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  1. If you have any questions about the bingo game please ask them here and someone will get back to you ASAP.
  2. If you are open to other bingo players private messaging you to share matches, please reply to this topic.
  3. Welcome, welcome to our September Bright Beginnings Bingo ! This is a chance to get to know your fellow HOLers and have some fun at the same time. There are also rubies up for grabs! Please read the following information carefully before diving in. How to Submit To get started, you should set up a group PM with both Lorainia Riverrider and Reyyan Azkendra. Please submit anything for the activity as a reply to that PM so it’s easier for us to keep track. Your Card We’ve provided a bingo card (Bingo Card Link) full of prompts which you need to fill out with facts about yourself. To sign up for the activity, you need to send us the card with all of your answers filled in by 11:59 PM HOL-time on 20th September. The card is hosted on Google Sheets, so you should be able to download a copy to fill out on your own computer - alternatively, feel free to make your own spreadsheet if you’d prefer (just make sure the squares are the same!). When sending us a copy though, please do it as a screenshot (rather than a link to your spreadsheet) so it’s easier for us to track the progress you’ve made. Matching Once we’ve approved your card, you can start to look for other members who share the same interests or opinions as you put down on your card. You can then edit in their names in that square on your card. You can find matches one of two ways: A. By messaging a fellow bingo player to chat (you can find players who are open to chatting by looking at this thread https://gryff.net/index.php?/topic/3999-open-to-pms/). B. By exploring the HOL website and forums (not just Gryffindor) to find where people have shared facts about themselves in public topics or their profile. When you’ve found some matches, you can send us a picture of your updated card. You can either wait until the end to submit all the matches you have or send them in as they happen. All your matches must be sent to us by 11:59 PM HOL-time on 30th September. Rules There are a few rules to be aware of as you play: 1. You must send us your card with all your answers filled out and have it approved before you can start looking for matches. 2. When messaging people on the hunt for matches, you may only message people who have agreed to be private messaged in this thread (link), nobody else. Please don’t spam or hassle anyone. 3. You can’t use inactive people to match with. Any member you use must have signed into HOL within the last 12 months. 4. You may only use the same person for two matches, even if you have more things in common. 5. You may not change the answers on your card just to get a match. The ones you send in when you sign up are the ones you’ll need to use. We will be comparing cards to make sure people have matched correctly, so please don’t give someone a different answer to the one that’s on your card, even if you can answer the prompt several ways (for example, if you have multiple favourite colours, just stick to one for the activity). Rubies You’ll receive 20 rubies for filling out all the answers on your card and then 3 rubies for every match you make after that (that’s 48 if you manage to match on all of them). If you manage to get a full house, we’ll round it up to 80 in total. Accessibility If you find any part of the activity difficult for accessibility reasons, please let us know so we can find an alternative way of doing things that suits you. Remember that you need to sign up and submit your card with your answers on it by 20th September if you want to take part. You then have until the end of the month (the 30th) to send in matches. Very best of luck and have fun!
  4. Welcome to Sir Nick's Notices! This is the place you can wish someone a happy birthday, congratulate a fellow student on a job well done, and announce your absences.
  5. Welcome to Peeve's Place! Play games and make mischief! You are welcome to post your own games, just make sure they are HOL appropriate. If you are not sure if a game is appropriate, feel free to PM Prof. Sky Alton, Reyyan Azkendra, or myself to ask. Spamming is semi-encouraged in Peeves' Place. However, please do not post back-to-back. Wait for at least one person to post before you post again. Also, keep in mind any posts made here do not count toward your post total. Fun is always encouraged in Peeves' Place.
  6. Silvana should have posted a word that starts with u. I will continue with v. Vest
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