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  1. " Dark clouds don't stay in one place forever, they soon pass over."
  2. https://i.postimg.cc/KYp02t1Z/Gryffindor-sword-colouring.jpg
  3. *Em places her invitation on her bed next to a pile of clothing .* I can't believe I got an invitation to the party especially as I don't know much about Godric Gryffindor. Maybe I should go to the library and read up about him soon, it would be rude not to really. *Em goes through the clothes she has tried on twice before holding up a pair of ripped jeans and a burgundy zipped hoody before in front of a long mirror.* Maybe I should wear these? Everyone else seems to be thinking about wearing jeans, and I've only got half hour to get ready. I hope there will be lots of White Chocolate cookies downstairs and White Hot Chocolate like I have had at Hogsmeade.*Em puts her hair in a bun and puts on a Denim jacket before heading down to the common room.*
  4. Red Velvet cookies are yummy and so are the White Chocolate ones. :p
  5. I slap Scarlet for having been at Hol on Christmas Eve:)
  6. The ticket would be an old yellow colour like the colour of parchment. The words, Hogwarts Frost Fair, Emerald Wolvenhowl and Free Entry, would be written in green ink as if Professor McGonagall had written it herself. A quarter of the way across from the left and top of the ticket would be a thin golden lines topped with a gold bow. The left hand side of the golden line would act a bit like a margin in which there would be three vertical burgundy coloured snowflakes to represent a colour of Gryffindor House and some of the spirit of Gryffindor Christmas. Of course, it would also be charmed so if I lost my ticket it would make its way back to me.
  7. The kind of sled I am thinking of is the old- fashioned kind used to carry Goods like the Antarctic explorer Amundsen used. Like him, I would have some beautiful Huskies pulling it along. I might bring it up-to- date a bit though by painting it in a glittery gold colour and with a traditional red and green Poinsettia. It would probably have lots of little baby Poinsettias on it, although it might make the sled look a bit like it has been covered up in Christmas wrapping paper.
  8. One of my favourite drinks is hot milk. It was something only my grandmother would make. She would put one teaspoon of sugar or honey in a glass before boiling some milk in a saucepan over a hob on a gas cooker. As soon as the milk began to rise in the saucepan, she would take it off the heat and pour it into the glass, making sure there was a metal spoon in the glass first. She always used to say the glass needed to have a spoon in it otherwise as soon as the milk was poured in, the glass would crack or even possibly explode because of the heat. The drink doesn't sound very exciting but it was part of our late evening routine whenever I stayed with her during the winter months: we would go out the back garden to the coal bunker, fill up the bucket and carry it back indoors and place it next to the fireplace ready for the morning. Then we would have the hot milk and go straight to bed with a hot water bottle. It's not very often I drink hot milk now but whenever I do, it always reminds me of my grandmother and some very cozy, happy times :)
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