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  1. Unfortunately he accidentally scared her away
  2. 6. Don’t mention the nargles
  3. I spotted the boggart, it turned into a cockroach but after the spell, it turned into a butterfly that my friend is desperately trying to catch!
  4. I slap Emerald for having a wicked signature
  5. Erumpent horn explosion The mysterious explosion that occurred in the house of one of the most well known families of the town, the Lovegoods, was due to a new type of explosive that takes the form of a horn stuffed with primary explosives. It’s an ingenious design that can easily camouflage in homes because of its decorative appeal. They are highly sensitive to impact, sparks and movement. It seems to be the work of a new gang in the area attempting to terrorise the residents. We ask you to remain calm and vigilant during these trying times. Should you see a horn, do not attempt to remove it or touch it. Immediately call the helpline and evacuate the area. We will dispatch a team to remove and analyze the situation.
  6. I feel a Harry Potter series binge (movies & the books) is needed very soon for my soul.

  7. Like a stir fry (Migos) What happened in your last dream?
  8. Hehe awesome! I’m sure we’re going to have a fun time!
  9. Uhhhhh, Viviana is actually a character of mine I wrote for a book, but I’ve merely just used her name, the personality is almost all me. (Let’s pretend that I’m actually describing Viviana instead of me so I won’t look narcissistic) She’s a go-getter, eager to help out and stick her nose into other people’s business. Viviana’s way taller than me, or at least will be considering she’s still a bit of a baby at the moment. She has dark brown waist long hair that’s always down or in a plait. You’ll always find her in a book - whether she reads or writes, the difference is where her pen is. Usually you’ll find a pen behind her ear! Uhhhhh anything else will probably develop with the terms but yeah :)
  10. *looks around the room for Lyra* Oh hey Gryffindors! I’m Viviana Kingston, but you can call me Vivi! I’m a first year Ravenclaw (but irl I just look like a kid, I’m actually 19, shhhh). I just popped in to find my friend, she usually frequents here, has anyone seen Lyra?
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