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  1. We have two ties. So we'll have to figure that out. Either it will be decided by staff, or we will open a new poll for those two categories with the ties and only the ties listed. We will update later today letting everyone know which. Either way, it will be a 24 hour limit for the tie breaker.
  2. Note please, Paw Print is down for at least 2 weeks. We're revamping it all. Opening it up more. So once we're open again, please, absolutely come and write for us!
  3. Come on Gryff's, stop lollygagging! We need more entries for the motto contest. Get creative! Deadline has been extended, check contest post for details!

  4. Hello everyone! We know it's been a while since the start of term, but for this year we have decided to do Gryfftoberfest a little differently! In the past, it's been a month full of Gryff-centric activities, for Gryff's only. This year, certain parts of Gryfftoberfest will be open up to all of HOL! We're planning on doing some of the good oldies and some new challenges as well! As you may have noticed, there are no dens this year. We'd like for all to mingle together as a group, plus it gives the staff more time to focus on activities to bring to you! So expect your Motto Contest post soon!
  5. As of now, until I can figure out how to make absolutely sure there are no spoilers, do NOT discuss any spoilers for this ANYWHERE in the forum. If you want to discuss it, there is a subforum under the General Harry Potter forum in the main HOL forum, that has it set up so that you can post spoilers. Please, until I or another admin update this again, please do not ruin it for someone else! Thank you in advance! Missa
  6. Beans for everything Gryfftoberfest related (except the den challenge) have been issued. Next up, working on beans and websites for what happened in Summer Camp, and getting December's den challenge ready

  7. Dario is already doing a scavenger hunt... I wonder...have any of you younguns seen Little Monsters? Look it up :D
  8. Still looking for ideas! Come on! I want this to be epic!
  9. Okay that would be great as I don't have pintrest, lol.
  10. Kim - How would one go about a coloring page? Like, I could totally take one from my kids' coloring books, scan and upload and make everyone color in photoshop or paint or something, could also have people color their own and upload...or do you know websites where coloring pages and stuff are located?
  11. already got costumes and pumpkin carving...A theme is a good idea, but the motto, sig and avatar shouldn't be after a theme *g*...so what other ideas you girls got?
  12. Hi everyone! As you know Gryfftoberfest is right around the corner, but this year is a little different. In order to get more activity and creativity we're looking towards you to put any and all ideas you might have for a short contest or whatever below. They might be used, they might not. But I'll give 5 beans per idea. We're still going to have the old stuff most likely, like motto, sig and avatar, poetry, pumpkin carving, and a den challenge...but I would love for some new fresh ideas to emerge! We're looking for ideas, not a complex drawn out schematic about how you want it run, because it will be run by SPD if it's chosen (you however will get credit for the idea). So let's start firing away those thoughts! Gryfftoberfest is only a few short weeks away!
  13. I would have started attending in 1992, my bday falls just a little after the Hogwarts acceptance deadline. So I would've been 1 year behind if my math holds, so I would be in the thick of the fight. :D
  14. Gryfftoberfest will begin as soon as I receive information from Discovery Island Den. Sorry for the delay, but for once, it's not me, lol

    1. Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Prof. Jenny Lupin

      Gryfftoberfest? o.O Time travel, woo! :D

    2. Prof. Missa Matz

      Prof. Missa Matz

      crap. I meant Battleship.

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