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  1. I am missing you all very much.

  2. Thank you so much @Prof.SkyAlton , the cakes look amazing <3. The butterbeer is here too and there is enough for everyone. Thank you to you and hol for making my day even better. Love em x
  3. Wishing every one of you a very Happy Halloween. Whether you are on the Quidditch pitch flying around levitating pumpkins to practice your flying techniques or you are in the Great Hall hoping that a troll does not interrupt the feast, have a spooktacular time. <3

  4. Just realised that I now have the same number of rubies as my community reputation ;)

  5. This is my take on The Lord of the Rings. This book has been muddled up with a tale about a super talented circus ring juggler :)
  6. Whenever I am studying or doing homework it is helpful to have any Harry Potter ambience music on in the background. I find that it isn't too distracting but also helps to motivate me too. It is also a way of rewarding myself for getting on with my homework. Sometimes I find my homework hard, and so that is when I put on extended versions of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme music. Somehow it gives me a boost, helps build my confidence and makes me more determined to keep trying and succeed. If I am reading any of the Jane Austen novels then I tend to listen to Regency tea shop music which has the sound of gentle rattling tea cups and spoons. It is very relaxing and a much cheaper way to have a read and a cuppa. As I love the sounds of the sea, sometimes I use waves and beaches ambience music. Hearing the sea move roll back and forth is soothing and even thunder with crashing waves is calming. During the winter, I love hearing the ambience music that focuses on a crackling coal fire inside a cabin because it makes me feel cosy, especially when I am wrapped up under my duvet with a book and a cup of tea.
  7. My own ritual for making tea is really very basic and fairly quick really. Saying that, I suppose the longest part of this ritual is down to me trying to decide which tea to use, as I always find it hard to choose between Yorkshire tea, Earl Grey or Lady Jane. I have one box of each all on the go at the same time and so every teatime is a big decision but it also means that my tea drinking days are quite random. Once I have finally made up my mind as to which brew I will have, I fill up the electric energy saving kettle to the recommended amount of cups; so if I am making two cups I fill the water to the two cup mark instead of filling up the whole kettle which means the water does not take so long to boil :) I know many witches use a tea pot as part of their tea making process but I just put the tea bag straight into my favourite Harry Potter mug along with some sugar. Once the water is boiled , I pour it over the tea bag and leave it to brew for just a few minutes. As soon as I discard the tea bag a small amount of milk goes into the cup-just enough so the tea looks a lovely tanned colour. As we are not allowed to use magic outside of school, I stir the tea muggle style, giving the tea 3 stirs in a circular motion and in a clockwise direction and then 3 stirs in a circular motion in a anticlockwise direction. I don't know why I do it like that, all I know is that it feels right. I always enjoy hot, sweet tea but enjoy it all the more when I have a treat with it such as scones covered in lashings of butter, jam and clotted cream.
  8. Hi, for predictions in unfogging the future can we put 7 predictions in one post or post each prediction separately? Thanks
  9. Ginger is definitely at the top of my list of favourite herbs and spices. I have used it for such a long time that whenever I reach for it, it feels like going to a comforting old friend; in crystallised form it has soothed a lot of sore throats, general nausea, travel sickness, colds and it even helped to cheer me up a bit when I had some gingerbread men during the time I was ill with Chicken Pox all through the Christmas holiday.
  10. Thank you so much for the award, as always it is a lovely surprise. Many congratulations to everyone who got one and to everyone who has been so amazing.
  11. " Dark clouds don't stay in one place forever, they soon pass over."
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