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  1. I would call the Bloody Barron. He would unlock the door for me and then he would reprimand Peeves for his behaviour. Peeves won't dare play that trick again. Having just been locked in the closet for goodness knows how long, you feel you are in need of a potion to calm you down. Who you gonna call?
  2. Unfortunately, upon examining Beyonce's leg, he had to inform her that she would have to cancel all future gigs until her leg was fully healed.
  3. A book shape key that will let Hermione open the library out of hours ( as the Alohomora spell doesn't work on these doors) and so she can have the whole library to her self .The lucky thing! What gift is left for Crookshanks?
  4. I slap Emily for having Bellatrix Lestrange as her profile picture.
  5. I slap Iverian for coming up with so many great games in Peeves place.
  6. Rule 7: stop accusing students of stealing ingredients from your store cupboard unless you have proof. They are Innocent until found guilty.
  7. Innocent. Have you ever taken a peek at someone's diary?
  8. Rule 5: please stop threatening students with the truth potion.
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