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  1. I slap Ivey for organising a wonderful tour of the chocolate factory.
  2. I'd also like to purchase a sapphire ring please.
  3. Lady Lupin's shield is predominantly blue with an argent raguly line running from bottom left to top right. In the top left of the shield is a closed book and in the bottom right two fleurs-de-lis. Both adornments are green. The blue and argent represent values close to Lady Lupin: peace, truth, loyalty. The raguly represents difficulties encountered. As much as Lady Lupin believes in looking forward, represented by the green, she is cognisant of the past. The closed book symbolises Lady Lupin's passion for learning, while also demonstrating lessons learnt from past experiences. The fleurs-de-lys, though not necessarily conventional in this case, among other things, represent her aspirations to uphold the values of certain musketeers.
  4. The garda, in turn, notifies the resident magician, who transfigures the lion into a small cat. He then summons a special collar to identify the cat/lion, so that once the days proceedings are over, the cat/lion can be relocated to a more suitable habitat and the transfiguration process would then be reversed. With the festival coming to an end, and the various mishaps along the way, a number of performers are getting restless about not having had the opportunity to fulfil their contracts and are concerned about not getting their pay. How does this get addressed?
  5. Celestina the Melodious Bertie Bott?
  6. I've got the following items for sale: Bag of red candies - 12 Blue doublet - 20 Doughnut - 12 Pair of gold dice - 5 Wooden flute - 16
  7. I'd like to purchase a green handkerchief and a ruby ring please.
  8. I'd like to purchase a green doublet please.
  9. I'd like to purchase a green shield and a green plumed helmet please.
  10. I'd like to purchase a bag of green candies please.
  11. I'd be willing to trade the hat for 16 coins meanwhile. If someone is looking for a bag of blue candies and has one of the items I'm looking for, I'd be happy to act as an intermediary (I'd trade Maxim for the bag of blue candies, and then trade that to another person in return for that item).
  12. I've got the following items for sale/trade: Bag of red candies - 16 Blue doublet - 25 Hat - 16 Pair of gold dice - 8 Items I'd be willing to trading for include green items I don't have (at the time of posting: bag of candy, doublet, handkerchief, plumed helmet, shield) and a ruby or sapphire ring.
  13. I'd like to buy a yellow shield please.
  14. I humbly offer you a rare emerald and silver serpent that both guards you from enemies and gives a comforting coil when needed.
  15. Godric the Brave Jacob Kowalski?
  16. I humbly present to you a rare flower grown in a queendom far, far away. Depending on the light, it reflects a different colour.
  17. Duchess Ada, I'd be interested in trading 49 coins for your yellow handkerchief and emerald ring. Thanks!
  18. *hefts a large bag of coins onto the counter* Could I please get a topaz ring, a quill, an inkwell and a lion pin? Thank you kindly.
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