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    Reading, reading, reading, writing, writing, writing!! I love Fantasy Books :D

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  1. Guilty Has slept in a sleeping bag.
  2. Hello guys! I hope you remember me! I know I kinda disappeared, I'd had a few problems IRL, but it feels amazing to come back here!

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    2. Patrick James

      Patrick James

      Welcome back Ale!! Hope everything's sorted out <3

    3. Alessandra Grace

      Alessandra Grace

      Thank you all :* Yes, everything's fine now, I'm ready to start from where I left! And yes, the new site is shocking LOL

    4. Prof. Sky Alton

      Prof. Sky Alton

      It's truly amazing but yeah, probably a major jolt to the system after the old one. ;)

  3. Hello Katherine, and welcome ^^ I hope you'll enjoy Gryffindor (and earn a lot of housepoints :P)
  4. Face to face Would you rather have your skin painted red or green?
  5. True, and I keep adding books ^^ Likes carrots
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