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    Groaning in pain because I fell off the balcony. I'm also allergic to madame pomfrey's healing potions!
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    Reading, Quidditch, Defence against the dark arts, Gobstones, drinking butterbeer.

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  1. "It was fun, though my pizza got away!" *points to his leg in a cast and edges away when cleaning is mentioned*
  2. As Isa's pizza takes off Jack desperately wants to help her but he knows that madame pomfrey will flip if he gets up. He looks around to see if he can spot the perpetrator. He reaches out to grab his pizza but his hand slips on the grease of the empty plate and he falls flat on his face. As he sits up the only thing left of his pizza, an olive, is stuck to his forehead. He shouts across the table "Run away pizza!" feeling kinda foolish. That pizza was goood!
  3. "Hey Isa," Jack called. Trying to get up but being reminded that he had a broken leg! "Come sit here," he shuffled painfully to the right then took a massive bite out of his pizza. He didn't know he could fit so much in his mouth at once!
  4. Jack hobbles back into the feast after a half hours rest. "Hey, thanks." he says to Ivey, Lora and Carrie. "I'm allowed to stay for another half hour then it's back to the hospital wing." he grimaces, in pain and annoyance. He sits down and munches through his pizza aware that loads of people are staring at him. Jack feels his cheeks flush bright red and stares at his pizza.
  5. I slap savannah because logicalness actually is a word (really it is!)
  6. Slowly Jack woke up to a sharp pang in his leg. He opened his eyes to see Ivey, Lora and Madame Pomfrey standing over him. He tries to sit up but he is gently pushed down. Why did this have to happen today of all days! "What... happened?" he asks weakly.
  7. I slap Savannah because obviously logicalness is a word. *Looks it up* Wait... Maybe it isn't?\ No it is!
  8. I slap Savannah because I am very logical *goes and makes an extremely illogical decision*
  9. I would probably be an auror. I want to change the world for the better and help people. As my wand is ebony with thunderbird feather it is highly suited to combat and transfiguration, which would come in handy with disguise. Thunderbird feather wands have a tendency to fire magic on their own which is good for defence. What magical profession would you have?
  10. I slap Savannah because I can't help being allergic to stuff!
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