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    Woods between the worlds
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    Singing, listening to songs, spying, drawing, reading, making shapes out of clouds, just sitting in my chair and thinking, the dark, crazy people
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  1. Make fun of each other. Next question : What did you do last summer?
  2. I love Chocolate so much so I am going to pick the second one loll. I may be stupid but I can't live without chocolate :) Would you rather have 30 million loyal friends or 30 million dollars?
  3. False loll. Is alone right now? (Sorry if it is creepy loll)
  4. Hi Guys! I am Elizabeth and I am turning 13 this year within 4 months time. So i am so excited! My favorite colours are blue and black. But I like blue more becoz of the ocean. As you can see, I like to spend most by time near the ocean breathing the marvelous air and looking at the waves playing on top of each other. My hobbies are singing, drawing, acting and dancing and solving puzzles. When I grow up I want to be an Engineer. Byeee Lorainia and Hello for the next person
  5. Nope bad luck hehe I guess....rose???
  6. Unfortunately, he couldn't understand what they meant
  7. Ice Cream!!! First word that came to my mind loll
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