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  1. Hey Ivey! I'm not sure about the riddles, are we supposed to answer with a room? Cuz we only have one room this week and there are two riddles... I am a bit confused ^^'
  2. Here're mine: Avatar (is violet from the 2005 movie because she rocked): And siggy (this one I actually painted in medibang looking at another illustration):
  3. Oh I definitely use the ambiences for everything lately, they help me focus somehow. I get bored very easily so it's nice to have some music that's not distracting, also I roleplay to do some essays so it's a good way of tricking myself haha. I love the Gryffindor Common Room from Ambient Worlds for that! Sometimes I use the Star Trek ambiences ender4life makes too. Although I have to say, if it's a particularly gruesome piece of work I use the Studio Ghibli piano collection. I've written so many last minute essays to that one, sooo many all-nighters *sigh*.
  4. Huzzah! We had a lovely time. Thank you for all your work!
  5. I'll have the green bag of candies, please.
  6. I'd like the red gloves, please.
  7. I'm thinking that some wizards are not accustomed to muggle inventions so maybe they would be wowed by stuff that muggles might otherwise find unimpressive because they've seen it so much, something like a water show. The witch could try using aqua eructo and aguamenti in rapid succession to make water flow from her wand like a fountain, and make different shapes with it on the lake. I don't think any wizard would like getting soaked so better be careful with it though!
  8. I'd like to buy the medieval dress, please. Looks charming.
  9. Roger the Obvious. How about Lily Potter?
  10. I aim for the medieval dress!
  11. I'm aiming for the yellow handkerchief!
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