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  1. My queen, to you I offer a magical pendant of diamonds and sapphires, designed to shield you and the ones you love from all curses.
  2. Arabella the neighborly How about Gwenog Jones?
  3. I'd like the Emerald ring and the green handkerchief as well, please.
  4. I would like the beautiful Medieval Dress, please.
  5. I'd like to purchase an inkwell, please
  6. "This barren field is flat, and I like it like that. My stead will not stumble, so I won't take a tumble."
  7. Hedwig the Mapstar How about Aberforth Dumbledore?
  8. I'd like a pair of slippers, please. Oh! And the gloves, boots, hat, and green gloves.
  9. Lavender the Lovely How about Parvati Patil?
  10. I'm aiming for the Gryfftoberfest flag!
  11. Grawp the Devoted How about Xenophilious Lovegood?
  12. He gallops to his joust He cannot wait Another knight to oust Time to meet his fate
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