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  1. My tent looks more like a fortress, with four towers on each corner. It looks really small from the outside so I can squeeze it anywhere, but on the inside, it's a full on castle with stone walls and rich purple carpet. When you first walk in, there's a long corridor that ends with the enormous living room on the left and the grand ballroom to the right. Closer to the entrance is the kitchen. Walking about midway down the corridor and turning to the left will bring you to stone steps and a ramp as well that still have the carpet on them. If you climb up these, there's a long hallway with bedrooms on each side. The tent was built this way for a big family so everyone would have their own room. In each bedroom is a large king size bed with green comforters and curtains that hang down each side closing it in. There's a vanity in the rooms and each room has its own personal washroom. The living room is spacious with long couches and an enormous fireplace that heats the whole tent up. The ballroom is enormous and not used too much anymore because when we're camping, there's really no need for it so usually a bunch of our camping gear is stacked up in a corner. The kitchen is enormous, like the rest of the house and has long countertops for cooking. The cabinets are always stocked with bunches of food before a trip.
  2. While everyone scrambles around setting the fire out with water, I make sure there's nothing lighttable around the tent. Pushing all manner of leaves and sticks out of the way, I use my wand to make a ring of dirt around each place where there's fire. This will contain it so it can't spread nearly as easily. Then I help the others using aguamenti and a jet of water erupts from my wand, hitting the nearest tent. The fire sizzles out.
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