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  1. I think background music always distracts me. I would prefer complete silence or nothing. : )
  2. My Most Favorite and Second Most Favorite Harry Potter Quotes in Order Are : - '...Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times... if one only remembers to turn on the light.' - Albus Dumbledore. 'It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live, remember that.’ - Albus Dumbledore.
  3. My whole character is simply me in a Muggle-born witch form, living at Hogwarts. My character is me, the traits are mine, the hobbies and personality are mine. : P I believe I have said enough : P
  4. I would say that since I love to see real things without distortion, I would prefer to see the weather as it is outside. I do not like being shut out from reality. Therefore, the Great Hall approach would be the best for me. However, while the Great Hall approach is still my first preference, if I could choose to change or alternate daily whether I want the Great Hall approach or a weather of my own choice, my second favorite option would be bright and warm sunshine, but not too hot, alternating frequently with the Great Hall approach. Bright and warm sunshine reminds me of happiness and beautiful childhood memories, for some reason unknown to myself. It could be because I was born in May and therefore my birthday falls on a day of sunny weather. It could be because I lived in the mountains when I was young, and the perpetual chills there and the constant dampness and fog, which caused problems such as clothes on the washing line refusing to dry and frequent attacks of cough and cold, made me develop an aversion to dampness and become a lover of bright, warm sunshine which I kept craving. It could also be because of the happy memory of summer vacations. It could also be because of the subconscious associations that I have formed in my head between dark clouds and doom and between bright sunshine and conflict resolution, due to being influenced by the literary works that I read. Whatever the reason may be, I would love to see a dollop of bright, warm sunshine interspersed at frequent intervals in between the canvas of reality, just to add happiness to my day-to-day life at the Ministry of Magic.
  5. List of items found in the abandoned village that used to be inhabited by merfolk: 1. Empty crab shells - Empty crab shells, in thousands, were found together with precious gems and rubies in close vicinity. These crab shells were probably used as containers to hold precious gems, in a place that was accessible to all merfolk, perhaps like a treasure-bank. 2. Chests full of gold coins or Galleons - The mermaids and mermen probably rescued this wealth from pirate ships or other rich ships. They didn't have any use for Galleons, but perhaps enjoyed storing them, just as a curiosity. 3. Necklaces made of cowrie shells, pearls, and beads - This one was obvious. Obviously, merpeople wear jewelry. But they use cowrie shells, pearls, and beads from under the ocean to make these jewelry. 4. Ribbons made of seaweed - Several ribbons of seaweed were woven together to form realistic hair ribbons. However, the position where these ribbons are tied, in statues created by merfolk themselves, show these ribbons tied around their tails. 5. Long spears - I believe these are weapons used to drive enemies away. Yes, merfolk also need to protect their territories from aggressors, just like humans. 6. Coral toyhouses - Yes, even merpeople play by building doll houses, but with pieces of coral. These were found in circular domed-building like formations. It is also quite possible that they let their pet plimpies live in these little doll houses. 7. Muggle common items - Dinglehoppers, I mean, what Ariel thought the fork was, fish-hooks probably from fishermen's boats or other ships, and utensils used by humans, were found in a huge collection, together. This was probably a sign of the merfolk's interest in studying humans just like our interest in studying them. They probably collected these from human ships. 8. Fish aquariums made of coral and stone - Yes, merfolk also keep pets, mainly plimpies, hippocampi, and fish. But, unlike our closed aquariums and regulated water and oxygen supply, their aquariums are more free, just like sanctuaries. These aquariums are suitably sized for a whole shoal of fish and are made of coral and stone with several openings for the fish to swim in and out and the water to come and go out freely. These several holes probably ensure that no fish are captive, but it's like a dynamic living place for the fish to come to and leave from at will, while at the same time acting as pets for the merfolk without living in one place. These aquariums were small enough to ensure that the fish would also be safe from other predators like sharks and grindylows, if they stayed inside the aquarium. There appeared deliberate shelves carved into the aquariums, probably to provide a stable surface for the fish to lay eggs for mating.
  6. Our magical giant squid was brought by Godric Gryffindor as a pet and also served to provide the school with ink. When Hogwarts was founded, students were few and funds were low. Budgets had to be cut and ink was expensive. Godric Gryffindor found a solution by bringing Annabelle, our giant squid to live with us in the Hogwarts castle to provide ink for the whole school to be able to write with the quills, and Annabelle came to live with us. However, there was no place big enough to put her so Godric Gryffindor let her live in the Great Lake. Of course, the other creatures didn't complain, because Annabelle was very friendly. As time passed, and students began to bring their own quills and ink in inkpots, along with other stationery from the Flourish and Blotts shop, and also as the school's funds rose slowly, Annabelle's function of providing squid ink was no longer required as earlier, except in cases of emergencies. However, Annabelle had become a loved member of the school and stayed on, deciding not to disappoint the children and house pets, and not to go away anymore.
  7. Happy April Fool's Day. Tribute to the twin pranksters, Fred and George.

  8. Congratulations, Professor. ❤❤
  9. Hahaha. Adeline, I love that one. Very funny. How to be stress-free at school? - Answer - Don't go to school. : )
  10. The last joke in the jokes' thread in this forum : D (prior to me posting there, though : D) : ) Which is your favorite magical object from the Harry Potter canon ones?
  11. I beat Viviana to the reply, so : C Moo Berry.
  12. I think I'd be an excellent dueler. While being great at wizard's chess is fun as it helps us beat other wizards, dueling is a practical skill that one may need in life to fight other dark wizards during their lifetime and protect oneself against any attacks from dark magic wielders. It's a useful life skill. Would you drink only butterbeer for the rest of your life or never drink butterbeer again?
  13. In India, an upcoming grand festival is Holi, the festival of colors. People throw colors at each other, worship the deities Krishna and Radha, and eat sweets, especially laddus. It is a fun festival and it symbolizes the colors of spring and the joy that spring brings. It's almost like the harvest festival. It is celebrated in March.
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