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  1. Adaleine, you hit and get mystery item 1 which is an inkwell! Tarma, unfortunately you miss. Amy Darvill, you miss but manages to hit the blueberry tartlet! Amy, unfortunately you miss. Maxim, unfortunately you miss. Lora, you hit and get mystery item 2 which is 10 gold pieces! Evi, unfortunately you miss. February, you hit and get the wooden flute!
  2. *carefully hands the shield over*
  3. @Lora Wallabenger can you choose a new ruler now?
  4. The King and Queen have been facing some rather unfortunate situations recently. They've called their subjects from all over the kingdom to their palace to help solve these puzzling dilemmas. While you're enjoying all the delicious foods the palace has to offer, meeting many interesting people, and browsing all the many stalls available, remember your task on hand - keeping the royal family's problems at bay with your own creative solutions. Try and put some effort into it! The Royal Messenger comes running into the courtyard with the first issue you have to solve: Someone has been stealing the silverware for a feast the queen is expected to attend tonight. How are you going to get it back? (magic allowed!) Post your solution below along with the next problem you hear of. Each post you make will earn you 4 gold pieces. Good luck!
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARIO!!!!!!! *scrolls through YouTube, hits play, blares the music* So don't you worry your pretty little mind, People throw rocks at things that shine, And life makes love look hard
  6. Gold has been awarded to this point :D
  7. Gold has been awarded to this point :D
  8. Gold has been awarded to this point :D
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