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  1. I realised it was a board game, which I could not remember I owned, and I saw the person coming up too, and he got slightly scared and shocked seeing it, then..
  2. I slap Savannah because she'll be joining us too.
  3. "Potions and Care Of Magical Creatures are surely going to be fun, good choices, but I just couldn't choose what to pick, so I chose the first five that I saw". Rose replies to Elladora, her new friend. "Oh no!" she exclaims, as she saw Gail, "what can be the perfect gift for Gail? Hard job choosing gifts!". Rose rushes back to where she was sitting at first to search through her pile of gifts, which was now getting smaller. "What about this? Or this book? Or this scarf? Maybe I should give her the cupcakes I made.. Yes maybe that'll work." she speaks to herself. Picking up a box of homemade chocolate cupcakes, she proceeds towards Gail, slight nervously. "Hey Gail! Good morning! Well, I'm Rose, and I made these chocolate cupcakes, would you like to try some?" she says, smiling.
  4. Rose was enjoying the first day chaos as she planned gifts for everyone else. "OK, a yellow and black scarf for Elladora, a box of pumpkin pasties for Prof. Tarma, (Rose was thinking to give her a self-filling coffee cup for her too, which she enchanted herself, but put it aside thinking what would happen if it malfunctions..) a book named A Thousand Ways To Prank Your Friends to Maxim (hoping he doesn't try them on me)". "Yes, that would be - she ducks as a mint humbug from some first year students play war approaches her, and then rises up again - perfectly fine". Hoping she doesn't trip with the pile of gifts in her hands, Rose, with precaution, walks to everyone she had planned the gifts for. When she returns, she notices Manya is with Elladora and proceeds towards Carrie, almost getting her head hit with another mint humbug as she ducked again. "Good Morning Carrie!"
  5. I stare at her like I'm gonna kill her if she says that again. You're Draco Malfoy and your dad told you that you were adopted, and you're a muggle born.
  6. I slap Manya because Prof. Sky is right, so I am taking a break from studying.
  7. I slap Hermione Komatine Granger cause she of course can be my friend.
  8. As Rose enjoys her morning with Manya, many people enter the Great Hall. Rose is delighted to see new faces and eagerly waits for the day to start. She meanwhile thinks what would be the best gift for Maxim, Prof. Tarma and Jasper as she studies her time table. People around her are very happy and the noises of laughing, chuckling, people exchanging jokes or discussing classes. "Transfiguration is good, you know, but History Of Magic isn't too bad, according to me", Rose discusses with Manya, as she notices that Manya's full attention is at a tasty bowl of pudding. Rose too, then proceeds towards some pudding.
  9. I slap Manya to tell her that she is welcome anytime to be with me.
  10. Lots of sweet newbies today. Wish you all a good time at HOL!


    Have A Nice Day!

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