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  1. I live in the country, in the United States, and while most of our Snakes are not venomous, we do see alot of Copperheads. Copperheads blend in perfectly with the dead leaves and fall foliage on the ground. They also blend in quite well with the bark of some trees in the late summer evenings, when they love to hunt. Fortunately, not very many people die from Copperhead bites, but who wants to be bitten by one in the first place?
  2. I'd accio my tv remote control. It's the end of the day and time to relax. I've just sat down and noticed my remote is on the other side of the room. While I can use my cell phone to change channels, it won't turn my television on.
  3. Thank for such a fun activity! It was a hoot!
  4. I would create a wrapping paper design which changes colors to the favorite color of the recipient and adds their name, and can be used over and over again whenever it it is needed for a new gift and a new recipient. I'd would also design a gift which would toss out unobtrusive confetti or glitter or sparkles whenever the recipient is in the process of opening the gift (but not so much that the recipient is annoyed and doesn't want to open the package altogether!)
  5. Congratulations Sky, Ivey, Lorainia, and Ada, for those truly golden promotions and shiny new badges!
  6. My favorite quote comes from Deathly Hallows. I think we're so used to the scene where Dumbledore tells Snape he has to be the one to kill him being so full of heartbreak and angst, that we seldom remember what Snape's initial response actually was:
  7. Among all the items brought to the Blacksmith's stall to be repaired is a large figure of a unicorn. The unicorn had once been very beautiful and full of charm and held lots of meaning. In the case of this particular unicorn, while the horse's head will still clearly visible, it's face was very dirty. It was completely intact, however, as was the horse's body. The unicorn's lion's tail had been removed completely, however, and so was the beard. The slender, circular shaped horn on it's head was also laying on the ground of the dirty shop. The goat's hooves were smashed completely. It's difficult to say who ripped apart this beautiful heraldic symbol! Maybe someone was having a bit too much fun and couldn't understand why a horse would also have a beard, a horn, and goat's legs. They probably thought they'd remove the strange parts of the creature so it could be returned to looking like a normal horse.
  8. When I envision the dancers, I imagine them in a skirt which has a tight fitted waist and a full skirt which falls down just below their knees. The skirt is fairly loose and shapeless, and a rather neutral beigey, flesh color. Around their waist is a tight belt. Tired around the belt, and hanging vertically, are twenty-five scarves. The scarves are of various colors. When the dancers twirl, the scarves move in such a way as to make the dances appear to be floating..
  9. The poor magician! I have an idea that might work. She would need two assistants, one of whom who can create a portkey very quickly and non-verbally. She would start by turning her back to the audience and having her first assistant collect six different objects from six different people throughout the audience. Each item should be of varying size, with no sharp ends (I wouldn't want her or anyone else to get hurt!). Once all six objects are on stage, the magician turns around to face the audience again. She should now re-size them. If the object is really small, she would want to use Engorgio to make it larger; if it is really large, she would use Reducto to make it smaller. Once she has her objects at a size where they are not too large, or so small they cannot be seen, she would, so it would look more impressive, Levicorpus her first assistant. Once her assistant is hanging upside down, the assistant would non-verbally Accio the first object and place it on the floor. Next, a second assistant would pick up the object, take the object off stage, and non-verbally turn it into a portkey, setting it to return to the stage in five minutes. The magician and two assistants would continue to do this with each object, but timing the portkey to return each object one minute later than the previous object. The magician will announce she knows who owns each object, and she can prove it. Once each object has been turned into a portkey, the second assistant will move from backstage and slip out into the audience. The assistant will Accio the first object and gently drop the object into the lap of the audience member it belongs to. That person will unexpectedly be transported onto the stage. The magician will take credit. The owner has been found!
  10. Bertie the Creative How about Salazar Slytherin?
  11. A lady who is already on good terms with the squid leads him back to the lake Oh, no! The juggler, who has already been paid to entertain the guests, is refusing to continue unless he gets to ride the king's best stallion.
  12. A queen without her crown is full of gloom, and could possibly spell the kingdom's doom. I'm glad I can serve and make things right Before I ride off into the night.
  13. I offer you a magical, emerald and silver coated saddle to place upon your broom. It will quicken your flight and is especially useful for overseas travel.
  14. Barty the Brokenhearted What about Celestina Warbeck?
  15. I have these items up for sale: slice of gryfftoberfest cake for sale for 35 gold coins wooden flute for sale for 20 gold coins
  16. I have these items up for sale: slice of gryfftoberfest cake for sale for 35 gold coins wooden flute for sale for 20 gold coins
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