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    I love talking to people and making new friends. I love to cook, play with animals, and learn.

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  1. I take guard from Prof. Black and throw some bird feed away from the common room. I see a goblin coming towards the room.
  2. I take guard from Maxim and tell Irma that someone was trying to get into the restricted section in the library. Mr.Filch is approaching looking angry.
  3. I would like to give the fat lady two new outfits, one formal and one more casual. The first outfit i want to give her is a fancy ball gown like dress. I think she would look amazing in pink, so I have made a baby pink dress for her. The dress will have short puff sleeves made out of a mesh material and they will be an antique white color. It will be a long dress but will not drag on the ground. It will be a similar style to Cinderella’s dress, but in pink. With this, she could wear a silver simple necklace with a matching bracelet and earrings. She would were silver 2 inch heels. For the casual outfit, I would like to make her a top with jeans. The top would be a golden yellow tshirt with a jean jacket worn over it. She would have mid wash denim jeans. They would be high waisted and slightly ripped in some places. She could wear this with Vans shoes and have here hair in a half up-half down style.
  4. “I don’t really know whats interesting about me,” Elladora says and laughs a little. “This is my first time out of the United States. That’s kind of interesting. I have always wanted to travel to Europe so this is really fun for me. Before I was sorted into a house, I knew I was going to be in either hufflepuff or ravenclaw, but I’m not as smart as a ravenclaw so hufflepuff is perfect for me. I had a pretty normal childhood, except a few times when I did something I couldn’t explain. One time when I got a little mad at my mom, her glass of wine spilled over out of no where and stained her white dress. My parents had known what Hogwarts was because my aunt was in it, but they never thought I would be in it until I got my letter. What about you? Tell me about yourself. I would love to learn about your family and childhood too,” Elladora says to Manya. Elladora sees another girl sit next to her. She hasn’t seen her around yet this year. She introduces herself. “Hi I’m Elladora.” The girl seems friendly and is very beautiful. “I love your outfit,”she adds.
  5. “My wand is beech wood with a Phoenix feather core, 13 3/4 inches, and brittle flexibility,” Elladora replies, happy about getting to know her friend. “I love my patronus! It’s a unicorn!” Elladora says enthusiastically. “My first time on the Hogwarts express, I was a little confused to be honest. I didn’t know where to find platform 9 3/4, but then I saw some other people talking about it and followed them. I was amazed seeing the train for the first time. It was so beautiful. Before I got on the train, I hugged my parents goodbye. That was a little sad, but I was too excited, that I just couldn’t be sad. I found an empty chair to sit in and some other people sat around me. When it came time for snacks, I made sure to bring some money so I could try some jumping frogs. I had been dying to try them. They were really good, too! I was so excited when we first got to Hogwarts but I was also kinda nervous for the sorting ceremony. Even though I already knew I belonged in Hufflepuff. Tell me about you wand, patronus, and Hogwarts express experience. Also, I would love to hear about how you met Rose. You two seem to be good friends. She seems really nice.”
  6. “Of course! Lots of people call me Ella. :) I am from Florida, born and raised. It’s really hot there, so being a Hogwarts feels great. I might even see snow for the first time! I got into Hogwarts pretty normally. A letter arrived at my door and I was very shocked that I was a witch, since both of my parents are muggles. Funny story actually, the first time my letter arrived, I threw it away because I didn’t know what it was. But then when it came again, I opened it. What about you?” Elladora responded.
  7. “I don’t know if Hufflepuff has a fest like Gryffindor does. But I really hope they do. I am really liking Hufflepuff. I suits me well and i love all of the friends I have made so far also. How are you liking Gryffindor?” Elladora asks. “I hope we have a Yule Ball this year also. I really want to get all fancied up and hopefully get a date to the dance also.” Manya answers Elladora then turns and talks to Sabastien as Elladora finishes up her plate of food. She is so excited about eating food this delicious every morning. That will surely brighten up everyday.
  8. Rose and Elladora exchange goodbyes before Rose leaves quickly to go give Gail her gift. ”Hope to see you again soon!” Elladora happily says as Rose leaves the table. Elladora has already finished her first plate of food, but as she looks at everything she hasn’t tried yet, she decides she wants another small plate of food. She puts some chocolate filled croissants on her plate, and adds some fruit onto her plate. She tries a chocolate filled croissant for the first time, and absolutely loves them. Elladora turns back to Manya and Sabastien so they can talk some more before breakfast ends. “So, do you know if they are having the Yule Ball this year? I’m really excited for that,” Elladora asks.
  9. Elladora sees a beautiful, friendly girl walking over to her. As she approaches, Sabastien leans over and says,”that Manya, she really nice, I think you two would be great friends.” Manya sits down next to Elladora, as they introduce themselves and start talking. They talk about what classes they are taking this term, what classes they are most excited for, and how they got into Hogwarts. Elladora comes from a muggle family so this is all very new and exciting to her. Manya waves to another girl as she approaches the table. “Who’s that?”, Elladora asks. “ That’s Rose. You two will be great friends,” Manya replies. Elladora sees Rose holding some gifts in her hand and realizes she forgot to bring hers. She was running late this morning and totally forgot about them. She remembers that there are 2 cauldron cakes sitting on her nightstand in her room. She will bring them for Manya and Rose tomorrow morning. Rose sits down across from Elladora and Manya, and hands Elladora her gift. It is a beautiful yellow and black scarf. She immediately puts it on and loves it. “This scarf is so pretty, thank you so much, Rose. This is a great final touch to my outfit,” Elladora says enthusiastically. The three girls continue talking about what they are most excited for this year at Hogwarts. “Care of magical creatures is a fun class, but I am most excited for potions class. I am also looking at joining the jeopardy club. I have done a few of the tasks and it was really fun. What about you guys?” Elladora asks.
  10. Elladora woke up a little late, but luckily she planned her outfit the night before. She put on her yellow turtle neck and black skirt, and was off to breakfast. As she approaches the great hall, she can smell all kinds a delicious foods. But one sticks out to her. Bacon! She rushes into the great hall, and stops for a second to take in the beauty of it. On her way down here, she heard some people talking about the new Hufflepuff, Sabastien. Elladora is a first year and since she didn't know anyone else, she decided that she wanted to become friends with him. Elladora looks over to the Hufflepuff table and spots Sebastien sitting around a few other people. She gets a little nervous, but pulls herself together and walks over there. There was a spot next to him, so she decided that is where she wanted to sit. Elladora spotted her owl swooping down towards the table to drop off her mail, as soon as she sat down. She opened it and found that inside was the bracelet that she has wanted for so long. There was a note next to it that read," Just wanted to give you a gift for your first day. Hope all goes well. I love you and miss you already! -Love, mom." She immediately put on the stunning gold bracelet, and started to pile food onto her plate. Before she started eating, she introduced herself to those sitting around her, starting with Sabastien. As soon as they started talking, she knew they would be great friends. Elladora introduced herself to the few other guys and girls sitting around her, and finished eating her breakfast. She was so excited that she made new friends, and the group talked throughout breakfast and on their way to their classes.
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