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  1. Then, Hannah decided to go on a boat on the lake. So, she slid out of her hammock and ran down to the water with Fang chasing her. When they got there, Hannah put a leash on Fang, then they put on their life jackets. Then, they got into their boat. Then, Hannah pulled out her sketchbook and started sketching out Fang at sunset in the boat. Then, when they were at the other side, Hannah tied up their boat and they got out and Fang ran off while Hannah ran around the path. Then, Hannah did a handstand and kept running on the path. Then, Hannah went back to her hammock. Then, Fang walked up to Hannah with her puppy in her mouth. Then, Hannah lifted Fang up to sit with her while she stroked her puppy's head. Then, Hannah left the hammock to let Fang sleep, while she went up onto a hill and played with the puppy. Hannah named the puppy Scarlet because she had red ears and body.
  2. Lemons are yellow Magic is clear Roses are red My hair is a pretty violet
  3. I would waterproof my glasses because then I could still see stuff. That would be really helpful when I am walking around outside and it is raining so I could still see what's around me.
  4. Hannah decided to sit down in a comfy hammock between 2 trees and look up at the clouds and try to decide what they are. After a little while, she felt like stretching her legs so she reached into her backpack that she carries around with her and pulled out her roller skates. She slipped them on, threw her regular shoes in her bag, and got up out of the hammock and went over to the path around the lake. She rolled around a few times, then some of the people in the grass started to look up at her and point their fingers and say, "Oooh, that looks like a lot of fun." Then, Fang came barreling at her so she stopped and gave him a big hug. Then, they went back to her hammock where Hannah slipped her roller skates off and put her regular shoes back on. Then, she went to the lake and got a boat and paddled around for a little bit. Then she went back to her hammock to read with Fang where she fell asleep with Fang in her lap.
  5. I probably would summon my kawaii coloring book because I feel like drawing. The coloring book has pictures of everything from aliens to hot dogs to cats.
  6. Walking a little further down the path she was on, Hannah saw a picture of the first headmistress. She picked up the photo and hugged it. Then she turned around and went back over to Maxim and Sky. "I don't see the problem guys! I'll see you later," she said.
  7. Hannah skipped down the next path where she saw a list on the ground. She picked it up and it said, "Sign your name here if you want to have a bike path that goes around Hogwarts." She pulled a quill out of nowhere and signed her name. "Anybody else want to sign," Hannah asked.
  8. I slap Evelin for being new to HOL.
  9. "Yeah it is awesome to read the old articles. Oooh ... and that path looks really fun. It looks like a Slytherin path," Hannah said.
  10. Hannah said, "I'm glad I could be helpful Professor Sky. Your robes don't look that bad." She ran back to Aurelia and said, "Here is an old issue of the Pawprint News. Ok guys. Let's keep exploring." She turned back to Manya and asked, "Are you coming?"
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