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  1. Sheila thought that this quick trip to Diagon Alley would be a piece of cake, but that all turned around when she found out that one of her favorite celebrities, Myron Wagtail, was doing a signing at Flourish and Blots. But as much as she wanted to get her book signed, she really needed to get her new textbooks first. So as she arrived at the door, she desperately tried to push around and through the already gaining line of adoring fans. As she realized she wouldn't be able to get through easily, she entered the line, in hopes to get both of her needs done in a quick amount of time. She realized she would be here for a while, so she looked around, hoping to spot some familiar faces in crowd and pass the time more quickly.
  2. Happy Birthday Kelly! Take this day as an excuse to have as much fun as you want, and I hope that your day turns out to be a awesome one :D
  3. Happy Birthday! I hope that the day will be or was as special as you are to us! :D
  4. Aww, thank you! The day isn't over yet in my time zone, but it has been amazing so far! :D
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