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  1. Since the lake is frozen, its a good time to ice skate. Some people ice skate in competitions, some for exercise, some for fun, and some even ice skate to get to where they are going. Try your hand or rather, feet) at ice skating by completing this jigsaw puzzle. https://www.jigsawplanet.com/?rc=play&pid=20747591c8c0 Complete the puzzle by 8 January 2023 11:59 PM HOL time to receive 10 rubies.
  2. Incoming! Join the fun of snowball fighting by throwing snowballs at the grindylows that have snuck out of the lake. Click here to play. https://gameforge.com/en-US/littlegames/snowball-fight/# Pass level one and post a screen capture below by 08 January 2023 at 11:59 HOL time to earn 10 rubies.
  3. The weather outside is frightful!! Come warm up with some delightful riddles. Each of the riddles is worth 5 rubies with extra 5 rubies if correctly answer both. Riddle 1: What do you get if you cross a snowman with a witch or wizard? Riddle 2: You can catch me easily in the wintertime, but you can never throw me. What am I? Send correct answers in PM to me (Lorainia Riverrider.) by 8 January 2023 11:59 PM HOL time to receive rubies.
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