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  1. I agree with Ivey on this one. My favorite is also the Order of the Phoenix. I like this particular book the most because the students take it upon themselves to learn how to defend the school from the rising evil.
  2. If I had the services of a niffler, I might have to get them to help me with a little trouble-making. There a few people that make fun of me often for always losing things, such as my keys. I would have the niffler steal temporarily borrow their keys and other shiny things, so I could maybe laugh at them for a while. For a service not so mischievous, I would have the nifflers find my own keys when they get misplaced.
  3. Last Wednesday night, my friend K. D. was studying in the common room before bed. He thought he saw a niffler with a shiny gold coin peeking out of the first years boys dormitory door.
  4. Fortunately,He landed in very soft grass and was not injured.
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