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    In dreams which are entirely a world of her own....
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    Reading, writing, drawing digital art,, Daydreaming, staring at clouds, playing shogi, Reading manga, Binge watching T.V series and Movies, Having a messy room, Imagination, weird people, Going through random playlists, watching people eat(Yeah, I know, creepy ryt?).
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  1. My favorites are most definitely Half-blood prince, Philosophers stone and Order of the phoenix. I really like how the half blood Prince was based on Severus snape (my favo character) and showed more of him. The philosophers stone is obviously the 1st book, which was what got me into Harry Potter. And the Order of the phoenix is The best thing there is. I literally cried throughout the entire end.
  2. I have A LOT here are a few of them: "Scared potter?" "My father will hear about this!" "you see what you expect to see" (by snape prob my no.1 quote) "I solemnly swear im up to no good" "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live." "The ones that love us never really leave us" (one that makes me cry by sirius black, id prob rank this no.2) "Not so brave are you now.......This is night, Diddykins, what we call it when it goes all dark like this." "I can touch you...." (3rd favo)
  3. I slap Jordan for havin 4 rubies
  4. I would like to make it a bit more aesthetic and attractive by maybe adding a few pots and having a tree go in the middle of the store (cuz like wands are made of a certain type of wood) Then I would like to make a small area for Mr. Olivander and his tables and all with tiny cookie jars and candies....and as some had already suggested some magazines and maybe cleaning it up abit (but maybe id keep it tat way if Mr.ollivander wants it to be messy, I mean its him who's working there after all therefore it should be something comfy for him).. :)
  5. A lot of wizards want to pick their own wand but they cant cuz "the wand chooses the wizard." I think that the wand chooses the wizard by figuring out who they are and what's in there blood (like good, evil, kindness, bravery) So lets say a wand that a Phoenix feather one represents the brave so if there's someone who's brave and the wand feels welcome towards, the wand would pick that specific wizard..and if the wand felt as tho he could sync with everything the wizard does & if the wizards reactions are good and flexible(this would depend on what type of wand it is) it would pick that wizard....that is my thought
  6. Was it trying to lead me here? I looked back & forth again and again...It was a second before I realized the creature had disappeared.....Silent.....it was too silent.......
  7. saw a net! It was a trap! I tried to make a run for it.......
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