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  1. True! Has played Go Fish in the last month
  2. Uh... grapple with a Grindylow... I guess. Snuggling with a skrewt doesnt sound fun. Would you rather dye your hair green or orange?
  3. Guilty! But honestly, I don't think I'm a Ravendor/Gryffinclaw. I think I'm a Gryffinpuff! Has a library card?
  4. Wicket Wilcox

    Word chain

    Puppy! (I'm getting a puppy :D)
  5. HAAHA! You get to do the same thing. Make your status something about how awesome I am. Duck
  6. I am impressed Ale! Hm.... Change your status to something about how awesome Wicki is.
  7. three headed dog! I love puppies! Would you rather have cookies or Brownies?
  8. Guilty. Well, that is if animals count. Has wished upon a star
  9. true! I lovvvvvvve them Has read at least 3 of Shakespeare's plays?
  10. True! Has been in a pottery class.
  11. Innocent... and Guilty? I like a couple berries. Like, Strawberries. AAAnd thats it. Knows how to draw nicely?
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