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  1. As the new owner .... you are all welcome to come in and HAVE CHOCOLATE!
  2. Wow. Wow. That was fun! I'd no idea I was gathering all those points! It was mostly taking back rescuing my jar of dirt from Dead Mousie Iverian! Thank you for creating The Chocolate Factory fun. Does it seem odd that the Chocolate Factory ends up going back to .... Willy Wonka (looking at siggy)?
  3. Oh, gee, Iverian is gone. WHAT WILL HAPPEN NOW? gif is of Willy Wonka, watching something with great intent. There is a guy in back of him who is freaking out. Wonka is saying "The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last." He has a delighted look on his face.
  4. The control panel for the Wonkavator appears to be a metal sheet with different icons on it. Some are buttons, with words, like the 'help' button or the 'up' button, the 'down' button and the 'guess ' button. Then there is a button called the BIG RED BUTTON, which is red. Those button are along the sides of the sheet, on the top left and bottom of it. In the center of the panel is a flower shape with six petals, with different symbols on the petals. It seems that the flower can twirl, or spin, on a screw on the middle of it, but maybe not. Vertical on the right side of the panel is another oblong button with funny symbols on it running up (or down?) the oblong shape. No instructions, or meaning for the different buttons and/or symbols, are found anywhere.
  5. the Chocolate River (Chocolate Waterfall) The ingredients of these are of the chocolate mixed by waterfall in the Chocolate Waterfall
  6. My gum starts out with a avocado and spinach salad, with crab bits sprinkled here and there. The main course is cheesy roast potatoes, with a touch of sour cream and garlic and pepper. With the potatoes is some BBQ chicken (or pork chops, depending on choices made). Finishing up the meal would be blueberry pie with chocolate ice cream (and hot dark chocolate fudge poured on top of all). Interspersed in the flavours of the foodstuffs would be the flavour of a barista's breve (espresso coffee with cream).
  7. Ever-lasting Gobstoppers! You can see these in your room at night, even if the lights are out.
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