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  1. Another person approached Tarma, greeting her by name. Tarma turned to look at yet another new student. "I'm fine, thank you." she said politely, while wondering why all these students were up near the professor table and not seated at their own House tables. "Miss Warts, we'll speak of this later. In the meantime, I hope you will stay clear of the Charms classroom." She focused a bit, appearing to be looking into space, and then smiled. If Carrie went anywhere close to the classroom before it was time for classes, she would be stuck with a semi-permanent sticking charm until Tarma got there. She looked at the new student and vaguely recognized her from the Sorting Hat. "I hope you enjoy Hogwarts, Miss Pottermore." She nodded to both of them and was about to return to the table, to eat her breakfast properly, then had a thought. It'd take just a few moments to go to her classroom, fix whatever it was that needed fixing, and then come back and eat without something needing to be done looming over her. "Enjoy your breakfast, ladies" she said to Rose and Carrie, and left the room to take care of business elsewhere. [leaving Great Hall and rpg for now]
  2. "What it IS is good. Very tasty." Tarma took a bite and smiled, even with the flaky crust needing to be brushed off her chin, and clothes, and everything .... "What were you doing in the Charms classroom?" Tarma scowled a little bit. "You're not supposed to have been wandering around. What if a paratrogbutel got you? I hear they were set loose in the hallways, to keep students from going where they're not supposed to go...."
  3. Tarma had been so focused on eating and sipping coffee and watching out for 'Ooops' with the new students that she totally missed that someone had stepped behind her. When Carrie spoke, Tarma spooked a bit and ... almost spilled her breve! Turning carefully, she eyed Carrie. "Hi Carrie." She wondered, of course, if Carrie was up to mischief. No, cancel that. What mischief was Carrie up to now? "Welcome back to school! No, it's not a croissant, it's Kouign-Amann." She grinned. "And it's mine. Mine, my precious!"
  4. "O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!” and I take them all out, all together, for a synchronized test flight. You are a new first year student and you are sitting down at the tables for the first time and the food suddenly appears.
  5. graphic has the two masks of theatredom -- comedy (green) and tragedy (bronze) with colours swirling around them, Words on the graphic: "Another op'n'ng" top(ish) right and "Another Show" bottom left.
  6. Tarma grinned and pointed at some of the chocolate croissants filled with extra rich dark chocolate and some of the things that she especially liked. "No, I'm not aware of when the food selections were different .... but maybe the students of Slytherin were not so partial to certain things. I was so often late to the Hufflepuff table that by the time I got there, a lot of my favorites were already gone!" She reached and snagged a chocolate croissant, while she was thinking about it. She sipped again at her steaming hot breve, then took a bite of the croissant, while looking at the students at their different tables. Ooops, that student just threw a doughnut and splashed that pumpkin juice all over ..... sotto voce woesfh ... There. Averted.
  7. Tarma almost snorted her coffee .... she'd been sipping it when Will turned and glared at her. "And here I thought you were going to develop a new trait!" Before he had a chance to respond, she continued "Welcome to the place where we have more options of what to eat ..." and she motioned to the items which, while perhaps given on the tables for the students, were invariably gone by the time she'd ever gotten to it. "And the coffee in the urn - over there - is ... exquisite" she added, gesturing with her free hand at her mug. "You might want to try it."
  8. Tarma grinned as she watched Will getting up from the Slytherin table and making his way to the Professors table. Had he been in 'automatic mode' and thinking about his classes that he would be teaching -- officially -- as a Professor? Then he sat down and got himself a cup of coffee from the communal pot. As she'd been sitting at the very end of the table, a good place to be in case of mischief gone awry and needing to move quickly, she simply put a rose on her plate and got up, walking over to where Will was sitting. Standing off to his left, in back and to the side but in clear view, she grinned. "Hey, you being the 'absent minded Professor already?"
  9. Tarma sees Manya approaching, carrying something, carrying many somethings. She didn't know this first year Lion but was familiar with Carrie and had seen Manya hanging around with her. She smiles at the new student, and then glances around again. So many people! And the owls ... she laughs as she sees an owl drop a package on someone's plate of food nearby (fortunately the plate was almost empty); the owl must be new to delivering packages! A quick little charm cleans up the mess, leaving the plate (and package) clean.
  10. Tarma smiles as she looks at all the excited faces and the body languages saying 'we're here! we're here!'. She also notices some others who don't seem to be so happy to be back at school and wonders about their stories. However, it'll all settle down and things will sort themselves out. They always do! She raises the mug for another sip. Oh oh. It's empty! Sighing a bit softly (yes, it was a long night with that Crup!), she makes her way back to the Coffee Pot.
  11. A very subtle use of magic, one which might not even be discerned by the audience, but will have a distinct impact, is the use of magical spotlights which will show each person as they speak - highlighting that they are to be given attention to. The lights can be different colours, too, reflecting the personality, or the 'role' that this person is playing. This is not like spotlights in the Muggle theaters as there is no direct beam of light directed from elsewhere, but appears to be just a singular bit of highlighting on that person. It can be very faint or pronounced, according to need. Thing is, the spotlight can also be on people who are not speaking but are 'persons of interest' for the play or musical. What if someone is approaching carrying something of import to the story? That person has a subtle glow, to inform the audience that they will need to be aware of him or her, and their action(s).
  12. Tarma has her mug of coffee safely in her hand, and is sipping at the restorative (and very hot) brew. She sees more people that she knows and smiles toward them. She waved at Iverian (who she knows has a nickname of Dead Mousie - it's a long story ...) and wonders just what kind of trouble that one was going to create this Term. Holding her mug in both hands (hey, it's cold in here!) she starts to wander towards the table where Professors are supposed to sit. On the way she spies a gathering group of people and grins. Oh, yes, she knows them. Who knows what kind of mischief those people will make? She involuntarily ducks (not spilling any coffee) and looks to see what she was avoiding. Oh! The owls are arriving, bearing many packages!
  13. I beam with delight and look around at all the wonderful things they are doing. You are Trevor and just escaped from Neville (again).
  14. A bit of scenery which I think would fit very well in A Midsummer Night's Dream would be the forest glade where Titania, queen of fairies, has her bower. Trees with their trunks of various colours and textures and their leaves of all the colours of summer, from the palest green of fresh new leaves to the dark leaves of the evergreens, to leaves of bright oranges and yellows would blend in with vines of various kinds, with the wooden lengths sometimes appearing to be ropes strung between the trees and twined amongst themselves to give the appearance of an aerial (or arboreal) walkway. Flowers of all kinds and colours would be on shrubbery and on small growing plants. The ground itself would not be level but give an impression of softly undulating earth covered with mosses, fallen leaves and twigs and various small grasses. All of this is on the backdrop -- but extends into the stage with cleverly placed 'shrubbery' to give the appearance of a continuum onto the stage and even a bit into the audience.
  15. Tarma wanders into the Great Hall, looking around absently. She'd been up late with a sick Crup (don't ask) and felt sort of bleary-eyed. Looking at all the new faces, she smiles. So much enthusiasm! So much potential for mischief! (She wonders if one of the new people left the exploding jelly beans somewhere for a curious Crup to pick up. Hmmm. ) Wending her way to the table for Professors, she looks around - ah, there it is, the Coffee Pot. She waves at the folks she recognizes as she makes her way to what (she hopes) will make up for hours of lost sleep.
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