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  1. I decided to take a walk around Diagon Alley because I like looking around Diagon Alley and also because my wand broke. First I went to the wand shop where I got a new wand that was called the Lightning Bolt Wand. It was the most powerful wand that they had and the most prettiest. I was walking around Diagon Alley with my pugs Mia and Max. While I was walking around Diagon Alley, I saw February and so I ran up to February and said, “Hey February. What are you doing here?” She said, “I was actually trying to find a Quidditch shop so I could get a Quidditch shirt.” I asked, “Can I come with you? I want to get a Quidditch shirt. Is there a Quidditch game tonight? I want to come if there is.” February said, “Sure you can come with me to get a shirt and there is a Quidditch game tonight. It's the Snake Cannons versus the Lion Claws (also known as Slytherin versus Gryffindor).” When we got to the Quidditch shop, I went up to the owner and asked if they could make me a special shirt with half lion and half snake. The owner said, “Ok. Come back in half an hour and I'll have it ready for you.” February said that she also wanted one. The background of the shirt was tie dye pattern. Then I also got a pair of shoes that had little broomsticks on them, which if I stomped them, they all had flashing colors. I also got some decorations because I was pretty sure it was going to be at the Slytherin Pitch. I knew that the decorating squad would probably have to decorate so I came back a little bit later and got a handful of shirts. Then, I went to the Slytherin Pitch and I gave shirts and broomstick shoes to everyone on the decorating squad and all the players. I gave all the players brand new broomsticks. Then, I helped decorate the Slytherin stands and the Syltherin side of the Pitch. Then, when the game was about to start and it was dark, all of the Slytherin side stomped their shoes and all the different colors started flashing on them. The Gryffindors had no idea what was flashing. After the game, we had a big party where both of the teams were hanging out and having a lot of fun. Mia and Max and me had an excellent adventure together.
  2. Hannah looked around and spotted some snowdrop seeds that needed to be planted. She grabbed the seeds, then saw an empty planter bed, grabbed a shovel, and started shoveling little holes to put the seeds in. After planting them, Hannah watered them. Then, she ran up to Hogwarts and got some water and went back to the greenhouse and gave a cup to Aurelia and Lorainia. Then, she sat down on a bench she saw in the greenhouse.
  3. Innocent. Have you ever met a pug?
  4. I slap Sky for being a HOL professor.
  5. I used my wand to make O's cereal really colorful. It made it really sugary tasting and like fruit. Blueberries for blue, grapes for purple, apples for red, kiwi for green, orange for orange, lemons for yellow.
  6. To relax, I take a car ride and look at the pretty trees and take photos. I take photos of everything I can see for HOL. I like to be curled up in a blanket. I especially like my sloth blanket, my pink baby blanket, or my pizza blanket. I might have my drawing stuff sitting next to me. I love to draw people and clothes and everything. I like it to be perfectly quiet so I can concentrate on everything. I probably also bring my craft box. I enjoy drawing but I also like crafts. And that's why I love the art department at HOL so much!
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