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  1. People who has successfully matched charms Dibyarup James Potter Evie Figg Adeline Morior Lex Green Scarlet Robloutain Artemisia Thorne Hiya Debnath
  2. The Standard Book of Spells - Task 3 It seems that some of the incantations have been mixed up. See if you can match them up with the correct spells and incantations. You will earn 1 ruby for each correct answer. Please send me your answers in a PM by 11:59 pm HOL-time on the 31st of December. Spells Wand-Lighting Charm Softening Charm Severing Charm Fire-Making Spell Unlocking Charm banishing charm disarming charm tickling charm summoning charm mending charm Incantations: a. reparo b.alohomora c.depulso d. diffindo e.expelliarmus f. accio g. incendio h.Lumos i. spongify j.rictusempra
  3. Hello Nova and Darcy! Welcome to the Den.
  4. Those who have successful completed the maze and found all the packages: Dibyarup James Potter Anne-Marie Gagne Patrick James Kenz Eternal Adeline Morior Prof. Sirius Fudge Lex Green Scarlet Robloutain Dawn Diya Prof. Will Lestrange Silvana Mandeville Casen Carter
  5. There are several packages that have been misplaced which is chaotic in itself. However the packages contain mischief making supplies which makes their being missing a bigger problem. Try to make your way through this maze like corridor finding as many packages as you can. Send your results to me and one other organizer in a pm before 11:59 pm 31 October HOL time to receive 20 rubies https://i.postimg.cc/ZnVxDh3n/maze.png
  6. Let's add a little more mischief with a board game. Seems innocent enough right? but watch out for spaces with tricks! Some squares will require you to move back or forward several spaces. Each week you can roll up to five times. Each roll will be worth one ruby each, with 5 rubies added if you finish the game ( up to a total of 25 rubies). The game board will be updated every few days. Send a pm with how many rolls you would like and I will reply with screen shots of you die and update the game board. Good luck!
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