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  1. Ivey returned Maxim’s fist bump and the broom he offered her. Right as worry about how to actually play began to seep in, Maxim began explaining it. Ivey was relieved the concept of sweeping was explained to her as it began to make sense and she started to piece together the gameplay. With the broom in hand, she watched the rest of the team assemble and prepared to play a round. Hopefully her lack of skill and experience with the game wouldn’t show too much, but more importantly how was she to keep her balance on the ice when she definitely couldn’t before? Pulling on her skates, she decided to just give it her best shot. It’d be fun either way and she was eager to learn a new game.
  2. Iverian smiled at Maxim’s compliment, it was sweet, but she knew she was more a harm to herself and others on the ice than on the ground. Perhaps staying on a solid, non slippery, surface would be best for now. Her skates would come in use later when she’d built up the courage to try again. She was just admiring Rose’s snowman when Manya walked up and Rose, in her excitement, knocked it over. “Well, this is almost a challenge to build a bigger and better one!” Ivey announced. Ivey greeted Manya, happy to see the bubbly first year back. By now, Sky had joined their growing group clustered around the destroyed snowman and challenged them all to a curling match. Ivey had no idea what curling was, but decided to give it a try anyway since the others seemed to know what they were doing. ‘I’ll watch them and figure out how it’s done,’ she thought. Maxim announced his role as a ‘sweeper’ though Ivey had absolutely zero idea what that consisted of. “Me too! I’m also a sweeper, definitely the role I play best as in all the times I’ve participated in a curling competition,” she announced with the confidence of a turtle challenging a hare to a race. With that thought, Ivey made her way over to some of the students setting up the match and volunteered herself as part of the team.
  3. Happy Birthday, Rose!! Have an amazing day! (We always have space in the den for more books! :D)
  4. During this holiday season, the owls can be a bit stressed and unable to properly enjoy the season. It's up to us to ensure they feel the same holiday spirit that we all do. We'll be dividing up into two teams here. Option 1: Create presents for the owls using whatever artistic medium you prefer. Make sure it's something the owls will enjoy and showcases our appreciation for all they do! Option 2: Decorate the post office so the owls have something cheery to come back to. You can use whatever artistic medium you prefer, but make sure it's festive and welcoming for our owls! You can complete either option by describing what you did in at least 80 words. To earn 10 rubies, post your designs as a reply below. The deadline is 11:59 PM HOL-time on December 20th.
  5. The owls are a bit confused. A bunch of presents need to be delivered, but the owls can't decide which package to deliver. Solve this logic puzzle to decide which owl gets which colored package, what's inside of it, and in what order they leave the post office! 1. The owl who was carrying the dress robes, which were not in a blue package, was either the Barn owl or the Snowy owl 2. The Gryffindor Scarf was in either yellow or blue packaging, but the Eagle owl was not carrying them. 3. The Tawny owl left carrying the blue package after the Barn owl which wasn't carrying the yellow package, but before the Eagle owl (which didn't have the red package). 4. The Snowy owl was neither the first nor last to leave, and the Tawny owl didn't leave second. 5. The Firebolt was the present that left second in neither a red nor yellow present. To earn 10 rubies, send your solution to me (Iverian Gnash) and Sky Alton in one message with the subject line "Task 4: Delivery Dilemmas". The deadline is 11:59 PM HOL-time on December 20th!
  6. Ivey hurriedly ran down to Hogsmeade to buy a pair of skates because she had never anticipated needing them. When she finally got a nice shiny pair that actually fit (shoe stores were always confusing), she ran back to the castle without any Hogwarts staff seeing her (she wasn't entirely sure she could just run down to Hogsmeade whenever she pleased but... this was an emergency after all). Through the castle, out onto the lawn, and down to the lake she ran bundled up in a red felt-like coat. She got to the edge of the ice and surveyed everything. Sky was on her broom talking to Maxim who didn't seem to be having an issue skating and Rose was on the edge of the ice making what looked like a sandcastle out of snow. Ivey slid on her new skates - white with red laces, a red fluffy rim around the top, and silver skates. She uncertainly tried to stand up and only ended up falling back down again. Eventually, she managed to get to her feet and kick off onto the ice. Her legs felt like they were shaking at the fear of falling over. Getting a few feet onto the lake, Ivey toppled onto the ice and couldn't manage to get herself back up again. Taking off her skates, she figured she'd try again later when someone was willing to help her out and made her way over to Rose to help with the snow castle.
  7. The owls have been working hard this season, but unfortunately a letter seems to have been dropped during delivery. The winter storms have been rather brutal after all. Solve this puzzle to find the letter and repair it so it can be delivered! Puzzle Link To earn 10 rubies, send you completed maze to me (Iverian Gnash) and Sky Alton in one message with the subject line "Task 2: Missing Letters". The deadline is 11:59 PM HOL-time on December 20th!
  8. Hey Emily! I would suggest using postimages.org and copying/pasting the link there into the post. See if that works and if not, send me a message!
  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LO!!! Hope you have a spectacular day!! <3
  10. Our castle is back!!! Thank you Dario and everyone who worked so hard to get everything back to order!!! <3 

  11. The main HOL site is down for the time being. It will be up as soon as the problem can be fixed, let's exercise our Gryffindor patience and hunker down in the Den for now!

    1. Prof. Sky Alton

      Prof. Sky Alton

      Over on the Sett they're gathering together class links so everyone can still get on with some homework while we're waiting for Dario to work wonders with our poor server. http://thebadgersett.us/forum/index.php?%2Ftopic%2F3136-where-to-find-houses-and-classes%2F

  12. Happy Birthday Dario!!!!! *chugs butterbeer and ties birthday balloons to every available space*
  13. Thanks Sky, Ada, and Professor Decibel for holding this fantastic event :D Am I allowed to walk around in my costumes the rest of the year? (I may either way) *waltzes off in her victorian style dress*
  14. One of the scenes in my play is going to take place in the Great Hall. They have decorated it for Esmée's arrival and made it look a bit like Beauxbatons with some blue streamers and a welcome sign in French to make her feel more at home. The scene will start with the Great Hall's big doors decorated with a welcome sign in french. The doors will open by sliding them off stage to the left and right revealing the Great Hall with the four tables in a row and a blue banner at the front of the room saying "Bienvenue, Esmée!". Little blue streamers are strung around the room and blue fireworks are going off in the sky above.
  15. The first kind of magic we can use are magical forms of fireworks. One person will stand at one end, and someone at the other. They shoot a spark at the same time so they hit in the middle of the stage and explode. Of course, this could be dangerous if something catches on fire or a spark hits someone, but we can make it safer by having trained wizards who have practiced this doing it and people who know the water and repairing spells well. The next thing we can do which really shouldn't be all that dangerous is changing the colors of stage equipment and props during the show. For instance, we can have a flashing stage bottom by constantly changing the color to all sorts of things while people are dancing. This could be potentially dangerous if the spell hits someone instead of an object, but if we are careful about it, it really shouldn't be a problem.
  16. Ivey heard Carrie screaming her name and looked up to see her trying to get her attention. She looked down at her dress which was a bit of a... mess. Straightening it out more so it had the look of 'pretty summer dress' and not 'wrinkly mess'. She fastened her best friend badge to her dress, right next to her prefect badge and thanked Rose for it. Ivey loved shiny things and this was the perfect addition to her robe. She noticed Sky had taken off down the long table and decided to prance behind her telling her about everything that had happened over the summer. Right as she went to get up from her seat, she noticed Will and Tarma coming into the room. She waved at both of them and watched Maxim walking up to Sky. Ivey decided to join them, walking up right as Maxim commented on Sky's ferociousness. "Now, now, she's only scary if you decide to bring a Niffler into the common room and it takes her shinies while you're in class not watching it." Ivey giggled and glanced over at Tarma - who had still not noticed her Niffler had gone missing, must have been a bit busy with the sick crup. "Hey Carrie!" Ivey called across the table to Carrie. "Would you say a Niffler in the common room is a good idea?" She grabbed a strawberry pastry off the table as it was being passed by and glanced down at her schedule.
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