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    have a lot of different interests, from being a huge harry potter fan to being a huge book worm to being hard worker/builder when I can, learning as much as I can.
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  1. Reparo +1 Aguamenti -1 Aguamenti: 17 Protego: 17 Reparo: 8 Wingardium Leviosa: 17
  2. I believe that a wand chooses its mate by looking into the wizard/witch’s heart and based on the core, the creature that the core came from, that creature is the one that is picking what wizard/witch that it likes the most based on what it learns from the wizard/witch’s heart. It could also have to do with the magical ability that the creature has with that wizard/witch that is trying to get a wand for his or her life.
  3. I would love to put a nice cushion couch inside the front of the shop so that people have a place to sit and wait. Plus I would love to add some abstract art to liven up the place so that it looks nice instead of just a shop, not to mention also dust up the place and give it a nice AC that has a filter on it to take out some of the dust in the air and in doing that making the air nicer to breath in too.
  4. So according to my research, 13 is a very important and powerful number, 13 represents alpha and omega because its the beginning and the end. Not to mention that many ancient secret societies and schools say that it also represents death and rebirth through ascension into eternal life and that it represents the secret knowledge of all life. it's also said that the 13th card in a tarot deck is the card of death and the 13th rune in the Norse alphabet “Eiwaz” is also linked with the balance between light and dark, death and rebirth, the heavens and the underworld. (my source https://shamanicastrology.com/archives/3256)
  5. Its a lathe that spins a piece of wood while magical knifes float up and hold themselves up against the tool rest making the wands curved appeal to each wand and making each one very different and every time the knives are finished, some sand paper will float up and start sanding down the wands so that they are perfectly smooth. Each time a wand is finished the machine will turn off and it will make the wand float up to the next person/station. (in real life i'm a wand maker and just bought a lathe so this one will be fun)
  6. you succeed, now the glass is fixed but it has no water in it. you cast aguamenti to fill it up.
  7. this took 3 weeks for me to draw in, but other then the lines that i added, i tried to stay with all existing lines and drew this digitally on a touchscreen chromebook with a very poor drawing app
  8. Gregor Lee

    1 - 10 000

    eight thousand and six hundred eighty-two
  9. Gregor Lee

    1 - 10 000

    eight thousand and six hundred eighty
  10. innocent, but i would love to try doing that, i do make odd things with food combined tuna fish with cheese pizza? (really yummy to me)
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