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  1. question 9 - Did the creature appear in 'Harry Potter the goblet of fire' movie ?
  2. True True True ! has tried to read a book and watch a movie at the same time ?
  3. Buckbeak the hippogriff is faithful hippogriff`.
  4. I spotted the boggart in our potions class. It turned into a horrific clown and tried to dump the whole content of potion on me. I finally casted the spell successfully and it turned into a frog with clown makeup on making me laugh so hard and topple the my potion cauldron on to the floor.
  5. I slap Carrie because she likes to draw and invent like me! Yay! (Sorry...) ( Actually I like to doodle stuff more than draw :) )
  6. A hedgehog ! :D I'm thinking of something that's silver and bright .
  7. Okay, Ummm...this is A tough one... I'd rather stay at Hogwarts full year around for some reasons. Well, you can always be in touch with your family with writing them letters ! And for another reason! THEY can always visit ME at Hogwarts even if I can't cause I think it's not against the school rules :D ( sorry, I saw a loophole! *smiles apologetically*). Would you rather choose to take the form a hyena or a Bunny when you become an animagus ?
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