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  2. A favorite hot drink, new to me, is the hot chocolate created by a local bakery. They use hot whole milk, and actually melt hot chocolate, from a bar of some really good chocolate, and mix it together in some way so it's all smooth and luscious. It's utterly rich and decadent, warm and feels so good going down. I haven't made this for myself; it's a specialty drink of the bakery, and they use some kind of special chocolate (I forget what kind they said it is) and mix it together with some sort of 'drink' machine (maybe something like what is made to create lattes?).
  3. I reached into one of my pockets. Yes, I had something to offer the Demiguise! I gingerly extended my hand, which was holding a ....
  4. Curled up into a ribbon is one of those things that people who sew use, to measure feet and inches. It's called a 'measuring tape' and looks quite ordinary. It's sort of wound around itself, and looks like it has been used a lot; the edges of the tape (appears to be some some woven cloth) are a bit frayed as if it's rubbed against a lot of stuff over many many years. A plain yellow color, the lines and numbers inscribed on the surface are black. The black ink is faded a bit -- again, like it's been in use for many years, maybe even decades. Maybe it is long enough to be 60 inches (5 feet) in length. I think that this measuring tape not only measures inches and feet, but it measures for abilities, possibilities and what not to do. I've no idea of how it conveys the information to the person using the wand, but I think it can measure, not only the wood for a potential wand, and the abilities of said wood if made into a wand (and the optimal length of that wand) but also measure the potential user of the wand, to ascertain if there will be a compatibility of wand and user.
  5. Wingardium Leviosa + Reparo - Accio: 2 Aguamenti: 17 Protego: 17 Reparo: 11 Wingardium Leviosa: 13
  6. Wingardium Leviosa + Reparo - Accio: 3 Aguamenti: 17 Protego: 16 Reparo: 12 Wingardium Leviosa: 12
  7. Then I heard low laughter, seemingly coming from all around me. I looked around, frantic. Then, I relaxed, because I saw that my centaur friend had returned, with some others of his kind. It was them I heard laughing, but it wasn't a nasty laugh, more of a reassuring 'we have you' rumble. "I'm so glad to see you!" I exclaimed. The noise came, again, from above, just then ....
  8. Also, from where was the heavy breathing which I'd already heard, over my head? I didn't want to encounter whatever made that noise! I waved to the little creature and hastened towards the best guess to where the centaur had gone.
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