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  1. Wavy (SZA) What made you laugh today?
  2. Cheers to all the women that make HOL the magical place it is. Happy Women's Day!

  3. Raevia Ward

    1 - 10 000

    Wow you got the 1000 Sky!! How appropriate \^o^/
  4. https://i.ibb.co/48Ld374/resim.png
  5. Took my first OWL today...it's gonna be a loooong long term (´。_。`)

  6. Holiday (Hilary Duff) What's ideal lunch for you?
  7. I used to have this one surfer barbie doll that smelled divine, I'm pretty sure there was coconut and butter tones in there. I think mine would smell like that, and sunscreen, perhaps with a touch of peach.
  8. Thanks for the shiny new award and congratulations to everyone who's got one! Great work this term as well guys \^o^/
  9. Thank you so much guys! It was a great day of lots of cake and surfing, beautiful weather. Cheers!
  10. There's always going to be a new day!
  11. Oh, we're having another party! Perhaps I will pop down a bit to try the pastries, we do get some mean pastries. I wonder if they prepared sword themed cookies or something. I finish my food and go upstairs to get ready. I say that but most of the time I wandered in my room looking at various items and then promptly gave up. Why not go over the top, I thought to myself. I wear my chainmail with my plushie gryffindor sword and head out. I see Emerald walking out at the same time and greet her.
  12. Carribbean Blue (Enya) Where do you wanna go right now?
  13. Thanks for another great term everyone!!
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