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    It seems as though an announcement featuring all of the spectacular lions of HOL and a few of their friends has been long overdue – so without further wait, here it is! Each month (Except September, we already got that posted here! Woo!) features the greats from the house of the brave, and I am pleased to offer warm congratulations to all of them! Exploding Snap is the award given to the most humorous lions for all of the laughter they bring us throughout the year. We would like to feature for this year Prof. Missa Matz for her humor provided during Gryfftoberfest in October. Eno Thomas received the award in December for being particularly humorous no matter what the occasion, and even hosted a game all about survival of the funniest (also known as Apples to Apples) to prove it! In February Chadwick Cadet warmed up the Common Room with continuous laughter and her secret stash of butterbeer she so graciously shared! Prof. Miette Bynny brought about by far the greatest Gryffindor blog post of the year as she used My Little Pony to advertise the Paw Print and received the award in April! And finally, Pandora Gotham wrapped up the year in June by posting some of the funniest posts and status updates we have seen all year! Congratulations to all of our great Gryffs following in the footsteps of our beloved Fred & George Weasley! Gryffindor students in their second year or up are eligible for the Golden Snitch award, which is given to the lions who are vocal, active, encouraging, and enthusiastic in all ways for the house! To start us off, Nina Messersmith got the award in November for her hard work and contagious energy at the start of term for classes! Laurie Lovegood followed her up with the award in January as she actively fought to earn last minute points and get as many of them as possible for the year. Hailey Potter continued the trend through March as she started to really out-nerd herself in all of her classes and OWLs, bringing in tons of points for Gryffindor while still being in charge of one of the most active clubs in Gryffindor during that time! Risa Swan finished up the year in May as she not only earned a lot of points for Gryffindor, but also encouraged a ton of activity and communication in her house den during that time! Following the Golden Snitch award is the Lively Lionet award, as it is given out based on the same criteria, but is for the shining First Year students only! In October, Kaiwa Alexandra stood out for how helpful she always was and her eagerness to get to know her fellow Gryffindor students! Anneliese Lee followed swiftly after her in November for being extremely excited about earning points and quickly becoming active in as many areas of Gryffindor as she could! Bay Reilly swept away the award in January as she really began to shine as Gryffindor’s most helpful and cheerful new student through her work in the Spice Squad. Following in her footsteps, Wicket Wilcox took this award in March for her help in creating puzzles and wordsearches for Gryffindor during a new event. Fumei Shirokuro earned this award in May with flying colors, quite literally, as she began to excel as Gryffindor’s most recent graphics extraordinaire. And finally Destri Weasley grabbed this award in June for helping out in many areas around the common room and really bringing them to life! The Nimbus 2001 Award is given to those Gryffindor students that are always seen helping out other areas of the common room whenever they can! Prof. Jenny Lupin and Julie Garnet flew together to earn the award in November as they began to captain GQT! In January, Bay Reilly and Chadwick Cadet stormed the Spice Squad to bring back the glory of its original form! Eno Thomas earned the award in March for his continual help running events both in Gryffindor and in HOL, while Hailey Potter took home this award for really bringing to life a lot of the activities and events that brought Gryffindor the excitement it now has! The Phoenix Award goes to most innovative of students in Gryffindor, and whether it is by creating a new event, sparking up new conversation in the common room, or something entirely of its own – these students really shine! In October, Risa Swan brought home this prized award for her work on our September event. Hailey Potter expanded the house awards with her innovative idea and event through a GQT Pep Rally earning her the award in November! In February, Laurie Lovegood and Eno Thomas together received the award for their creation and running of the HOL Valentines event. Bay Reilly received the award in April as she spearheaded the Lion King and Queen Competition. Hedra Longstride and Chadwick Cadet wrote their way into this award as they restarted the roleplaying forum for Gryffindor together in May! And finally, Gryffindor’s own Tom Foster received the award in June for contributing an almost overflowing amount of ideas for the house to try out! Students who actively participate in classes, HOL, projects, and house papers receive the Consistent Cub award if they are in their Second Year or older. This year the award was monthly given (in order) to Lucy Greyback, Angel Blackstone, Risa Swan, Ikah Swan, Drake Zodiark, Jinxy Jo, Eno Thomas, Jade Packer, and Emma Walker! Congratulations to all of these hard workers! The Studious Simba award goes out to the First Year students who follow in the paths of the Consistent Cub Awardee's. Each month (consecutively) this award went to Elle Xander, Kaiwa Alexandra, Angel Pevensie, Eia Donne, Ailis Flanagan, Kynthia Near, Saskia Sing, Caleb S Club Juniors, and Hedra Longstride! May the lions of point hoarders past help you continue on your point earning journeys! The next award, the Curious Kitten, goes to the top First Year students each term. This covers earning points, posting in the common room, and IRC activity. Chadwick Cadet earned this award in the Fall term for all her fabulous point earning and tons of enthusiasm and participation! Fumei Shirokuro followed up with all of her ideas and pro-activity to earn this coveted award in the Spring! Only two Platinum Quills are awarded each year in Gryffindor and they are given to the top point earner for each term! In the fall, Laurie Lovegood stole this award by a mere handful of points and in the Spring, Hailey Potter dominated the board with her point hoarding ability! Congratulations, girls! And finally, our Lionheart award. This is bestowed upon the members of other houses whom have been active within the Gryffindor Common Room or have helped out Gryffindor in various ways. In November, Hermionie Miranda won this award for her continued cheer throughout the Gryffindor common room. Hermionie has cheered for Gryffindor in Quidditch matches (not against her own house of course!) and has shown support for many Gryffindor activities, and has certainly proven herself deserving of this award! Maya Winters took the award in January for letting her inner Gryffindor colors shine! Maya is always supportive of the Lions and we definitely think she has a lion-sized heart! Gryffindor's own pet eaglet received this award in March - Allyson Celestra! She has always been incredibly cheerful around the house common room, and could even be considered a chatterbox of our own! Zoki Phantom received the award in May for his substantial help in running the Lion King & Queen event, without his help we may never have seen a crown! And finally, Lisette Westerveldt took home the award in June for all of her magnificent help in establishing the Paw Print and for being incredibly active in the Gryffindor roleplaying forum! Congratulations to all of these out of house members! Again, CONGRATS to all those names on this list! We really appreciate all the hard work, creativity, and enthusiasm you've put in throughout the year~ :D
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    After two tie breakers where one poll ended in yet ANOTHER tie breaker...We finally have the finalists! Below are the newly named sections of the Gryffindor Paw Print Newspaper! Thank you all for your contributions and participation! I actually just counted how many total submissions we had and it was 140 submissions from different houses! Wow, that is incredible! You're all amazing and you rock my socks. News The Regular Roar – Submitted by Sky Alton of Gryffindor. Way to go, Sky! Congratulations! Sports Move Your Paws – Submitted by Robin Blackwood of Gryffindor. Awesome job, Robin! Gossip/Entertainment Riddikulous Rumos – Submitted by Prof. Zenix James. Uhh, go me? Editorials Minerva’s Musings – Submitted by Sky Alton of Gryffindor! Sky had most of her submissions make it through to the final round because they were so very good. Adverts Scratching Post – Submitted Marie Dark of Gryffindor. Way to go, Marie! Also, it is a completely random coincidence that all the finalists are from Gryffindor. We had submissions from Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and even a representing Squib that made it into the voting rounds. Thanks again!
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    Join us for a month long celebration of everything Gryffindor! Let me get you a butterbeer.
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    I've never actually had a surprise party thrown for me. Do you still have to act surprised even though you kno it's coming? And I totally agree, Kalina, you are never to old to pretend to delicately sip tea while eating far too much cake.
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    Shout out to GQT for their great Quidditch match today! Props to Jenny Lupin for catching the elusive snitch!
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    I am honoured to present the Gryffindor End of Year Award winners! Join me in congratulations to... @Zach Jameson for the Golden Snitch Award! @Amanda P. X. Sim for the Consistent Cub Award! Ellis Nash for the Studious Simba Award! @Ziana Rhapsody for the Curious Kitten Award! @Sky Alton for the Platinum Quill Award and the Pride of the Pride Award! A special mention goes to @Guinevere Avalon for returning to Gryffindor after a long leave of absence and demonstrating what a hard worker she is. Also, congratulations to @Patrick James for being chosen to co-manage the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. We are very proud of our high-achieving Gryffindors. We thank you for your effort which sets an example for others to follow.
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    The first thing I thought of when I thought brave was that Sarah Bareilles song "Brave" "Say what you wanna say And let the words fall out Honestly, I wanna see you be brave" Which is about speaking out and standing up for what you think is right instead of remaining silent and passive. I think this sentiment applies to far more than words, though. It's about not lying down and taking it, even when it would be easier to remain silent, inactive, and let something consume you. Being brave is about gathering the willpower to move life in the direction you want it to go, regardless of whatever forces are working against you. Fighting as hard as you can for what you want.
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    You might have noticed a ripple of excitement and anticipation around The Den recently. The portraits are whispering amongst themselves, several huge boxes have arrived for the Prefect in Charge and the Head of House has got everyone polishing butterbeer flagons. This can mean only one thing… Gryfftoberfest is coming! For those of you who’ve never experienced the wonder of Gryfftoberfest before, it is a massive, month long party. We play games, drink lion’s shares of butterbeer and make so much noise that Gryffindor tower has been known to shake quite alarmingly. It’s a time to celebrate all the best and silliest aspects of Gryffindor and what it stands for. While this month is all about the scarlet and gold, as ever our doors are wide open to anyone from HOL who wants to stop by The Den to join in. Come right in! In order to enjoy and send-up the most fun and ridiculous aspects of being a house known for bravery and chivalry, we’re all taking a trip to a magical Renaissance fair this year. The gates will open on October 1st but before they do, we need your help. Gryfftoberfest traditionally begins with the quest for that years Motto: a slogan to set the tone for the rest of the month’s festivities and give us something to yell at random intervals (try not to spill your drinks when that happens!). We’re looking for something short and bold that people can include in their signature designs once the activity gets started. It could talk about our traditional characteristics, like last year’s fabulous motto: ‘Roaring with pride’ by Vanessa Tilley. Alternatively, it could follow this year’s theme of the Renaissance Fair. It can be as funny or as OTT as you like – taking ourselves seriously is one thing we struggle with in The Den. Rules: - The deadline is 11.59 PM Hol-time on Saturday 28th September. -Keep your Mottos to 15 words or less and entirely HOL appropriate -You must be happy for people to reuse your motto on signatures and the like. -You’ll earn 5 rubies per Motto for the first 5 you submit (25 in all). You can submit more for consideration but you won’t earn rubies for them. -Third place will win an extra 10 rubies, second place an extra 15 and first place an extra 20 -The Gryffindor staff will decide winners Send all Mottos to me (Sky Alton) via a Common Room PM titled ‘Mottos 2019’ and include your Hol Name and house. Please try to gather them all together into one message – I don’t want my inbox cracking under the strain if you send a new one every time you think up another incredible motto!
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    I would add in the Quintuple-C Initiative (I hope I used the right word) my knitting wool and needles! The wool can be used as a distraction and sometimes even be used to set up traps if needed, and knitting can be a good stress reliever, to get your mind off things, and you'd get a scarf or whatever you build out of it to stay warm and comforted too! Maybe even the softness of the material can help deter danger, maybe if you were chased by someone, and all they needed was a soft, warm sweater to be happy, you'd be ready to both save yourself and make someone happy. (Did I make sense?)
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    Lora, that pizza sounds utterly incredible. And I totally agree about the pasta, Nessa. Given a choice I will nearly always have pasta; besides, when I'm out (providing it's not ribbon pasta) it's easiest to eat without worrying about making a mess and embarrassing myself.
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    *sips on a cool Pumpkin juice under that infamous tree by the Black Lake* Hello, my beautiful people! I am coming to you from the edge of the Black Lake with a curious question for you all. I hope you will honor me by letting me know what you think and what your ideas are. At Hogwarts, this lovely school where we attend and/or teach, where do you love to hang out and relax when you're not in classes or doing homework (or avoiding taking O.W.L.S)? Let's say it's Saturday and you have the whole day ahead of you: what are you doing? Where are you going? Maybe, even, who are you going with? Do you have a secret spot? As a professor, I cherish the free time I have when I'm not working on The Gryffindor Paw Print or teaching classes. Or when I'm not in my Hobbit-hole of a dungeon hiding from the world. Personally, I really enjoy catching some sun by the Black Lake under a beech tree. I'll take a good novel out and read for a bit or watch the students throw food into the lake for the Giant Squid. I'll also secretly hope that no one gets picked up by a tentacle by the ankle. While it was rather funny last year, the paperwork and notifying parents was an absolute nightmare. So, tell me, where are your favorite spots?
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    Here goes , Even one of my friends had this problem. Rumours really hurt when you somehow got to know them coz rumours gets into you emotionally . They just spread around so fast, making others to look at you in a really misunderstanding way. Somehow, I hate it for they put most of the people in to a total meltdown. People will say you names, they will try to put you down in all sorts of ways and tease you to your own behaviour. You can also be called a wierdo, an oddball, a looser, a pathetic but don't put yourself down because the others don't know you, they haven't seen you. You always know who you are and don't go being others but only your true self. Being yourself makes you really confidence and the other people will get to notice you. Rumours misjudge people but speak up to yourself when rumours spread about you (you don't have to be afraid ) and keep close to your friends who will stick with you in every way. "Don't let someone dim your light simply because it's shining in their eyes" :)
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    The best of birthdays to the most over the top, excitable and passionate Gryff out there, Prof Zenix James! Have a wonderful day, Zee and I promise no jokes about how ancient you are. At least not until I've woken up a bit and can come up with good ones....
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    I really like chips. I also really like pizza! I voted for chips though, because when I have the munchies, I go for something salted like potato chips or a cracker like Ritz. As for ice cream ... nom. I most like the Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie or the Cheesecake Brownie. As for Chocolate vs Vanilla -- in addition to what Sky says, I think it depends on who makes it? Real vanilla tastes a lot different from real chocolate. By the time so much sugar is added, though, maybe they are pretty much the same? Re: Chocolate and Vanilla (and Strawberry)- Quote from Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
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    That is incredible! Major kudos to your grandmother. Make sure you have a sturdy walking stick on hand just in case the book gets a little bit over excited though. Be the eater, not the eaten. ;)
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    Hey there guys. My name is Marie. I'm 27 years old. I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to actually do some sort of school work based off of this marvelous and magical world that has been created for us. This website gives me the opportunity to do that and I could not be happier :)
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    My siblings and I made these adorable snowmen. My little sister decided to go all out with a hat which will keep hers very warm. I added lots of color to mine (mine is the one with the eyebrows that went terribly wrong LOL). My brother added a Gryffindor scarf to his and my youngest bro gave his big black eyes so he could see everything that was going on :D
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    I slap Zenix for slapping people just because they are active.
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    An epic great job by the GQT today. Though we lost , we got a combined 7 goals from our two captains and several key blocks! Go LIONS! Fighting for Red and Gold!
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    Innocent, but I've had some near misses. Has re-read a book multiple times (excluding Harry Potter)?
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    The easiest way to help out your house and show your lion’s pride is to earn points! There are lots of ways you can do this so you’re bound to find some that play to your strengths. In this post, I’ll give you a brief run-down of the regular point earning opportunities available to you. Whenever a new one opens up throughout the Autumn Term, I’ll post it as a reply so keep checking back! The first and most obvious is to take part in classes. Most classes will give you the chance to earn 60 points a month through homework and extra credit. If you take several classes (even if you don’t have the time for the maximum of 5 every term), those 60 points soon mount up to quite a tidy haul. Class sign-up opened on September 1st 2017 so remember to put your name down for the classes that interest you and get sending in that homework! (It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on the individual assignment deadlines so that you don’t run out of time or put too much pressure on yourself) The next are the creative projects offered by the Hol Library and art department. If you enjoy getting artsy or brushing up on your writing, have a look at current and past projects, as well as keeping an eye open for new ones. Finally there are the house newspapers. These are a great chance to earn plenty of points by writing about what interests you. If articles and reviews aren’t your thing, most also offer creative prompts and even the chance to submit your own puzzles, recipes, graphics and many other things. All of them have different windows for submitting so be sure to check The Great Hall on the Hol Forum and the Common Rooms for announcements from the editors of each (I’ll be doing my best to keep you clued up about the deadlines for all of them here too). The most important thing to remember is that whenever you have some spare time to get journalistic, you’re almost certain to find a home for what you come up with. Visit our own Paw Print: http://pp.gryff.net/ Slytherin’s SerpenTimes: http://holserpentimes.weebly.com/ Ravenclaw’s Alte Sententiam: http://altesententiam.weebly.com/ And Hufflepuff’s Wizarding Times: http://padfootsportkey.us/Wizarding-Times Throughout the term, there will be unique and exciting activities to take part in which will give you the chance to earn points along the way. Remember to check my replies to this thread for announcements and reminders about anything that might be occurring!
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    HOL is hoisting the mainsail and taking to the seas for a school-wide game of Battle Ship. There are plenty of points to be earned so be sure to check out the 'Battle Ships' section of the main forum for details. Don't worry if you don't have a team, you can sign up as an individual and be matched with a crew. Deadline for Sign-ups: January 4th The Serpentimes is still open for submissions so curl up with your keyboard and get writing on the theme of hibernation (or anything else you feel like contributing, of course). Remember their exclusives are a fun, easy way to snag some extra points. Deadline: 15th January Quick Update: As of this morning, there were 3 Gryffs in the top 10 of the point Earners list, Keep up the amazing work you guys!
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    Woo! Let's hear it for the lions sweeping the board! *Punches the air* In all seriousness though, massive congratulations everyone (and thank you for my votes). All the contributions from all sides were so excellent that I didn't envy anyone the work of narrowing them down-it was hard enough just to pick which ones to vote for! So thank you to Prof. Zenix and Prof. Missa as well for tackling all the really tricky bits!
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    Class sign-ups are open, go go go! Learn, have fun, earn points: let's show everyone what lions are truly made of this year!
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    Wanting something to do after you finish the latest Beedle the Bard challenge? Come to the Sett! We're playing with Fantastic Beasts there. :)
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    Bravery could also mean to stand up against yourself in situations where oneself finds that they are doing something that contradicts to what they truly believe in. You are your worst enemy and there will be times where people will try to influence you into doing things you really don't want to do, or make you change your personality in order to fit their "criteria." Yes, you certainly have to stand up against this certain individual(s) but in all honesty, I feel that fight needs to first be battled within you. You should want yourself to stop being controlled by others and be the person that you want to be. Life is too short to let other people dictate the way you live.
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    Hello! I'm actually a first year Gryffindor who's finally gotten a chance to hang out in the Gryffindor Common Room! I'm currently enrolled in HOL101, but I've been spending a lot of time playing Lego Harry Potter lately, so hopefully I'll be able to still pass the class! Hope to see you all around the castle!
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    Oddly enough, I was reading a book the other day and read something about just what is brave ... and it was perfect for me. I will look for the book (and edit this post when I find it) but in the meantime, I googled with a rough paraphrase and found this: "Being brave isn't the absence of fear. Being brave is having that fear but finding a way through it." Bear Gryll
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    *drops in with forum-warming gift* Now some flamingos can swim around in your beverages!
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    ϟϟ Once upon a time, there was a big kingdom, in which lived a beautiful princess. She was kind and polite to everyone, could sing and dance and draw and write as no-one else in all the kingdom. Her parents were so proud of her that they signed her up for the most famous college ever created, so that she could study and become an amazing leader for her people. And so our lovely princess left, traveled a long and finally reached the college, that happened to be in another kingdom. There, the king was evil, cruel and selfish, and when he knew about this princess, he wanted to marry her. She refused, and the college Headmaster, a nice guy named Mushu Drag (eh eh), with Chinese origins, decided to protect the princess, by standing against his own king, and told her about this old myth about the symbol of the college, an ancient sword. the legend said it belonged to a female hero, Mulan, who defeated the whole Huns army all by herself, using that sword. Our princess believed Mushu, so they were prepared to reject the king as soon as he would have shown up to take over the princess; the evil king decided to move war against the princess' kingdom, though, so Mushu and the girl decided to use the sword to defeat the king and his army. They met in a field, at the border line between the two kingdoms. The princess challenged the king to a duel, and he agreed. When she was about to win, though, the king ordered his army to attack Mushu, who was suddenly in mortal danger. Without a second's thought, the princess forgot about the king and rushed aside her friend, to protect him. Her courage was so pure that the sword glowed of a red light, and suddenly Mushu begun to transform. His body became longer, skinnier, his hands turned into talons, and his teeth in claws. He grew a tail and a couple of wings, and his skin turned ruby red. He had turned in a full-grown dragon! The princess didn't hesitate. As Mushu the dragon began to fight to reject the king's army, she helped him by fighting using her sword. When all the enemies were defeated, and the whole army was on the run, the princess was exhausted, but proud of their job. She turned, and saw his friend turning back to the human form. "I knew I was a descendant of the dragons, but I would have never thought I could become one ahah", he said, then they both returned to the college. They looked for the entire legend of the sword, and that's what it said: "When the girl and the dragon will fight side by side, the sword will release its real power: the dragon would wake up and at least be free to reveal himself, and the story will be repeated." From that day on, Mushu was able to turn from human to dragon and back, and became really close with the princess. She graduated, at least, and went back to her kingdom, where she was considered a national hero. Every once in a while, Mushu went to visit her, and eventually they fell in love for each other. They married and ruled the kingdom in peace and harmony for a very long time. Their children were beautiful like the mother and strong like the father, and they all have the gift to turn into dragons. And this is the story of how the beautiful princess and the strong and fearless dragon defeated the evil king, and started the famous and long-lasting Drag dinasty. ϟϟ Sorry if it's too long and a little meaningless lol Goose!
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    Hey everyone. I'm Siobhan, a Ravenclaw prefect and next term I'll be a fourth year. Though I signed up for this forum a while ago, this Ludo activity will be the first time I really post around here. In the most recent Eagles awards I was voted Ravenclaw most likely to be confused for a Gryffindor. While the Roost is my home and sanctuary, your common room is really shaping up nicely.
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    Spent yesterday in Diagon Alley, Orlando, casting spells (absolutely awesome), I am so happy.
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    Hi Lions, I'm looking for a class assistant for the class Rita Skeeter. I want to submit it next term but I'm in need of some aid. Editing aid and grading aid moslty. If you want to apply leave a comment below :)
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    Has everyone signed up for classes? :)
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    Guilty (been there a couple times, but gave up rather quick) Did you ever visit another continent? Ps. That's really bad Ale! :p but definitely counts, lol
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    I slap Ale because she's Italian and I bet she can cook brilliant pasta! ^_^
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    Happy Birthday Dario!! The work that you have done for Gryffindor and HOL as a whole, has been phenomenal! You've been there for me and let me experience things I have never done in HOL before. You're just one amazing guy, enough said Cheers mate, and have a great one! :drinks:
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    I slap Allesandra because that chocolate pie in her signature makes me hungry!
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    Hello Gryffindors and welcome to another new term here at HOL and Gryffindor! We hope to have a fun filled year and hopefully do better all around than we did last year, and of course we will totally need your help in doing so. First, before we get into all the fun stuff, whether you are a new Gryffindor or a returning Gryffindor, if you have any questions, or need a reminder of the rules or help finding something that might have been moved, please visit this topic It should get you all caught up. Now this year we're going to liven things up a bit and make some changes. Throughout the year you'll get to meet the staff and your prefects and so on. In September you will be sorted into your dens by our own Prof. Dario. Whatever den you get is the den you stay in for the year, so no asking to be put in a specific den or moved dens - it won't work. Everything is done randomly for the sorting. This year we will only have two dens so that we can increase activity in the dens and so that you can meet more of your fellow Gryffindor's. This year the dens are Disney based, the idea coming from Prof. Zenix. Don't forget about the study room, where you can get help with your classwork or participate in any challenges there. There's the library, which is up and running again and some clubs and quidditch to join if you want. For you new Gryffindor's, there's the LCPP (Lion Cub Pawtner Project) that you can sign up for so that you can have an older, experienced Gryffindor buddy (and totally like an instant friend) to help show you the way when you want it or need help. It's an awesome thing to be involved with. You olbies should also go volunteer to help the new students because it's a great and rewarding thing to do, plus you'll get to make new friends. Now if I missed anything, which I more than likely did since I haven't written one of these topics in a while, I'm sure you can find it somewhere in the forums, or someone will add on to this post because our staff is on top of stuff like that. So on behalf of the Gryffindor Staff, I want to say welcome (and so does Prof. Dario - he told me to type that) and I hope you have a great and fun time this year!
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    I always miss birthdays! But not this one Zee if you see this - HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYY!! And something to make you laugh
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    Okay so somehow I actually survived the second graders and therefore am back in business here!
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    Loving all the Conspiring Chocolate Cake siggy's :D Siriusly felt like I was at a Coffee Waterfall ... Had 3 cups (grande) of Starbucks today :) 2547
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    I slap Laurie because she's awesome! and doesn't show me weird pictures at all that make me shudder.
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    I would smell petrichor, coffee, and chocolate. :)
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    Hi everyone! *waves* I just wanted to drop by and introduce myself - I'm Amy and am currently a Second Year Ravenclaw. In RL, I'm 19 and am from South Africa (and quite excited about the fact that my country is currently hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup). I'll be going to university next year and at the moment I'm interested in studying something within the medical field. Hope to see you all around!
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    The I have seen you around but god lord I wish I knew you beter Aaron Kingsley Abby Taylor Alexa Durmont Alexander Hargreaves Alice Kent Alissa Kirby Amaya Ohayashi Amber Equine Amberly Joseph Andrea Caroline Andrew Stanford Angel Blackstone Anica Super Avery William Ben Ackerman Caitlin Barrette Cambie deMalcamino Charlie Starr Chaya Springtime Chinni Weasley Clairina Potter Carolina Schwartzaugen Caroline Granger Castora Grimsby Chadwick Cadet Charlaine Flimel Cyriel Aurorus Derek James Draco Leon Drake Zodiark Edward Colin Emma Potter Engiro Stone Erik Grebby Evangeline Black Evanllyn Santerous Fiona Angelfina Flynx Sharon Fujiko Ankyo Gabrielle Lupin Hailey Potter Hanna Erised Heather Granger Hikari-Lee Snape Iliara Severn Ivory Leona Jacqualine Snape James Wolf Jaymi Grangley Jean Tirado Jessica Dawson Jessica Summers Joanne Grey Joshua Kasper Julie Garnet Kara Michaelis Kara Weasler Katrina Lupin Kyrielle Grimardy Lakshmi Gayatri Laurie Lovegood Leslie Norris Linda Brown Lindsey Hyde-Phoenix Lizzie Watson Lorus-lynn Weasley Lucinda Swan Luis Colon Maki Kou Maria Ocktovan Maria Stewart Marie Campbell Marta Venturi Meghan Weasley Melina Pendent Michael Vinci Mirabella Nevlómë Moni Kess Nick Barnes Nick Ford Nymph Hara Ophelia Cromwell Pavel Lagrange Persephone Shadows Petunia Cauldwell Philippa Kemp Pixel Patill Rachel DragonBlood Reece Pendleton Rosmerta Shacklebolt Ryanne Grace Azar Samson Vladitoiu Sandy Baker Satomi Benett Sila Snape Silde Owen Sofia Leela Grimmett St.John Aloisius Sloots Sylvain Christin Tabatha St Thomas Tiffany Styles Valia Honeyduke Varina Honeyduke Violet Rubert Willow Lindstrom Witch Owen Zara Fox Zen McGregor The OH I got made JP- award! Amanda P. X. Sim Eno Kule The I want guano eumh gyoza? Prof. Missa Matz Best HOL buddies Serenity Thomas Eno Kule Risa Swan Angela Franco Mikhail Suracuse Molly Grabau Katie Potter Jinxy Jo I do more on hol then is good for me Ardeliah Longbottom Jenny Lupin Lily Padfoot Prof. Ruben Orion Met Rowan and flet the building :P Holly Muse Joel Aireserkeiel Barbara Phoenix Bere Lee Super cup Emma Barker I got bugged by Rowan so much I can't even remember Prof. Zenix James Kadina Tigano Amanda Summers Remote machine Rocky Rinato I survided Rowan Dreams first tent leader experience Ann Ong Eno Kule Luis Colon Ronja Liek Most IRC heart giver Sobe Magesblood Weirdest fb requets ever Sophie Orion the question machine ^^ Tom Foster Woo, I edited up to here, Rowan. In case you add more. @__@ That first list was INSANE. (Hope you don't mind I changed the colors? I like red. ) And fyi, my computer spazzed and someone I clicked the - button and the bottom so now your post is -1. -___- Copmlete accident because I fail lots. -Jenny AHAHA I don't mind and you did say "I'd love to see everyone getting awards" soooo I took it literally hahahah *bows and pats for the fail :P
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