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  2. As I walk into the Fae court, a great hall of tree roots, bark and branches, I am immediately in awe. The floor looks like a river of pure sapphire with soft forest flooring and green on the edges. It reflects and gleams. The Tree root walls are covered in vines and leaves with the pillars looking like they have soft frost on. I was surprised to see flowers on the pillars of pure blue and silver. The ceiling enchanted to a soft snow storm with light snow flakes making their way down and disappearing before they reach anyone's heads. Fae of all kinds standing on the edges laughing and talking. Beautiful variety of colours from their wings and attire. It was a beautiful symphony of all the seasons in one area. Blending together perfectly.
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  4. https://i.postimg.cc/Jn9C0qGT/Capture.jpg
  5. Towards fun, we will cast a charm A moving and dancing alarm. Rhythm picks up, All our limbs can tell. Nothing can stop as it's, The great fun top, kick and hop. As we dance without cause, Life is in our feet. Laughing out loud, Eager our feet sweep. Going and dancing all the way, Red and purple light, A dance and funny delight.
  6. The illustration will show a hand pointing wand forward towards the target (target being a person or object with legs and pointing to those legs), illustrating a motion of the wand in a "n" movement towards the target as you speak the Tarantallegra incantation, showing wand have a red or purple light emanating from the tip. Text on how the incantation is pronounced next to it as follow: ta-RON-ta-LEG-gra. Lastly object will be shown as having rapid moving legs as if dancing or moving in rhythm via arrows and vibration marks drawn next to its legs.
  7. I slap Viviana for participating everywhere, well done :)
  8. I spotted the boggart at the lake, it turned into a Lethifold. I cast the spell and it turned into a dark helium filled balloon. A skipped off with it tied to my wrist, singing.
  9. Rule 7: No wearing funky magical eye-wear.
  10. Fortunately, his hearing was restored
  11. Happy Birthday. Hope it was a good one
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