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  1. I take guard from Florence. I told Hagrid I saw an egg of Dragon outside. I see Mrs. Norris approaching.
  2. Hermione Granger, No doubt! Cause she is very very brilliant at witch craft, she has always topped in class and knows what to do where, when and she is more expert than Ginny. James Potter or Severus Snape?
  3. "I...errr...amm I came here when I saw people gathering, and Violet, The fat lady's best friend told me that she could be in some portraits of corridor.. but I do not know when she got missing," Manya said this when Rose turned to her as Maxim asked when the she went missing, "I am in in Hogwarts, and really do not know the castle properly, you are our senior and you must know this castle more than us, So, me and Rose were waiting for some seniors with whom we can search for the Fat lady," Manya told this to Maxim, "I think we should start from the corridors,cause according to Violet, she could be there." Manya looked at Rose's a d Maxim's face to know what did they think about this idea.
  4. Waving at Setima and Avalyn! Welcome to the den! :D
  5. Manya agreed with Rose when she suggested to ask other paintings, she said," Violet told us we should look in the corridors, what do you think, what you should do?" Manya was sweating even in the cool weather of Hogwarts!
  6. "This is the same thing am also thinking Rose," said Manya as her best friend Rose Pottermore asks about what caould had happen, Manya continued saying, "Even, Maxim, Carrie who are oue seniors are also surprised, I met a girl called Arkadia( Manya pointed her), she is also trying to figuring it out, Fat lady's good friend another portrait Violet told me that there are some portraits along the corridor, where the fat lady would love to visit, I think we should find her there." Manya finishes talking in just one breath to Rose, as she was so tensed and worried about the fat lady, being a muggle born these things are very new to her, she did not even think in her dreams she have to face this kind of trouble in Hogwarts.
  7. Manya turned to Arkadia as she was asking her should they follow Violet together Manya said, "Arkadia, I think we should follow Violet, would you like to join me??"
  8. Happy Birthday Prof! Many many happy returns of the day! wishing a lottt of happiness! :D

    Happy birthday Prof! Many many happy returns of the day! Now I want a treat! :DD

  10. Welcome to the den Ainshley! :DD
  11. Dumbledore, he is more powerful, knew more about magic and even Voldemort was not able to take the philosopher's stone when Dumbledore was in Hogwarts. Draco or Ron?
  12. Manya saw Arkadia talking with Violemt,Manya went to her and said, "Errrr..., umm, Hello? I am Manya, Manya Granger, though I know it is not a suitable moment for intro and all.... but I think We should search for her together,We should stand together and trust me we will find her". Manya said" But from where, where should we start to search her, I think we should stay with Max and Carrie, they are our seniors they now the castle better than us! Maxim, Carrie, Do yoou guys have any idea, from where should we search finding??''
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