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  1. I slap Rose for having such a beautiful avatar made by talented Carrie. Nice one, Carrie, it's awesome.
  2. The Gothic genre. Truth or dare?
  3. I swap a new wand for a special pass that gives access to the restricted area in the library.
  4. Transfiguration room. I'm thinking of a long that could help us celebrate the new term.
  5. I give a joint slap to Ada and Sky for the great Drama Trivia game
  6. I swap the time-turner for the latest broom model.
  7. besties for a Skiving Snackbox from the Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes for extra tuition classes to improve my marks.
  8. This is what Godric Gryffindor would wear, for these clothes are similar to the fashion style that was developing during the 11the century.
  9. I slap Rose because she didn't come and join us.
  10. I swap a dorm room with my besties :( for a Get Out Of Potions Detention Card for myself and my besties.
  11. Warm apple crumble and custard. I'm thinking of a potion.
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