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  1. "Hey! I am in!" Manya said to Hannah. " Let's go!"
  2. Manya ran after Hannah, she asked Maxim " Do you know anything about this assignment?" She saw Sky there and asked, " Hey, Sky you okay? Looks like the dust has got you?"
  3. "Are these are the pictures of the four founders?! But it was an astronomy assignment?!" Manya asked as she was shocked!
  4. "Hi Aure, nice to meet you"! Said Manya as she hold their hand and discovered Hannah's mom's assignment. "Oh wow!! That is really very interesting, You know I belong from a muggle family, so I am the first person from our family in Hogwarts! And yeah, obviously we won't tell Maxim, do not worry dear! :) By the way, will you please tell me more what's written here, I love this subject!" Manya asked Hannah.
  5. "Can I go with you guys?" Manya asked Hannah and smiled at Maxim "Long time, Maxim! Isn't it?" Then she turned towards Hannah and Aurelia and waited for their response
  6. Manya saw two students there, and can guess they were going somewhere, she went towards them, " Hey,HI, I am Manya, would you guys mind if I join you?"
  7. Hey! I know it is a very long time... Do you guys remember me?? 

    I was going through a hard time, I was Covid-19positive, then my boyfriend broke up with me recently though it was a good and healthy and happy relationship, I fell sick again. I was depressed and was not able to look at my own face. 
    So, I was going through so many things. I think that's it now, I should restart my life and be happy again :).

    How is everyone doing here?? Missed me??

    1. Prof. Sky Alton

      Prof. Sky Alton

      Nice to have you back, Manya :)

    2. Manya Granger

      Manya Granger

      Hi, Sky. I missed you a lot.

  8. I slap Sky, because she remembered my birthday!
  9. Hey Everyone! how are you doing?? I am totally alright now! And ready for a good comeback! :D

    1. Iverian Gnash

      Iverian Gnash

      Hey Manya! Glad to hear you're better! :D

  10. Oh My God!!! I thought everyone has forgotten about this, Thank you thank you so so much @Prof. Sky Alton and @Iverian Gnash this was so lovely! :))
  11. "Thanks Ro," said Manya to her best friend she gave her a hand when she fell, she noticed Ivey, she saw Carrie waving on them , she waved carrie back and said to Rose, " So, what I was saying.. yeah! let's make omlete noodles too, with white sauce pasta??"
  12. Hey Maeve, Welcome and hope you will enjoy here!
  13. Manya enters reading a muggle cooking book, and mistakenly his shoes slipped and she fell on the floor! "Oh God! Cooking is not really my thing!" She said to herself. She could see Rose and Carrie making Red sauce pasta, "Well, now this is something yummy, hey Rose, Carrie how about let's make some omlete noodles too, trust me I make the best noodles!"
  14. I am really honored, though I have been irregular, But I would like to thank my mentor Sky, Headboy Maxim, my prefect Ivey for always showing me the right path, Many many congratulations to my fellow Gryffindors and other dear friends Rose, Maxim, Carrie, Lo, Taylor, Ivey and Em :)
  15. Manya smiled and thanked Maxim for the blanket, she thought, "let's just do not think about dropping from the classes, just enjoy this moment with your best friends" she went over to the telescope as Sky called her and Rose.
  16. Manya saw someone heading here with lots of blankets she immediately tried to stop crying before that person came there, but there was still signs of crying on her face! She saw Maxim! she did not understand how to react! She felt a bit shy because he seen her weeping like this, Maxim offered her some hot chocolate, she was feeling like a fool, she took the hot chocolate and said thanks, Maxim patted her back, and she felt a comfortable, " Sorry", she said, "I should not cry like this in front of anyone, but what can i do? I can't understand why life is so unfair? I was affected by covid, so I missed my classes, I have lots of pending homeworks and terrible backlogs, I think the promise I made to myself to become a good witch, i won't keep it, for months I did nothing except lying on bed, now I do not know, what to say, what to do.? How to face my professors, my friends?" Manya started weeping again after she finished. She saw Rose! Rose, her best friend, She doesn't know how to face her, she tried to give her a smile, but her eyes were still wet.
  17. It was dark and cold night,, Manya walk to the top of astronomy tower, she has been so weak due to she was attacked by covid. She has terrible backlogs, pending homeworks. From when she has entered into Hogwarts after releasing from hospital, she has not spoken with anyone, not even with Rose, her best friend. Wiping the tears which was rolling down through her cheeks Manya sat at the astronomy tower, looked at the starsand thought "Will I ever be able to complete my all backlogs? my pending homeworks,? Will I ever become a good witch and proffessor? What if I-I fail in this terms? why my 1st year here is so terrible, why always this happens with me? I promised my parents I will make them proud, what they are gonna say?" She was hopeless, and clueless, she was crying non stop.
  18. Hey Taylor! Welcomee
  19. That covid-19 really sucks!!:((

    I was so weak that could nnot even stand! I missed you guys a lot

    I missed HL so much! But I think am fine now and ready to complete my homeworks!
    Will anyone please help me with my assignments?? 

    1. Rose Pottermore

      Rose Pottermore

      Nice to see you back!

  20. Manya finally got released from the hospital and went back to school again, searching for Rose, she saw her near the lake making a snow man and talking to Maxim and Ivey. "Heyy! How you are all doing?" Manya gave Rose a tight as she missed her Best friend a lot, while she was suffering. Manya greeted with a smile her Head boy and Prefect. "Hey Maxim, hi Ivey, awee i missed you guys so much!" She got so emotional that she started weeping!
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