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  1. Astor Arensin

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    8391 (wow has it really been going on for 11 years??)
  2. Astor: *laughs upon reaching the group* "It's a medieval castle, of course there aren't any elevators!"
  3. Finding Nemo :) "If you think of yourself as funny, you become tragic."
  4. cough constantly, its basically what i already do lol would you rather be taller than most people or shorter than most?
  5. Hogwarts house that doesn't suit me. I can learn to adjust, or spend most of my time with my true-house, anyways. Would you rather write a story or paint/draw a picture?
  6. Due to the current Ravenclaw activity for the summer, I decided to go with Guess Who! Now there isn't much that can be changed, but perhaps the cards/pictures of the characters can be magical sort of holograms, only seen by the player (to prevent cheating). In addition, once a character is taken out of the possible list of people, the player could perhaps use their wand to grey out the portrait, or maybe blast the picture, or mark it out. The game could also be modified by having the portraits be actual small holographic figurines of the characters, appearing like a miniature Patronus, perhaps in color as well. And again, the characters would not be visible to the other player, they'd appear as the Guess Who logo.
  7. I've definitely played many various types of games over the years, but I, unfortunately, do not remember most of them in detail. Playing games with my family was always a hassle, and quite annoying. While I may be the youngest so I always got to go first, I have 4 siblings, so I had to wait a long time before it was my turn again, especially if they invited friends. Though one of my favorite games, that I sadly don't play as much anymore (mainly due to my dislike for the current focus on the gameplay for this patch) is Path of Exile. My eldest brother introduced me to it 5 years ago, and while I've had some breaks from playing it, it's been overall enjoyable. I like how it's a grinding sort of RPG, and there's new content each patch (they typically run for about 3 months), and along with the new League mechanic, there's also reworks, buffs, and nerfs to previously existing content, as well as introducing new skills, modifiers, gear, etc.
  8. Red Side of the Moon - Trixie Mattel What's your favorite type of animal?
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