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    Reading fantasy stories , outgoing on adventures, daydreaming and staring at the night sky for hours and hours.

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  1. Mine is the ’patronus charm’. Since I saw Harry producing his stag patronus I’ve been dying to tryout the spell. I did got many animals in Potter-more but I really do want to produce my own patronus in real life (yeah,I know that’s impossible*sigh*) . A patronus is produced with your strongest happiest memory and I just want to find out which memory will be mine good enough to produce a patronus and this charm is extremely protective when you come to face a dementor the most and you can use it as a charming messenger too.
  2. Hello Tia !!! Welome back to our Den then! :D. Hey, I don't have favorite colour too. I sort of a like every colour.
  3. oh woweee ! Thankyou everybody and congratulations to everyone \0/. Never thought I could win any awards and I am wordless here !
  4. I salp Ivey because I came back here after a while and because you are the first one I met in here ( Sorry ! )
  5. Percy singing ?! :p I am thinking of something that shoots across the sky
  6. 'I could have danced all night' In to the woods
  7. Dishwasher (halfblood here :) )
  8. Yep...so, guilty ! Like to compose your thoughts into songs ?
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