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  1. It's that time of year again and we're calling for all of HOL to submit mottos for our annual Gryfftoberfest! This year, our theme is "Ocean Adventure", so water you waiting for? Let's put those thinking caps on and come up with some swimmingly fantastic mottos! Gryfftoberfest is an annual celebration where all of Gryffindor house (and friends) come together for a month long party of butterbeer and craziness! Mottos should represent our theme and Gryffindor as a whole! Rules: - The deadline is 11.59 PM Hol-time on Monday, September 20th. - Keep your Mottos to 15 words or less and entirely HOL appropriate. - You must be happy for people to reuse your motto on signatures and the like. - You’ll earn 5 rubies per Motto for the first 5 you submit (25 in all). You can submit more for consideration but you won’t earn rubies for them. -Third place will win an extra 10 rubies, second place an extra 15 and first place an extra 20 -The Gryffindor staff will decide winners Send your mottos to me (Iverian Gnash) in a Gryff PM and title it "Motto Contest 2021". Remember to include your name and your house in the message. Try to send all your mottos in one or two messages so my inbox doesn't collapse!
  2. Ivey thinks about Tarma's idea for a second. "Hmm, you might have a point there. I'll give Maxim the map for now and I'll stay right behind checking the castle as we go for any signs of danger." She hands Maxim the map. "Lets keep an eye out for any mysterious signs like dragon markings or the like." They head deeper down into the castle until they hit a solid wall. "I would think we need to get on the other side of this wall... that's where the dragon is if I'm remembering the map correctly. Any ideas for getting through it... safely? On second thought, we might want to brainstorm what we're going to do with the dragon when we get around this wall."
  3. *finishes listening to Maxim’s long drawl* “Typical Ravenclaw pointing out all the dangers a quest could pose. Since you are obviously versed on castle expeditions, you can lead!” She adds with mock enthusiasm even though he’s already a few steps ahead. “Good point Tarma, it could be rather old. No worries though, with Maxim’s lead we shall all fare well!” Ivey smirked a bit as they reached the top of the staircase and then she piped up again. “According to the map, we need to head down the staircase to the left. That’ll actually bring us closer to the east end which is where the basement is. I’ll lead later, but this map following business really takes up quite too much effort to lead on top of it.”
  4. Ivey pauses just as she’s about to climb the next stair. “Ummm it’s definitely something we should look out for. Now all you’ve done is worry me.” She backtracks a few steps. “Although don’t you think the map creator would have labeled dangerous places if that was the case? Besides, the dragon took residence after the royal family left. So unless the dragon or the map creator put in traps, who would have? Either way, you go first Maxim. Just until I can reasonably decide it’s safe.” She gives him a reassuring thumbs up.
  5. Ivey glances at the map again. “Hmmm… it actually looks like it’s two floors up, and five floors down to the basement. The staircase only allows us to start going down after going up if I’m reading this right…” ”I don’t know if my sources are correct, but I heard the last royal family left this castle a century ago. They tried to come back seventy five years later, but found a dragon guarding the entrance. Whoever wrote this map must have further gone in and found the dragons lair. It’s guarding something I believe. Treasure probably.” Ivey headed up the staircase.
  6. Replant Mandrakes for sure. Would you rather spend a day with Filch or a day with Umbridge?
  7. I slap Maxim for thinking anyone other than myself rules the world. I appreciate you correcting him Sky. *adjusts crown*
  8. Ivey looked up just as she heard a voice. Seeing Aure approach, she shifted over on the bench. “Of course! Excited for the new term?” She asked. Of course this was a silly question, everyone was excited in some way, but it was a conversation starter at least. One of her fellow Gryffs, Raevia approaches the two. “Yes I am! I’ve got quite the list here. Contemplating dropping Divination. I’ll have to speak with a professor, but Ancient Runes might be more my vibe,” she added with her eyebrows drawn. This took a lot of thought. Seeing Maxim approach, she flagged him down and then grilled him over Ancient Runes. “Did you take it? Was it hard? I’m looking for any easy way out here. I’m already taking Muggle Studies never mind having plenty of knowledge about the muggle world. Divination has gotta go and I need a replacement.” She looked over her list once more. “And a new list for it.”
  9. Suddenly the map glows a brilliant gold and rises from Ivey’s hand as an invisible hand begins to scrawl lines and landmarks on its bright surface. Finally it falls back and she leans in to study it. ”Well, it definitely looks like a map of this castle. And if my suspicions are right, the dragon should be in this basement chamber!” She points to a spot with a scaly gold look resembling some creature. Whoever drew this map wasn’t the most artistically prone. “I say we head that way. Remember, we’re trying to tame this dragon, not harm it!”
  10. Ivey glances at the parchment Tarma holds. “I’m rather suspicious of it, but alright, let’s have a look,” she says as she discreetly slides it out of her hand and opens it up. Ivey braced herself for something to happen but nothing did. In fact, nothing even appeared on the parchment, totally blank. Remembering the Marauders Map, she looked at the others to see if they had any good pickup lines to try out on it. Something like “I solemnly swear that I’m up to no good”, but maybe dragon related?
  11. I would definitely go to Florian Fortescue's! Pretty much any fruity ice cream on the menu would be amazing. Just walking around on such a hot summer day would have me ready for ice cream! I’m seconding Magical Menagerie (to buy a pet snake… I mean a legal Hogwarts pet of course). Mainly I could waste hours just talking to all the creatures and annoying them (what what who said that?), I mean entertaining them and providing valuable company of course. Flourish and Blotts would be a must stop to buy the weirdest, most entertaining book I can find. And, of course, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes for obvious reasons! Those new posters allowing joke items around Hogwarts are definitely legitimate and I feel as though my supply needs replenishing.
  12. Wanting to be sure you’ve seen everything there was to see at the festival, you go down one last aisle and find a booth shaped exactly like a movie cover. Intrigued, you step inside to find yourself surrounded by designers all crowding around tables and bumping into each other as they draw up plans for something. You can’t quite see what it is they’re making because everyone’s crowded around each other, but suddenly someone’s yanking you by the arm to the table. “What do you think of this one?” they ask. Astonished and not sure what’s going on (maybe you should have kept walking), you direct your attention to the table to find a… movie cover? That’s what you think it is at least. The designers seem to have a mess on their hands. Suddenly deciding to take control of this and play along, you announce, “It’s not quite right, the right side needs more color,” you point to the place you’re talking about, “and over here the text is a bit too big.” You grab a piece of paper and start showing everybody the improvements that need to be made to the cover. You’re not sure if your team members, who apparentely think you’re in charge, know you just wandered in or not, but you do know you better play the part well and come up with a bedazzling movie cover before they figure it out. Who knows? They might just hire you anyway if it’s good enough! Design a movie cover for either an existing movie or one you make up. You can use any art medium you prefer, but make sure it’s eye catching! Complete this task no later than August 18th at 11:59 pm HOL time for 15 rubies!
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