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  1. I slap William for joining in :)
  2. I used to think that the wand chooses the witch or wizard but now I am not so sure. Perhaps it is the case that the witch or wizard chooses the wand but not directly; no one enters the shop saying that they really fancy have an elm wand with a dragon heartstring core but maybe they decide on a wand subconsciously which possibly could explain why a wand sometimes appears to be compatible with its owner. Also, if the wand chose the witch or wizard, then that seems to suggest that the wand can make decisions. In which case, why doesn't a wand show any signs of resisting their owners magic when they are casting dark spells. Why doesn't the wand refuse to perform any magic at all until the witch or wizard makes the decision to do only positive spells and good magic. Just a thought.....
  3. As some have already suggested, a cleaning, dusting and tidying spell would be in permanent use at Ollivander's. Perhaps adding a bit more natural light to the shop could help brighten things up a bit too. I can also imagine having a few comfy armchairs dotted around the place so the customers could relax in comfort while waiting to be served. Next to the chairs could be coffee tables covered in magazines such as Wandlore Today, Wandmakers World, Wands Weekly and the Antique Wands Roadshow- a Guide for the Serious Wand Collector. Hopefully, customers flicking through the pages might be inspired to become Wandmakers themselves one day.
  4. The Phoenix shouldn't be forced to give up anything it didn't want to because it would be cruel, but also because there is no need too. I assume that if someone like Ollivander wants to get hold of phoenix feathers, all he has to do is to own one, and to think about timing; assuming that the feathers are still good quality ones regardless of whatever phase the bird is going through then whenever the bird gets close to it's 'burning' time, hopefully it will moult and naturally shed its feathers which could be saved for later use. As the cycle of the phoenix is to fade away and rise again from its ashes, there could be an eternal supply of feathers, though there might be a bit of a long wait.
  5. This is a cactus tree that grows different types of cacti simultaneously. It loves the atmosphere and heat of the greenhouse because it originally came from Greece. It is said that a very beautiful witch (whose name was pronounced as Kaktos ) was turned into a Cactus after having an argument with a frenemy. Afterwards, the frenemy regretted turning Katkos into a cactus plant and so a memorial was held for her and a beautiful multi- species Cactus tree was planted, in hope that no one would ever forget Kaktos.
  6. The Birch Tree is sometimes also known as a Pioneer tree. This is because when someone wants to start growing a forest on a piece of empty land, the Birch tree is usually the very first tree that is planted and is the start of all the other trees growing. While trees such as the Oak tree are famous for being associated with wise folk such as the Druids, the Birch is also associated with Druidry; each level of Druidic knowledge gained by a student is named after a tree, and the Birch is the very first level. Being the first of all trees in the forest and the first level in Druid learning, the Birch is often used to symbolise fresh starts and new beginnings.
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