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  1. Hannah ran over to Maxim and said, "Hey Maxim. I found this assignment and I thought you could bring it to the Ravenclaw common room." Then she pointed behind her. "Look at those students. They're picking things off the piles," she said.
  2. I'm slapping Sky for having 20 rubies.
  3. Hannah said, "The photo is next to the assignment." She looked down at the assignment again and said, "Oooh. This assignment is signed by the four founders."
  4. Luna Lovegood Rule 1: You have to not read the Quibbler.
  5. "Ok," Hannah said. "I love astronomy. It says 'You did great in this class. You turned in all the homework on time. So, you have earned the participation award.' The assignment was to find 2 meteor showers and mark them down in your journal, and to help 2 students in your class." Hannah looked up from the paper and saw a picture of the four founders in one of the piles. She said, "Hey guys, look ..."
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