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  1. Tuesday Dead Jou... DeaR journal Another one of those creepy insects again. Discovered in my coffee pot. WHAT is GOING ON!? That's my coffee. It's enough to have to deal with making a fire and getting it hot and getting the perc coffee pot filled with water and now I have to watch out for this bug? It looks like a (I kid you not) silver spoon and I thought it was valid (weird but valid) until I found out that when I scoop the coffee grounds to put in the holder, all the coffee disappears. I thought someone was doing a disappearing charm on me until I SAW it disappearing like into the spoon. Then, when I spotted it, the spoon sprouted four legs and ran off! The body of the spoon, the handle part, was noticeably thicker with the grounds it had eaten. Tuesday Dear journal This is getting to be very unfunny. I figured out that I have to watch the spoons because some of them are not spoons but are some sort of insect. Okay, no problem. But now they must have called their friends in .... So I get the coffee all perked and taken off the fire and pour some (yuuummmm) into a coffee mug just sitting them with the others and IT sprouted wings and flew off! It looks just like a regular camping coffee mug, right? That black metal mug spackled with white? What is this, a chameleon zone? Where insects are imitating utensils and camping stuff? I couldn't tell the difference at all until I reached to pick it up and it quite literally sprouted wings on both sides of the handle and took off. Tuesday Dear journal This is it. I'm going to put everything that I have of camping gear into a lock-proof box and only take it out when I'm about to use it. So. What's for breakfast? I'm hungry, and decide that I just want to have some granola with creamy half-and-half in it. I find a camping bowl in the stack of nested bowls (sort of like silver-colored metal) by the cooking station. I put some granola in it and turned to get the dairy. .... I have the carton in my hand and turn back and the bowl is gone. I spied it as it was running under some bushes. It had two legs, much like the 4 legs of the spoon, but a little stockier and longer. I noticed it was very careful not to spill the granola. image shows a white bowl, against a blue streaked background. it is filled with some kind of cereal, and it has legs and is running I've no idea of what these insects are called but I know that nothing of coffee or breakfast food is safe around them. Constant vigilance is needed! Be sure to make sure that all utensils are precisely what they appear to be, and all dishes ditto. Who knows, maybe some of them might take on the appearance of plates. BEWARE!
  2. Time for a rain dance! Quickly - Get four folks to play drums and bagpipe and flute, maybe something like Highland Cathedral. Erect a shield charm over them, to shelter them from the upcoming rain storm. Have two people singing and chanting Weather Modifying Rain Charm, inserting the word aguamenti when appropriate. Everyone else conga dance and stamp their feet and shout aguamenti whenever that word comes up in the Weathering Modifying Rain Charm. The tents will be okay. Prepare to be drenched.
  3. My tent looks like one of those Muggle pop up tents which is used in wilderness situations, when you want the wind to flow smoothly over and around the tent, and not pick it up and send it sailing off (with you in it). Low dome and small footprint, but definitely not aerodynamic. However, when you bend down to creep into the tent, after you pass the 'seal' of the enchantment, you are like in a cabin which is set in pine trees. It's not very large at all, of but one room which is sectioned off into living area, bathroom, kitchen and sleeping room. The floor is hardwood and the walls are of logs. There is a fireplace, too, and it's nice and toasty in there! Shades of browns and golds, with some touches of red and green and purple and blue, give the room a cozy feel. On the hardwood floor are scattered Axminster carpets of rich hues of reds, browns and golds. The windows (placed on the South and East and West walls) look out into (your choice) the actual surroundings or a mountain scene.
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