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  1. If I were to daydream, it would be about a thrilling exploration in the jungle with my friends. The trees would be so tall I cannot even see the top, the ground soft and filled with dirt. Monkeys, parrots, snakes and different kinds of exotic creatures would fill the forest. I’d love to have my closest friends with me as I explore the treetops. There would be a little stream between the trees, filled with little fishes and cool water, where we could take a rest.
  2. Welcome to the Gryffie Common Room!
  3. I sometimes play soft music in the background, but most of time I like to keep it quiet. I focus better when there is nothing around to distract me, but music in the background probably won’t do much damage.
  4. Ahhhh! Thank you for the award. I enjoyed this year and I look forward to many more!
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