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  1. Gwenog the Glorious What about Hector Dagworth-Granger?
  2. Let's just do a specified and complete 'stunning' charm, spread over the whole area, to target all of them so they fall, quite stupefied to the ground, and we can bundle them out and transport them far far away. Someone got into the punch and added a 'secret ingredient' and now everyone who partakes of that yummy beverage has skin of a lovely shade of purple. What to do? :o
  3. Someone had the idea of using garb from another country, and, following the theme which happens at some RenFaires, they slipped into a little bit of a different time frame. This is a dress made of a 'Grecian' theme, but of linens and wools. Cotton is much too expensive for clothing then; only those who are very rich wear fabrics of cotton! Silk can be purchased but it, again, is very dear. The ubiquitous linen and wool is available, and can be woven into very light fabrics which have a nice flow to them. In honour of the House of Gryffindor, the fabrics are dyed a deep red and a dark gold. The linen skirts are long and full, as are the sleeves, to give a freedom to emote and also of movement. The corset is of sturdy woven wool, embroidered with starburst patterns. The feet are bare of shoes (as long as they are on the dance floor) and if they take to wandering the grounds, they will put on leather slippers of the same deep red colour.
  4. This was already an obvious 'might happen' and so, while getting ready for the festivities, each piece of silverware was made into a portkey, which, if summoned with the proper charm, would bring them all back to their respective drawers and bins. (It was only difficult to come up with a word for the charm which was not a usual word to say; it might be awkward to be talking with someone and say that word and suddenly all the silverware disappears from the tables (and hands, and mouths and everything) to reappear in their drawers and bins.) However, in the meantime, someone let loose the squirrels. Who have gone for all the nibbles on the tables. What to DO?
  5. Purchase green tartlet please. :)
  6. Purchase green handkerchief and green ring please. :)
  7. Thank you for your prompt reply. :) *starts collecting more green things ...*
  8. Garrick the Preeminent What about Caractacus Burke?
  9. I'm distinctly confusticated ! You wrote Can the same item be used to complete different categories? For example, if a pink umbrella is used for the completion of collecting of different colours, can it be again used in completion of an item from a particular stall? (Yes, I'm aware there are no pink umbrellas around .... :D )
  10. Yeah yeah uh huh .... Happy Birthday, Dario. We all know now we all got crowns You need to calm down
  11. Toss 3 of 3 Aim for Gryfftoberfest flag
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