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  1. Padma for sure. I have way more faith in her knowledge than in Lavenders'. A Kneazle or a Niffler?
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  3. I would say Kneen, just cuz I believe he had more knowledge on the game (I'm guessing they would had a Quidditch match). Dobby or Kreacher?
  4. I take guard from Raevia and cast a little trap to later send the toad to the lake. Fluffy is approaching the entrance
  5. Thank you all so much. This was a lot of fun and not stressful at all! Prof. Decibel was so nice. Thanks Sky and Ada for such a fun and wonderful activity <3
  6. I would tell Barnabas that there are some domesticated dancing trolls in the paintings near the common room so he can go away. Peter Pettigrew as a rat is approaching
  7. Lily Potter FO SHO! she was the Hermione Granger of her time so she would know more spells and how to use them wisely against others. Lupin or Tonks?
  8. I heard that the Fat Lady was missing and rushed to the 7th floor immediately - couldn't finish my sandwich but oh well. When I got to the 7th floor I saw Maxim leaning against the wall near our common room entrance, he seemed to be thinking really hard on what was happening. I waved at him and started looking at the portraits around. "Have you seen the Fat Lady?", "When and where was the last time you saw her?" I started asking one by one but no one knew. I once again looked at Maxim and asked "any thoughts on what could have happen?" in hopes he could have any ideas. As for me, it is just my second year. In my first year she didn't go missing so I was quite scared that something bad might have happen to her.
  9. I love the Gryfftoberfest spirit! :D My siggy is now red with a golden lion, some paw prints and a big neon "GRYFFTOBERFEST 2020" written on it. My avatar is also red, with the golden lion and also in neon across it is the "Gryfftoberfest". And I added the motto below my siggy :D
  10. I'm gonna go with Arabella Figg because she is clever, witty, and will be able to scare Petunia very easily. Who would win, Severus Snape or Igor Karkarov?
  11. I take guard from Maxim and use the Confundo spell on the eagle owl so send it on a different path. Lucious Malfoy is approaching (with a more-than-avegare mean face)
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