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    Going to the Great Hall to hang out with Carrie, Rose, and Manya.
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    I love baking, cooking, swimming, Hamilton (the musical), and my two cats (named Hermione and Ginny!)

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  1. I slap Manya for being in the Great Hall.
  2. No h. a _ t _ _ _ _ _ _ (7 letters left to guess) Lives: 7 Letters guessed: a, e, t, h
  3. Guilty. Likes chocolate chip muffins MORE than blueberry muffins.
  4. Um, I think this is clear for me. Cat, all the way!!!!!! Would you rather have a pet that loves you but is rather ugly or a pet that hates you but is adorable?
  5. Um... 5 or 6 I think. Truth or dare?
  6. I swap an elevator to the Astronomy tower for the ability to apparate anywhere in the world, even locations inside of Hogwarts.
  7. Triwizard Tournament
  8. I slap Hermione for being in the Potions classroom.
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