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  1. OK Savannah, I'm actually crying rn omg
  2. Shout out... Kinda. Magic is something everyone here loves and its thanks to our wonderful staff that we learn more about it every day! I would like to thank all of our staff for a wonderful year of learning and excitement! We couldn't do it without you guys and we appreciate you all!
  3. Let's tell some jokes, Bois and Gois Why can't Harry Potter tell the difference between the pot he uses to make potions and his best friend? Because they're both CauldRON
  4. Guilty, I can play quite a few Christmas songs Ever lost hours of sleep talking to someone just because you love them?
  5. Joke of the day!: When it comes to making a big decision this is what all the houses would say~

    ~Ravenclaw~ Do it when you have gathered enough good information

    ~Hufflepuff~ Do it with integrity
    ~Slytherin~ Do it on your own terms

    ~Gryffindor~ Do it for the vine


  6. What's up everyone! My name is Gervaise Loxias (or Gerry for short) and I'm a first year. I love off of dad jokes and I will be posting a lot of them! I have never felt more welcomed than I have here so well done! I'm a very social person so I apologize if I start a conversation with you, I just like to meet new people! I love to make people smile and laugh because I believe that the world could use some more positivity, especially during COVID-19. Please don't be shy and come and say hi (especially if you are in love with Fred Weasley like I am!)
  7. It's very difficult to pick my favourite but I'd have to say Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban because it has so many unexpected plot twists! I don't know about any of you but it kept me on my toes, it was a book I refused to put down unless I absolutely had to! We learned a lot about Harry's past and saw a different side to some of our favourite characters. New bonds were made (Harry and Sirius) and bonds were broken (Ron and scabbers). It was, in my opinion, the best book in the whole series (and best movie)
  8. I slap Carrie because her bitmoji looks like mine!
  9. Like an Illusionist? That sounds really entertaining! I think some non magic tricks would really be an amazing treat for everyone!
  10. HarryPotterMeme5-9d6e3d26c2b24038ab6087d

    Just incase the joke didn't make you laugh, this should

  11. I, am a dad at heart, so I am going to continue to post horrid jokes because dad jokes make people laugh and I like making people laugh so here goes joke #2

    My brother asked me, "How obsessed with Harry Potter are you on a scale from 1-10?"

    I looked at him and said, "About 9 and 3/4"


    Now... If you didn't find that funny there must be something RON with you (I'm so punny!)

  12. In my life before Hogwarts I was very into animals so maybe something with animals? Just an idea
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