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  1. Given that we've all been inside for a while, let's try making something - literally - of it. This week, we're going to get creative using... paper! Throughout your house, there are many paper products, so as long as the first step in your project is paper, anything goes! Create a paper sculpture, paper airplane, origami craft, a 3D paper craft, etc. Just to give you some ideas, here are a few links to spark your creativity: https://origami.wonderhowto.com/how-to/fold-unique-paper-sculpture-0135074/ https://www.stemlittleexplorers.com/en/toilet-roll-craft-cardboard-castle/ Share your creations below by April 30th, 11:59 PM HOL-time for 10 rubies! Alternatively, write a story where the plot starts with a single piece of paper in at least 80 words.
  2. I definitely think Neville and Luna should have ended up together because that would have been really cute! Also, Dobby and Winky should have ended up together if Dobby had lived. I'm happy that Ginny and Harry ended up together because that whole relationship was so cute!
  3. That smoothie bowl looks absolutely amazing Emily! I would love to have one of those :D I wish my Cheerios would turn brightly coloured like those Hannah, very creative! Because it's around Easter, it just occurred to me that Easter Eggs are an amazingly colorful food too! They start off all bland and white, but once we had some color, they're super bright! Yes, that rhymes and I totally didn't *cough* did plan it that way.
  4. Who wants to sit down to plain cereal when they could have a bowl of rainbow pebbles? As far as colorful foods go, there really aren't that many options when you walk into a grocery store. So, for our food station, we're dealing with colorful foods! Anything bright, out of the ordinary, eye catching, you name it! Personally, there is this bagel shop my grandma and I will stop at on the way to a morning class and they have rainbow bagels that are super bright and taste absolutely amazing! Try cooking a colorful food and show us a photo of the result, or create a picture of a colorful food that you think should exist by April 30th, 11:59 PM HOL-time for 10 rubies! Alternatively, you could tell us about your favourite colourful food in at least 80 words.
  5. If you have any questions throughout the activity, post them here and we'll respond as soon as possible!
  6. Ivey ducked quickly as she saw Maxim running into the hallway. She rolled her eyes and announced, "Me?? This is most definitely your fault. You just happened to run off after releasing them!" Grumbling, she cast a spell she had just learned and watched a group of pixies tangle themselves in the net that had just appeared mid air. Grinning, she glanced at Maxim, "If you need any spell help, let me know!" No sooner had she said this, then a pixie figured out the source of the net and charged her, grabbing her hair and lifting her up.
  7. Hope you had a fantastic birthday, Manya!
  8. Thank you so much Lo for the fun hunts! It was a blast!
  9. Ivey was having a relaxing Monday strolling through the castle. She had done all of her homework earlier, and having nothing much better to do, she decided to prance through the corridors a bit finding something to do. Right as she was about to head downstairs and onto the grounds to run around a bit, she heard a rather chaotic hum coming from the floor above. Running upstairs, she found herself in the middle of a rather problematic situation. Blue pixies were shooting through the air causing general chaos and Ivey wasn't sure what to do. A pixie grabbed at her bracelet and tried to yank it off so she jerked her hand back and went to back out of the corridor when she realized she probably should be doing something about this. Grabbing her wand out, she looked around to see if anyone else was going to try any spells on the pixies.
  10. Iverian Gnash

    1 - 10 000

    :ooo Should I?? I totally should... 8000!!!!!! Wooooo
  11. Loool I slap Sky for helping me to improve my pillow fort
  12. I slap Sky because my pillow fort keeps falling down so her's is currently bigger.
  13. Iverian prances into the kitchens all excited. She had only been in the kitchens... a few times a week... though obviously that could go unnoticed. Ivey looked around the room and saw all of her fellow Gryffs. Waving at everyone, she noticed Manya being helped up by Rose. After checking to make sure everyone was alright, she slid around the kitchen, depositing a few treats in her pocket, and headed straight for the dessert table (those bags of sugar were too enticing), when a house elf grabbed her arm and tried to motion her over to some chicken that needed cutting up. Waving her arms around in exasperation, she motioned at all the sugar and tried to convince the house elf of her delicious pastries. Apparently her convincing smile paid off because the house elf finally gave up and shooed her back to the counter full of sugar. Grabbing some ingredients, she got to work.
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