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  1. There once was a lad, curiously clumsy, Who had a heart yearning for prosperity. So he picked up his sword, to start his journey and find his first battle Only to drop it on his shoe, owing to a screaming kettle.
  2. *bow dramatically* oh my queen i present to you an adorable chibi lion plushy, wearing a a Gryffindor colored scarf around its neck.
  3. I would choose intangibility! I could get away from so many dangers, maybe cause some mischief here and there~ :3 OR just be a vigilante, no bullet or weapon can touch me...maybe have the ability to cloak others with my power too, in case of rescuing hostages or others...I'm thinking too deep, but yeah, intangibility is my choice. Being invisible isn't hard in my case. Tho I guess intangiblity can provide a hiding spot wherever you are, even underground, though that would be trickier to control...
  4. Poor pancakes, they are still loved tho, also I prefer drinks over solid food. But I voted for pizza since it's something that could be eaten anytime of the year.
  5. Innocent...I am curious tho Ever judged someone from a one sided story?
  6. I'll go with squib, I can know about magic and still be connected to the advancements around the world. Would you rather be imprisoned in Azkaban or in Arkham asylum?
  7. I would add in the Quintuple-C Initiative (I hope I used the right word) my knitting wool and needles! The wool can be used as a distraction and sometimes even be used to set up traps if needed, and knitting can be a good stress reliever, to get your mind off things, and you'd get a scarf or whatever you build out of it to stay warm and comforted too! Maybe even the softness of the material can help deter danger, maybe if you were chased by someone, and all they needed was a soft, warm sweater to be happy, you'd be ready to both save yourself and make someone happy. (Did I make sense?)
  8. *sigh content as I hang upside down from the chandelier* this is so homey ~ *eats cookie* I'm Narcissus btw, just Cissy is Okey, so not every time someone calls me they sound like they're hissing
  9. 'for the first time in forever' Annie Get Your Gun
  10. 'not famous for something i did' definitely, claiming you did something you didn't is stress inducing, and unnecessary weight in my conscience (plus being famous isn't always positive like: i could be innocent yet famous for a mass homicide ) would you rather be immortal, or give immortality to the person you love the most?
  11. Lora~ how about you finish everything you say in this site has to end "hold my bread sticks" for 3 days! until september 2nd ...if that's against the rules, then how about you make your profile picture Big Chungus for 3 days Duck
  12. Guilty...carrying that since childhood! convinced others that a total lie was true?
  13. Tell Dobby that you wanted to see his collection of clothes and socks, he takes your hand and leads you to his hut excitedly and you don't have the heart to stop him or dampen his cheery mood. i sit at the top of the hill MY HILL! (not sure if this goes against any rules but if i can't use Dobby imagine a random freed elf)
  14. this game was left with no more continuation... 1- i graduated high-school 2- i am 5ft10 3- i read fan-fiction
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