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  1. Is there any way to preview your post on the new forum layout? Or to look at the list of emoticons? Or are these issues only on my end? >.>

    1. Prof. Missa Matz

      Prof. Missa Matz

      I'm not sure and Dario is going on a vacation. I'll try to look into it for you.

    2. Ciara Black

      Ciara Black

      Thanks Missa! It's not a big deal, just thought I'd see if it's just me :)

  2. Fortunately, the jinx backfired and as they flew away they turned into cookie clouds that rain mini cookies.
  3. We would have been in the same year then Rowan. And Fumei the year above us. That's pretty cool!
  4. You'd be finishing the same year that McGonagall would retire Pat! But at least all of us would have her as our Headmistress, even if we couldn't have Dumbledore :this:
  5. I was recently discussing with my sister what it would have been like if we had both attended Hogwarts, and we realised that she would have been in her first year when Harry was in his fourth, and my brother would have attended the year after. I, on the other hand, would have begun one year after the Battle of Hogwarts, so Professor McGonagall would have been the Headmistress and there likely would have been some major changes through the reconstruction. I find it interesting to think of what we might have been a part of, and what we would have missed. So my question is: when would you have attended? Would you have been around during the war, or would you possibly have been right in the thick of things? Then again, would you be currently on your summer holiday waiting to go back this September?
  6. Wow amazing job Kim! And everyone else too :) I'll have to step it up next year to keep up with everyone!
  7. Ooh jealous! Have lots of fun!
  8. Battleship was fun, great job keeping us on our toes Mystery Island!

    1. Alessandra Grace

      Alessandra Grace

      Thanks and congratulations! We tried, but the next time WE will win :P

  9. All You Need is Love - The Beatles How do you feel when you lose a game?
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