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  1. The party was over and some of the decorations had fallen out of place. There are a few pieces of cookies and a few cups of hot chocolate which you may want to take with you to eat in your rooms. Don't forget that everyone will get a ruby as a prize for stopping by and joining in on the party. There's the detail: Anne-Marie Gagne 51 Ruby Aquaria Sandalwood 68 Ruby Artemis Perkins 61 Ruby Emerald Wolvenhowl 40 Rubies Evie Figg 40 Ruby Harry Walles 20 Ruby Janne Halla 20 Ruby Lex Green 71 Ruby Louis Walles 20 Rubies Prof. Will Lestrange 72 Ruby Raevia Ward 30 Rubies well Thank you so much for having fun with us ^^
  2. Anne-Marie Gagne (scissors) Vs Lex Green (scissors) DRAW each of them gets 1 Ruby Artemis Perkins (Scissors) Vs Aquaria Sandalwood (Stone) Aquaria WIN and get 2 rubies Prof. Will search for partner .... Who's the next?
  3. Now, let's have a real duel. this game is quite common in everyone. Yep it's rock-paper-scissors. How to play is easy. You just send your choice (rock/paper/scissors) to me via PM and then I will pair you with the next participant. Example: P1 sends me Stone P2 sends me paper P3 sends me paper P4 sends me scissors P5 sends me stones So, P1 vs P2 = P2 win and gets 2 rubies P3 vs P4 = P4 win and gets 2 rubies P5 is still looking for a partner.... etc. Do it before April 25 at 23.59 HOL time. Each person can get a maximum of 10 Ruby for this game.
  4. There are many spells that we can find out through movies, books, or other sources. Since Godric Gryffindor was famous for his dueling skills… wait, we're not really going to be dueling here. Now, just say the first spell that comes to your mind to join the game. The method is easy, like the word chain which is usually done at Peeve's Palace. Example: P1: Engorgio! P2: Protego! P3: Immorbulus! P1: Flipendo! ... etc Do it 5 times to get 10 rubies. Let's join before the deadline on 25 April 23.59 HOL Time.
  5. participants who successfully returned the task: Anne-Marie Gagne Lex Green Aquaria Sandalwood Artemis Perkins Prof. Will Lestrange
  6. After so many creative tasks, it looks like it might be fun if we do a few brain-training games. Let's break this Cryptogram letter. Be careful and don't be rush when doing this because I don't want your clothes and papers to get all over your hot chocolate. However, if it's already dirty you can take the paper again right here Shh... give me the answer secretly via private message, okay? Send the answer via private message before April 25th at 23.59 HOL time
  7. Oh... I was so touched when I read the quote that you guys sent. I honestly feel better after reading some of the quotes. Thank You! Then ... what if we talk about our patronus now? What do you think? Does your patronus suit you? Write everything in at least 100 words, OK? Wait, you don't have a Patronus yet? Stay cool. You can try to get it out here and let me know how it goes. You will get 10 rubies as an award if you submit the answer before April 25th 23:59 HOL time
  8. Did you know, Godric Gryffindor is known for his determination. Therefore, let's show all that determination to me. In hopes of helping anyone who's having a bad or cloudy day, you can create a quote to simply cheer up anyone who stops by and reads your quote. Give them the spirit to face tomorrow which may be much brighter and better! Please show the quotes before April 25th at 11:59 PM HOL Time. of course you will be rewarded as much as 10 Rubies for that.
  9. wow, apparently a lot of you were present, huh? are you done with the replica sword? are you still feeling bored? Want to play something a little challenging with me? then ... let's finish this jigsaw. let me know if you done with it. Please show the results before April 25th at 11:59 PM HOL Time. of course you will be rewarded as much as 10 Rubies for that.
  10. We all know that Godric Gryffindor had a legendary sword. Wouldn't it be very exciting if we colored and decorated that sword especially for the celebration? Well, I can't give up the real sword because it might disappear before you even have a chance to decorate it - you never know when some Gryffindor might need to pull it from the sorting hat. but, don't worry. I have duplicated it. You just need to decorate it with colors or some interesting designs. Don't forget to show it to me when it's done so I can reward you with rubies. Here's the sword Nah. If you've finished with the sword, You can take 10 rubies for your pocket. But, remember to show us before April 25 at 23.59 HOL Time or the Rubies will be disappear!
  11. Everyone was just finishing up dinner in the Great Hall when a flock of flying leaflets fluttered in from various directions, flying over to everyone who had finished with their food. Each one contained a mini party invitation. Situation: Godric Gryffindor's mini party has started! Who can't wait to participate in enlivening this activity? There will be games, cookies and hot chocolate waiting for you in the Gryffindor Common Room . Don't forget to invite your friends to join! Roleplay your experience of getting ready for the party and making your way to Gryffindor tower with your friends. Do you know much about Godric Gryffindor? Have you ever had a chance to look at his famous sword? If you post in the roleplay before April 25 at 23.59 HOL Time, you'll get 10 Rubies as a reward.
  12. dreaming (Nct Dream) what is your hoby?
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