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  1. I walked into the Faerie Court hoping to see what this world I keep hearing and reading about looks like. As I entered, a bright light dazzled my eyes and I had to shut them close. After a few minutes, my eyes adapted to the bright light and I found myself in a breathtaking arena full of beautiful open flowers which made up the seats for the Fae attending Court. The Sun was a tad too bright which is why my eyes took some time to adapt. The Faerie Court was circular and open on top and on the sides, under the blue sky. There were fairies sitting on each open flower among the stamens and pistils, shielded majestically by the pretty petals. There were toadstools being used as tables in between the flower cushions. Goblets made of shining gold and silver and studded with precious gems containing sparkling wine were placed on the toadstools, accompanied by leaf-trays containing healthy-looking fresh fruits. The floor was strewn with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, citrines, diamonds, amethyst, jades, and other precious stones. The circular court was surrounded by a moat containing dazzling and shining, sparkling blue water. The Queen of the Fae sat on the largest flower, which was a lotus, in the center of the clearing. The roots of the lotus were in the water beneath the Fae Court. The stem peeked into the Fae Court through a hole in the floor. The Fae wore bedazzling jewels and beautiful dresses made of leaves and petals. They wore jewellery made from fruit peels and seeds. It felt like a celebration of nature and it's wonders. The whole place had an aura of warmth, kindness, and splendor.
  2. Hello Gryffindors, I am a Ravenclaw but I would be supporting Gryffindors after Ravenclaw, because Gryffindor is my favorite house, being the house of the Golden Trio. I am a witch. My wand is cedar wood, has a phoenix tail feather core, is 10 inches long, and has brittle flexibility. My patronus is an Ibizan hound. My blood status is Muggle-born. My Sun-Sign is Taurus, and Moon-Sign is Virgo. My zodiac sign is ruled by the planet, Venus. Crush - Harry Potter. Role Model - Hermione Granger. Favorite wizarding world drink - Butterbeer. Favorite Candy from the Lady's Trolley in the Hogwarts Express - Bertie Botts' Every Flavor Beans. Favorite Magical Object - Marauders' Map. My Amortentia love potion smells like fresh parchment, fresh coffee, new books and the Hogwarts Library. Favorite Color - Lavender and Green. Hobbies and Interests - Reading, Writing, Solving Riddles and Puzzles, Creative Writing, Poetry, Cooking, Eating, Beauty and Fashion.
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