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  1. Awww i know i was so surprised. Especially as its a noble collection wand in an Olivanders box and he didnt even know what that meant lol. He said he got me Harrys wand because it was the only character he knows hahahaha!! Bless his muggle heart lol :)
  2. Hey Everyone!! My extremely muggle husband (never read a HP book or watched any of the films) has today surprised me with my very first wand!! I don't have much HP stuff in my house due to this muggle as he doesn't quite understand my obsession! My husband never buys me HP stuff and today surprised my with Harry's wand!!! I was so excited and surprised i nearly dropped it!!! Luckily i didn't! So this topic is discuss which wands people have in their collection and which wand is your favourite? My favourite wands are Harry's wand, Luna's wand, Sirius's wand and of course Dumbledore's Elder Wand!
  3. Hey Everyone, I'm Luna Lemongrass and new to HOL this year :) I thought i had posted in here already but i cant find it so i clearly didn't! Maybe i accidently did a memory spell on myself! Don't judge me please as i am Gryffindor through and through (every quiz i do and the sorting hat all put me in Gryffindor) but my favourite colour is green! I love nifflers, hippogriffs and threstrals. :)
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  5. I slap Sky because they keeps riding centaurs and they dont like it
  6. True! Although i have to every day for the school run and work! Has a pet named after a harry potter character.
  7. Hi my name is Luna im a first year here and just signed up.  I have signed up for the HOL forum but when i try to log in it says inactive? Does this mean that i still havent been accepted by admin yet? Thank you

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    2. Prof. Sky Alton

      Prof. Sky Alton

      Hi Luna. If you're still having forum troubles, drop me a line and I'll explain how you can get it looked into.

    3. Luna Lemongrass

      Luna Lemongrass

      Yeah i still cant get in :( dont know what i have done when i signed up :( thank you

    4. Prof. Sky Alton

      Prof. Sky Alton

      I've sent you a private message. :)

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