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  1. Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them! 'You must be truly desperate to come to me for help.'
  2. Hi Sindhuja! I'm Rose, your fellow Gryff. Nice to see you're trying to make new friends. Sorry I can't help you with Hogmeade, I don't know much about it. Anyways, are you in any other fandom other than the Harry Potter one? I am a huge fan of the Narnia and the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). You see, A Narnian, Potterhead, and an Avenger. ;)
  3. I slap Prof. Sky because I like her Sig quote.
  4. I slap Ada because she is the person above me.
  5. One riddle :)

    6 is scared of 7 because 7, 8, 9. But why did 7 eat 9?

    Answer comes on Satuday.

  6. 'It looks good, you know, I know you'll delight us with whatever you're making', Rose says, 'My mom taught me to cook, and even at our home, I make food on weekends.' Rose is very happy in the kitchens, procceding with her recipe. 'Oh, why not?', she smiles at Carrie. She boils the water and adds some salt in it. As she opens the pasta packet, a loud thump from behind from behind her shocks her. She turns around to find Manya on the floor. She quickly washes and wipes her hands with a towel and rushes towards Manya. 'Oh Manya, are you all right?', she says, giving her a hand.
  7. Thakyou for the so unexpected award! Congrats Carrie, Maxim, Emerald, Ivey, Lo, Taylor, and Manya, you all deserved it. Thanks for making the Den the amazing place it is!
  8. Happy Birthday Carrie! :D (Sorry for the late wishes)
  9. Rose approaches the kitchens and greets the elves and everyone else who was in there. 'Hello!' A house elf comes to Rose and magics an apron on her. "I can, what can I cook? What about red sauce pasta?" she asks the house elf. The elf nods and points her to go to the table next to Carrie. Rose starts gathering the ingredients on the table as the house elves point towards cabinets with ingredients. After getting everything on the table, she thanks the elves and starts pouring water in a pan. "Hi Carrie! Making salad?"
  10. I slap Savannah because her siggy is very cute!
  11. "Hello, Prof. Sky," she said, following Manya to the telescope. "Thanks for the hot chocolate, Maxim." Rose shuffles through some papers in her hand and reaches out to a chart with a grid on it. "OK, so I just need to point out some more important stars here," she speaks to herself.
  12. Happy Birthday Ivey! (Belated ) Have the happiest birthday ever! (Sorry for the late wishes)
  13. Hello Momoka! Welcome to the Den! Feel free to send me a message to chat :)
  14. Hey Elle! Hi Hermione! Welcome to the Den. Nice to see you both! :)
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