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  1. Aguamenti + Reparo - Aguamenti: 18 Protego: 17 Reparo: 9 Wingardium Leviosa: 15
  2. The summon glassed came speeding through and you didn't have time to catch it. You cast molliare to cushion the floor.
  3. But i froze in fear of setting it off! The demiguise gracefully disappeared and the next minute ...
  4. starting to get scared my brain froze and I couldn't remember the name of the centaur so I couldn't shout of his name?? I just stood still frozen trying to think of what to do next?
  5. Well I would first of all definitely give it a good clean!! It is very dusty in here and everything is caked in dust!! I would ask Mr Ollivander is he has a special way to organise his wands so that he can still find them and I am not messing up his system while I clean. I would then give it a lick of paint. Not too bright but not too dark to give it a more welcoming feeling. A little bell on the reception desk just in case no-one is at the desk to greet a customer. I would give the windows a good clean and paint the outside of the shop to give it an uplift. Keep it in the same style just give it a lick of paint. I would put in some sofas or chairs to make the wait for customers a bit more comfortable then standing on your feet and maybe something to read or eat while waiting. I would also see about getting Mr Ollivander a new work jacket as his one he has now is looking very old with holes in it. Maybe one with the shop logo on the front :)
  6. Accio -1 Wingardium Leviosa +1 Accio: 6 Aguamenti: 18 Protego: 15 Reparo: 12 Wingrdium Levisoa: 9
  7. I look around the workshop and find a very long pointy metal stick with a very sharp point. I point to it and ask the master what an earth this was for! He said to be very delicate with this apparatus as this to hold magical objects and place them carefully and gently into the core of the wand (very similarly to what a muggle calls a needle but this was much bigger then a needle in length but similar in thinness).
  8. There are many that believe that most numbers can be used as what are known as Angel numbers. These are derived from numbers repeating themselves in a pattern like 111 or 222. When you start to notice seeing the same number more than once people saying this is a divine message from the universe. If the message if for you the digits will grab your attention even if only for a second and even when in the most normal of circumstances. You simply just be looking at your clock at the time be 02:22. Some examples of what these numbers can mean are: 111 - this is a power manifestation figure. If you encounter 1 as your angel number then this is your sign to make a wish or plant a seed. This is the "greenlight" from the universe ad shows that you are extremely supported by your angels, guides or ancestors. 222 - suggests balance, trust and alignment. This shows that someone somewhere is helping you get where you need to go. Reach out to your most trusted frienD
  9. luckily you manage to stop the spell in time and also find a cup whilst tidying up. You cast aguamenti again to fill up the cup.
  10. a green branch with leaves on it with a little tiny cute face and it was walking tentatively down the tree branch towards me. It was very shy. "What is you name?" I asked ...
  11. I got really excited seeing its coat glisten in the sun through the tree, I reached into my pocket and ....
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