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  1. Carribbean Blue (Enya) Where do you wanna go right now?
  2. Thanks for another great term everyone!!
  3. happy new year!

    1. Aurelia West

      Aurelia West

      Happy New Year!!

    2. Emerald Wolvenhowl

      Emerald Wolvenhowl

      Happy New Year to you too, may 2023 be a fabulous time for you :)

  4. I am absolutely a hot drink person so reading everyone's responses is making me want to try them all haha. I especially love the sugary drinks, so a caramel macchiato is probably my favourite, but I want to tell you guys about this really interesting hot chocolate I tried last weekend. I don't even remember what it was called, but it was hot chocolate with whipped milk and a tangerine aftertaste, it tasted like those bitter chocolate covered tangerine drops but only in liquid form, it was exquisite. Especially so because it was so cold and I had aches all over me because I'd been visiting museums all day for a paper, and the sun was just setting over the sea...I got to enjoy this little drink in that small moment. I had to drive 2 hours in the traffic afterwards but I wasn't even bothered, you know, power of a really good drink haha.
  5. Oh, I'll miss the knights but I'm happy they found their way home. Thank you all for organising the event! I've had so much fun with the tasks.
  6. The tragedy of Tristan and Isolde has been adapted in many mediums, and one of these is Wagner's opera that premiered on 1865. It was highly influencial in making the musical trend in 19th and 20th centuries, mainly the Romanticism bunch. If you listen to the prelude, you'll hear that the key changes constantly, and a resolution is never where you expect it to be, so it conveys this frustration and unfulfilled longing really well. The notes will go higher and the volume will too, but it feels like it doesn't come to a close, like a sentence without the full stop. It's just one thing after the other, you expect it to be resolved at some point, but another thing appears, I think it's a really clever way of portraying the tragedy. Also the leitmotif of Tristan, also called the Tristan chord, sometimes appears in the works of other composers of its age, and even some more modern films incorporated it. It's a chord of F, B, D♯, and G♯. It's a very famous piece of music for a reason, and I recommend giving at least the prelude a chance :) I'm sure the knights would enjoy listening to it.
  7. Sir Perrot Roundalot used to be a knight that hung out with the knights of the round table at the tavern in the town. He was drinking buddies with Gawain and Percival, but wasn't very successful in entering the inner circle of the order. He had went on to retrieve the lost handkerchief of the Queen from the swamps outside Camelot, but alas, because of his terrible sense of direction, he got lost and entered the forest instead. He slayed a wyvern and a small goblin, rescued two farmer lads, went around and got out of the other side of the forest and got to the swamps from the end of it, and he braved it all back to the castle with the muddied handkerchief. The queen was bewildered to see a strange handkerchief presented to her, all muddied and dirty in the spotless throne room, but was too polite to tell the knight that the handkerchief was not hers. Sir Perrot Roundalot saluted everyone and proudly went back to drink with the other knights, albeit a few days later, because he got lost in the town's narrow streets and had to get outside the walls, go around, and then walk to the tavern.
  8. So I remember something similar happening in Hogwarts a while back, when Harry Potter found the philosopher's stone, right? Dumbledore had hid it in the mirror, and only someone who would not want to use it could get it from there. What was important in that situation was the motivation of the person when they interacted with the object. Could it be the same principal here? Maybe only someone with the right motivation can open the box. What that motivation might be though, I have no idea. It's already strange that the box chose to bring the knights here from a time where they were discussing a brigand, why that specific time? Is it related to why they appeared here in Hogwarts, or why someone loaned the chest in the first place? I think if we thought about how we got our hands on this chest maybe we can figure out he motivation needed to use this artifact to bring the knights back home.
  9. Among the winding towers of old I left My heart on a terrace bathed in gold Overlooking the wide fields, swaying This way and that, a smooth stream That carries peace and riches to all She encounters. The streets, the houses, The fields, the stream, envelop her: The crowned jewel of all, Camelot. Whisked away from her arms, bewildered Lest I never find my heart again, The gilded thing forever left there, Apart from me, this wretched existence, Never to see the dusk or dawn On that terrace bathed in gold. Here's something that resembles a sonnet, I intended to do an iambic pentameter but gave up immediately haha. I hope it reminds the knights how much they love Camelot and want to go back :D We love them here but I don't think they really want to stay here forever.
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