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  1. Wannabe? That's one of favorites ! :D I thinking about something that melts in you palm
  2. I saw the boggart on the way to Hagrid's in his chicken coop. It turned to a basilisk (and thanks to Harry good lord I didn't look in the eyes I don't know the consequences) and cast the spell and turned it into a chicken and had a good day running after them.
  3. 7957 ( 10 years still this continues!)
  4. probably able to talk with the animals :) Would you rather choose to play outside in rain or to play outside in the sun ?
  5. Yep, guilty :D ! Sometimes I stop listening to my favorite songs for a certain period of time cause of this ! Likes to annoy your siblings or cousins or your friends ?
  6. Guilty, buuuut I'm a bit bad at it... Ever dance around your room when you get excited ?
  7. I wanted to be an auror some years ago but being a curse breaker seems a lot more interesting. It seems to be fun and at the the same time dangerous but it's worth it! You can travel around the world, most of all you can get inside the pyramids, I'm always curious about what's inside them except for the mummies :D
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