding place). But, kudos to you, Ginny Weasley also seems like a good fit.
  8. I've posted 3 times in Word Chain and 2 times in Would You Rather.
  9. I would rather be allergic to chocolate because candy comes in many different flavors, and I have had a lot of chocolate already to be able to sacrifice it now. Would you rather give a long, boring speech and have your entire audience yawning, or would you rather be forced to sit through someone else's long boring speech that makes you want to fall asleep?
  10. A very happy birthday! Professor Sky! You are really such a nice and a great person. Enjoy your birthday a lot!
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