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  1. Happy Birthday, Sky!!!! *throws confetti around the den* Hope you have an amazing day!! <333
  2. Great job to everyone this year!!! Unfortunately, I do have to step down due to real life commitments, but I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here with you all! My journey from student and then JP to Prefect in Charge has been filled with great memories of working up crazy ideas, getting involved in endless good (evil) plots, and *cough* bothering Sky endlessly *cough* (Who said that? Wasn’t me…) Thank you to everyone here that has made my experience awesome and especially an enormous shout out to Sky for all her amazingness in every aspect! You’ve been an incredible friend and role model to me <333 While I won’t be a staff member any longer, I’ll be popping in now and again to check up. Much love to you all! <333
  3. As you keep track of the landmarks you pass, you start to tally up the trees, lakes, and boulders you come upon because you need something to occupy your mind besides the urgency of the situation. Complete this sudoku below to keep track of all that you’re seeing. Send the completed puzzle to Iverian Gnash and Sky Alton by May 31st for 15 rubies! Larger Image: https://i.postimg.cc/d3TCmRLZ/Sudoku.png
  4. While you pack up your camp and are ready to finally make it out of here, the thought strikes you that perhaps you should leave behind some signs to show other people the way out in case they find themselves in your same predicament. With that thought in mind, you begin to gather some pieces of wood and rocks you find lying around and start to carve some directions into whatever you find before carefully placing your signs. Create some signs to show others the way out through arrows and other symbols using natural resources. You can do this by piling up some rocks in the shape of an arrow, or you can draw what you’d do through any art medium. Post your signs below by May 31st for 15 rubies!
  5. While you definitely are more of an optimistic person, there have been some aspects to this particular trip that have not been entirely pleasing to you and your wellbeing like being chased by the centaur a few minutes ago or almost sampling those poisonous berries before you recognized them from Herbology class. Write about the worst part of being here in at least 100 words for 15 rubies by May 31st!
  6. As you practice some survival techniques you’ve heard about (you’re not sure how helpful they’ve actually been so far), your stomach starts to rumble. It’s about time to put your foraging skills - or lackthereof - to good use. You begin to look around the nearby bushes to see if there’s anything you could possibly eat and spot some berries. As you approach them, you realize they look oddly familiar - almost like those poisonous ones you learned about in Herbology last week… better leave them alone. Share your best food foraging tips below and maybe include some plants you know for sure not to eat in at least 100 words by May 31st for 15 rubies!
  7. As you wander through the forest, it’s probably about time to set up camp. The biggest part of any survivalist camp is the tent of course! Better start looking for materials and figuring out how you’re going to build your shelter. Design a shelter through any means whether you physically make one and take a photo or digitally design one and post it below by May 31st for 15 rubies!
  8. How ever did you find yourself in this predicament? You’ve taken a few tries at getting out, but you seem to be getting endlessly tangled up in the neverending forest. Complete this maze below to try another path and hopefully find yourself closer to an exit! Send your solution to Iverian Gnash and Sky Alton by May 31st for 15 rubies! Larger Image: https://i.postimg.cc/Qd76x5mt/Maze.png
  9. Oh, the items you wish you had with you. Why didn’t you think of these things before wandering into the forbidden forest? Well, wishing will do no good now. Perhaps getting your thoughts out there will help to accept not having them with you… maybe? Design a collage with all the survival items you would find helpful right about now as you wander through the forest. Post your collage below by the 31st of May to get 15 rubies!
  10. Going on a wild goose chase means your pursuing something in a complicated manner that will most likely not work out. Hopefully... this maze works out for you though! Solve the maze below and send your solution in a group pm (the same pm you have set up) to me, Sky Alton, and Lorainia Riverrider by 11:59 PM HOL-time on 31st March to earn 10 rubies. Larger Image: https://i.postimg.cc/GhNHN25K/Maze.png
  11. "Will Cross that Bridge When We Come to It" is a popular phrase meaning don't worry about the next obstacle until you need to be. In other words, don't always be worrying about tomorrow. Solve the hashi below to create bridges, so you're not worrying about crossing them anymore... right? Send your solution in a group pm to me, Sky Alton, and Lorainia Riverrider by 11:59 PM HOL-time on 31st March to earn 10 rubies. Larger Image: https://i.postimg.cc/nzZskPPt/Hashi.png
  12. Thank youuu! Oh noooo I have no self control around a chocolate fountain :ooo
  13. Happy New Year everyone! Here's to the prospects of a great new year! *raises butterbeer*
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