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  1. A thing I do to attain awareness of stillness, of quiet, is to 'go in' and allow myself to become consciously aware of the life force of the body, my life force, which is very intelligent. This life force, while uniquely 'mine', is also one with all the life of the beings on the planet and if I go deep enough and still enough, I become consciously aware of the oneness of all that is, and more, I feel it. This uses a different sort of consciousness than what is usually used in the brain, the intellect; it is like a whole-minded awareness of life. This same conscious awareness can be attained, arrived at, by the methods described above by different people. When it seems the thing to do, either because I love the music and want to listen to it, or because it's been that kind of day and I'm finding it difficult to be still and quiet, I put on a CD Music to Quiet the Mind, and it invariably helps. The CD includes renditions of: Incantation by Deva Premal, Heaven's Door by Jeff Johnson, Joyful Spirit by David Sun, Om Hraum Mitraya by Deva Premal, Clair De Lune by Martin Jones and Let It Be by Maneesh De Moor. ,
  2. Thank you, Lorainia, for running a very great activity. I had a lot of fun. :)
  3. Happy Birthday, Iverian! I wish for you a very wonderful and bright birthday. Image shows picture with five dogs. Four of them (various breeds, including Aussie) are sitting with their heads up and 'howling'. The fifth one (a Golden?) is laying flat with a birthday hat on its head. Various notes are scattered around the top half of the picture with words "Happy Birthday to Yowuuuu!" in gray font.
  4. Thank you for the activity, Sky and Iverian! I do love owls ....
  5. I got some wind-blown branches from large evergreen trees and fastened them together in such a way that they make a multi-level and fragrant perch for the owls to rest upon. The different textures and thicknesses of the branches provide a comfortable and secure footing for the various kinds of owls and the feathery needles of the clusters of the tree leaves gives a semblance of what they would encounter in nature (and if they wish, a form of disguise so they can blend in and not be seen so easily). The branches are spaced such that they can be flown in between, just like in natural trees. All of this is hoisted up off the ground, fairly close to the ceiling, by a levitating charm.
  6. One sample of wrapping paper simply changes colors. A person can choose a color that the giftee really likes, and all variations of that color will show up on the wrapping paper, rippling like water. The second sample is a bit more ornate, in that the paper itself will 'contain' the package (or gift) but it changes appearance from just flat wrapping paper to actually having the shape of square-ish or oval-ish shaped creatures and 'things'. For example, the package might start out looking sort of flat and rectangular and then of a sudden it looks more like the body of a tortoise.
  7. gif is of owl flying towards the viewer and approaching with talons unfolding and extended as if to grab something Name: Fierce Breed: mixed - horned owl and unknown Greatest achievement: Specializes in deliveries to places that the other owls prefer not to venture Delivery stats: yes -- packages always delivered and nearly always in one piece Likes: Cherry toffees, owl nuts and pizza. In the dangerous areas of picking up parcels (and also delivering to dangerous areas), Fierce likes the plummeting approach and dives down with his legs extended 'down'. Then, when getting close to the package, opens his talons up to grab whatever it is. When delivering packages to dangerous places, he dives in, close, and drops the package (hence always delivered and nearly always in one piece). Dislikes: black licorice, horn-rimmed glasses Of interest: Fierce loves to be scratched on his neck, right behind his head
  8. Happy Birthday, Lorainia! I wish for you a day of wonder and magic. That you have every day.
  9. I'm very glad you are back, Fat Lady! It was fun exploring in here, and doing all kinds of things. :) Thank you for the rubies and the shiny!
  10. Tarma walked into the library, really wanting to get some reference material for an odd thing she'd been noticing. She didn't get spooked very easily, but lately, just sometimes, she'd see a person who had what looked like two shadows. She'd looked for the sources of light which might be causing the two shadows, but never saw anything which could account for it. So, she thought - "I'll go to the library. If nothing else, Madam Pince will know where to find information on that!". However, walking in, she noticed ... the person in front of her had two shadows. Carefully, she walked around that person, toward the center of the room, and looked for Madam Pince.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. Snape. Always. ..... Actually, because he probably learned DADA everything and also because he'd be angry at Malfoy. Padma Patil or Lavender Brown?
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