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  1. Rose enters the library and the first first thing she notices was that there were not a lot of people. She had a lot of homework to complete and it wasn't going to be easy. She finds herself a good spot near the window and takes out her quill. "I should start with A Visit To Diagon Alley, then I'll move on to the other ones," she whispers to herself. She opens up her books and takes out some parchment. She sits and thinks for a moment, and then starts writing. "I've a lot of work in this class, but I think I'll complete this one soon. The assignments are nor hard, neither long. I guess Manya will be here soon," she says.
  2. In my country, in India, there is a big festival going on : Diwali! Diwali is a festival interrelated with another one, Dussehra. The story behind them, which I have been told, was of a great king Rama, the king of Ayodhya, who defeated Ravana, because Ravana had kidnapped Sita, Rama's wife. It's an epic story in India, and Rama is considered as an avatar of Lord Vishnu (the creator of all worlds, one of the Trinity). On Dussehra, a dummy of Ravana is made, and is set to fire. This represents the victory of good over the bad, of righteousness over the wrong, and of courage over fear. Dussehra is celebrated becuase of this. Diwali is celebrated 20 days after Dussehra, is the Festival Of Lights. It marks the return of Rama, Sita and Lakshmana to Ayodhya. We light diyas (it's like a candle, earthenware like) all over the house, lighting every place. During these two festivals, people start cleaning their homes. Every place is dusted, from the attic to the ground. Things which are no use to the owners are thrown out, and useful possessions are cleansed and put back at their places. This festivals also tells us to throw away our anger and sadness, and have a new start with happiness and joy. Soan Papdi is the main dish of Diwali, while we share 'Pan' (It's a kind of eatable here) on Dussehra. We make a lot of snacks, Gujiyas, Chaklis, Meethe Pare, Namkeen Pare, Gulab Jamun, and many more. Dussehra or DIwali, none of these are one-day festivals. Diwali's celebrations go for 5 days,(actually more than this) and Dussehra is more too. People worship and pray to Gods and Goddesses, and enjoy the month. Lovely festival! Anything you'll like to add, @Manya Granger?
  3. We all are from different places, different countries, different cultures, and yet unite at HOL. Here, you can discuss and share with others about the festivals you have in your country, how do you celebrate it, what's the story behind it, and more. Even though there might be a festival celebrated worldwide, everyone celebrates it in their own style! So, here, you can share how you enjoy your time! You can also share any particular thing you like about your culture, anything such!
  4. Hello! Today, I've got a question for you all. The answer will seem nonsense at first when I tell you - but it's funny.

    Each one who answers correct

     will get 10 beans from me. Please include a small description of why you chose this as your answer.

    "How many Hogwarts students will be needed to simply replace a light bulb?"


    You can PM me here at this forum or on HOL. I'll release the answer 2 days after now.

    Hint: No, the answer is not 0.

    Also, Happy Diwali!

    1. Rose Pottermore

      Rose Pottermore

      No one from any houses was actually correct. I'll send 5 beans to everyone who participated. The answer is 6.


      Any Hogwarts student would not replace a bulb for fun. I didn't say the bulb had a fault, nor it was broken. From the book Hogwarts, 1 Slytherin to break the bulb.

      1 Gryffindor to volunteer to climb up a ladder to replace the bulb.

      3 Hufflepuffs to hold the ladder firmly to ensure the Gryffindor's safety.

      After all, 1 Ravenclaw to point out that they could just have simply used magic!


      Don't come to try and beat me up for this kind of answer.

  5. A very very Happy Birthday Lorainia!! Have the best birthday ever! <3
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  7. I slap Ada cause feel like I want to shout. "WHY HASN'T ANYONE POSTED HERE IN A MONTH???!!!"
  8. "Yep. Let's go." Rose replies to Manya. "We have a lot of places to look for her, and we do better hurry. She can be anywhere." "Good idea, Maxim," she added to Maxim. "Oh god, I will have to be as good as Maxim to be a Prefect. Or a Head Girl. Mind yourself, Rose," she thinks.
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  10. "No idea, Maxim," replied Rose. " She was here last night, and today morning as well, but I don't exactly know when she left." "Violet's the Fat Lady's best friend, we must look around the corridors as she says," said Rose, turning to Manya.
  11. Joke Of The Day


    Prof. McGonagall: Mr. Pettigrew, where is Mr. Black?

    Peter: Sirius is doing stuff.

    Prof. McGonagall: And where is Mr. Potter?

    Peter: James is stopping Sirius from doing stuff.

    Prof. McGonagall: What about Mr. Lupin?

    Peter: Remus is stopping James from stopping Sirius from doing stuff.

    Prof. McGonagall: Then why are you here, Mr. Pettigrew?

    Peter: I am supposed to stop you from stopping Remus from stopping James from stopping Sirius from doing stuff.

  12. Rose looks around her and sees students and professors from every house. She turns again to Manya, notices the look on worry and astonishment on her face and says, "Oh don't worry Manya, the Fat Lady will be found soon. I am going to look around for her. We should ask other paintings if they know anything about her disappearance."
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