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  1. Yes! Awesome work to everyone who received an award (and those who didn't this term, there's always next term!). We appreciate everyone who puts effort into making Gryffindor the amazing place it is :D
  2. While the nifflers are wreaking havoc throughout our common room, you realize most of the room is starting to clean itself up with the help of our students and guests. You've already helped with putting furniture back in place and gathering shiny items, but now we need your help piecing together some facts about our furry invaders. Put together this letter tiles to discover some well known niffler facts! Larger image: https://i.postimg.cc/bYFXGhZx/niffler-letter-tiles.png Send me the solution by the 29th of February at 11:59 PM HOL-time to earn 10 rubies!
  3. I slap Sky for being remotely biased :P
  4. Lemonade! I am thinking of something that's annoying to listen to.
  5. I spotted the boggart while walking through a dark tunnel (where I... probably wasn't supposed to be). It turned into a million tiny spiders with red eyes and long hairy legs crawling over me. After I successfully cast the spell (may have taken a few tries), they all turned into a million squeaking rubber duckies.
  6. Guilty - like all the time Tried to keep a straight face and failed
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