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  1. 1. We can do some spells that will disguise our ship to the pirates. (I'm not sure what the spells are called...they are the ones Hermione used in the Deathly Hallows Part One to hide from the Snatchers) The disguised boat will also have a Yellow Jack (A flag that was raised on quarantine ships) and some sick passengers to make the pirates leave. 2. Another idea is to cast spells to make all of the pirates start fighting amongst themselves. Then, we can use magic to make it so that a single punch or kick will knock out a pirate. Note: First disarm the pirates before trying this. 3. Also, we could create a portkey that looks like a treasure chest. The portkey will send the pirates to a random island in the Caribbean or somewhere. 4. If we want to be more destructive, we could stun the pirates and send them into the water. This would be a good idea if the pirates were very aggressive and if we are in a hurry. 5. Finally, we could give them rum which contains a sleeping potion or something to knock them out. Then, it would be easier to deal with them.
  2. Both of my daily tries for me, please!
  3. I would spend time at Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes because the Weasley twins are my favorite characters in Harry Potter and I love their shop. I would definitely buy a few Extendable Ears, so I can spy on people who may be talking about me or interesting things.
  4. False. Likes winter sports better than summer sports?
  5. Hi there! Whenever I go to a movie theater or watch a movie at home, my favorite snack is a bowl of warm, buttery popcorn. (Butter Popcorn) In addition to just eating the delicious popcorn, it's fun and easy to share some with others. That's one of the reasons why I always have a few packs of microwave popcorn handy. Additionally, popcorn seems to taste the best when I watch a movie, which is why I have always associated popcorn with movies.
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