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  3. Raevia Ward

    ABC game

  4. So many great choices... The great hall, and the Gryffindor common room definitely. The library definitely has a place in my heart. Quidditch pitch too! Though now that I'm thinking, only on sunny days. The forbidden forest is really cool and I'd like to meet centaurs. If I had to choose one single experience though, I think I'd just choose wandering around the halls and the moving staircases. Just, walking around the castle? It seems like such an incredible piece of architecture and the magic of the castle itself intrigues me. I'd like to just walk around, maybe take a jab at the paintings and laugh, and sketch some of the armours around. Run to classes because I'm late, of course I am late, and experience the horror that is the moving staircases.
  5. I imagine it depends partly on how long the objects been feeding off of magic. Although, in case of portraits, it seems to me that the painter captures some sort of essence of the person, the way they perceive it of course, which is why they are never the person they used to be. Clearly they are better than the animate pictures on the newspapers if you put them on a sentience scale of sorts, but, not by a large margin. At least how I understand them. Piertotum Locomotor is a very cool spell indeed! Having said that, my favourite has to be Reparo like many people with glasses, and I really hate breaking things (not a good combination with my inherent clumsiness, ugh). I wouldn't mind repairing my headphones either, I think we need to find a spell that works as a bluetooth headphone.
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