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  1. 'Ohh it is my first time in UK too, I always wanted to study here. I also had a normal childhood, I am related to the royal family so everyone who is not from our family use to think there is something magical here, although everyone is muggle in my family. I don't know maybe someone of my family was a witch or wizard' Manya smiled. "When my letter came my parents was against of going to Hogwarts, they thought I should concentrate into my studies, but hen i told hem about my interest in witchcraft and the letter were coming continuously finally they agreed", I did not know anything about the houses, but i have always been a studious student so i read Hogwarts handbook before coming here, and there I got to know about the houses, I knew that I will be in Gryffindor, But you will not believe me the sorting hat wanted to sort me slytherin at first,..." Manya told Ella in a low volume.
  2. No NO PLease Noo! I am ready to do extra homework but no,,pleasee you are P0rof. Snape and you find doing James a mischief with proffesors
  3. Ohh You fool muggles and poor wizards! I am the dark lord!! huhhhhh!!! You are Molly weasly and Ron sneaked out with the flying car
  4. Hello Septima! Welcome to the den! :D
  5. I swap meeting Harry potter (Neverr!) for meeting Daniel Radcliff! ( they are not the same person, right?)
  6. Oh! So you are here? mr.prefect! you are Hermione and you came second in an exam
  7. " I guess you will find the coffee cups at our breakfast table," Manya smiled and told Carrie and walk back to the table. " My wand is Alder wood, Phoniex feather core with a suprisingly swishy flexibility, and my patronous is a white mare, well meeting Rose is a strange story, I don't know how she got to know me but few days of receiving my Hogwarts letter i received an owl with a letter " Hello Manya, Can you share a little introduction, Am your fellow hogwarts mate" it was written there, and then I met her on King cross station,.. I found platform 9 3/4 quite easily it is a little suprising thing but yeahh, i found it easily when i saw another wizarding students, I tried chocolate frogs at hogwarts express,and the scenary was awesome outside the window.. my parents came to say good bye to me, it was little emotional but witchcraft ismpre interesting, so I smiled at sit at my Hogwarts express, I always knew am a Gryffindor and I sorted here." 'by the way how did you findme?" Manya asked Rose, "well Ella tell me something interesting abut you?"
  8. While Manya was talking with Elladora, She listened Carrie talking with Prof. Black about the hole, She went to carrie andsaid, "Hey Carrie. though i do not know magic so well, but I have studied some books, when i bought them from Diagon Alley before coming here, I think maybe we can try a little magic, Amm Ella would you like to come with me?" Manya asked Ella as she was already missing Rose and don't wanna lose Ella's company.
  9. "Well, I am from India and it is also hot there too, lol! But i have seen snows before , in the hilly area. Yeah, I also belong from a muggle family. It was a strange story i received a letter on my 16th birthday, and I thought someone musthave played a prank on me, but later when i got so many letters, I understood that I am a witch. After few days I received a letter from Rose who is from India too andboth of us started our magical journey together!" Manya replied Elladora. "By the way tell me about your wand,patronous, first experience in Hogwarts Express??" Manya asked Elladora0. This two girls are going to share a great bond of friendship
  10. Manya answered Ella " When I sorted into Gryffindor, It felt like home, professors,seniors and other friends are like family members,I don't know why but I always had a feeling I would sort into Gryffindor and am just loving it! and yess, i wish for the Yule Ball too!' Meanwhile Manya saw Carrie talking with proff. Tarma! "She must be into some mischief"; thought Manya herself. she asked Elladora, " Well Ella,.. I can call you Ellla right? (a sweet nickname no? ;) ), How did you get into Hogwarts? Where are you from??"
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