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  1. I was walking down the street with a hot chocolate when I saw Aurelia watching a show, and I went to her to see what it was. I didn't know The Weird Sisters were going to be here! I ask Aurelia about the stage and the performance as she seems interested in it, and listen to the music for a while.
  2. When will I catch something significant....sigh. Let's see how my luck goes today, casting twice!
  3. Hope I catch something today! Twice for me too ^^
  4. Perched upon it a lady winged, Flying this way, hey ho!
  5. Raevia pushes open the doors of the Leaky Cauldron with hands full of bags, breathing harshly as if she has been jogging. She tries, unsuccessfully, to fix her glasses with her shoulder. "I so need a drink," she murmurs. She piles all her bags onto a stool and asks for a butterbeer, and then starts going through the bags to find something. "Oh there you are! Top quality quills. I can't wait to try you guys," she giggles and takes her butterbeer. As she looks around the room, she sees Aurelia and Ivey and stuffs everything back in to go over there. "Hiya guys! Shopping too?"
  6. I would conjure a red parrot, a Macaw I think. So much colour on them, I love it! Also parrots would especially be fun to talk to haha, I love talking to animals. Having a parrot would 1)be a great icebreaker in a social situation 2)calm me so much in general. I'd just walk around with them on my shoulder all the time haha.
  7. i want to summon the salt. This soup is so bland but I just came from a run and I can't be bothered to go back to kitchen...
  8. Here're my designs! I think moving snowflakes would be pretty.
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